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  • Care to explain talking behind my back, let alone, wanting to curse me to Hell?

    Because as far as I know, I'm allowed to give my opinions freely.

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    • Just dropping by to say that I can delete the status on DeviantArt, but do not globally block me, if you see banning necessary for me. I have strived so hard on other Wikis and it can be a total heartbreak if I lose all my hard work.

      Thank you Akrivus, I already found another way: If wiki lets me, I can leave the articles here, but I post all the articles as literatures to my DA account so I can do some things you dont allow here to be done

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    • So, lemme get this straight here, apologies in advance if I end up insulting you with my finishing statement for this:

      I don't see how doubting your RP Skill is honestly a lack of respect. Considering it was just my opinion, but you can take it any way you want, I guess.

      People warning about me? You mean from SFCW and the other people who simply don't like me for being a harsh critic? They can say what they want, doesn't necessarily make it true. Because all 'to' respect, just saying you left much to be desired isn't even a form of disrespect, at all. I just pointed out to you that even though you had a "Skype friend that had heard of your RP Skills", I was questioning that sorta in the limelight. But I definitely was saying that I've yet to see you possess a lot of RP skills, especially after having one of your characters breastfeed their kid in the main chat.

      There was also a lack of courtesy and respect from your part, when Sapphira was merely fixing grammatical errors and the like on your page. Which actually isn't a lack of respect, but rather a random act of kindness. It's part of the general Wiki to work together to thrive. What SFCW failed to do for me and others is that the Admins became rather totalitarian and acted on their own accord instead of half the userbase at the time. So I'd like to know necessarily, whether or not, why you're giving a light double standard here and throwing a fit over something I merely said. Instead of bucking up and handling it calmly, you're honestly not handling it like the twenty, soon twenty-one year old I'd know would handle it.

      Especially with leaving, you are all "I was warned about you and I managed to tolerate you for almost 3 years, but now I have enough of this. Goodbye everyone here and enjoy your life. Not gonna miss you at all.", saying that is definitely warranting malicious intent on some regards, but bear in mind. This is supposedly over me, just showing doubts about your RP skills. Which instead of leaving, making an angry post on DeviantART, and claiming "Oh, he doesn't respect me, they don't respect me! I should leave!". You can ask politely on why I doubt your RP skills, which now I've mentioned here in this post. I don't entirely even recall a moment where I was literally, hands down mean or snarky to you, that aside to telling you to stop that breastfeeding moment on the chat.

      Again, apologies if it insults you.

      Have a good evening.

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  • hi

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