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  • I want to add an section (my fanon version of Silver's story from my fanon verse) to the official canon Silver the Hedgehog character page as to have his character apart from the other various fanon universes as to avoid confusion. But I can't find the main character page? How do i find it? (Silver The Hedgehog)

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  • Hey, I noticed my character page (Linda the Fox // KatKennedy135's Verse) has been marked down for deletion and the weirdest part is it's being deleted FOR NO REASON GIVEN??? I'm confused. Is there anyway I can improve it so it couldn't be deleted. I'll update more and added an image profile of the character so far....

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    • Let me see if I have this straight: On September 25, Hikaruyami-having fun* attached a Standards template to Linda's article (in this edit), saying that it needed a Personality heading. One week later, on October 2, when the article hadn't been touched for that week, Hikaruyami-having fun* replaced the Standards template with a Delete template (in this edit), as the Standards template had been there for a week and so could be replaced per this policy. As such, while there was originally an explanation for why the article was flagged for a Standards violation (needing a Personality heading), it probably looked like you weren't on the wiki and so weren't going to try to fix the article, which is why it got flagged with a generic deletion template. Does that help? If not, please let me know why not, and I'll see if I can clear it up further.

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    • If I kept editing it (even adding a 'personality' section) would that help?

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    • Given that the Standards template simply requested a Personality section, I would expect that, if you added a Personality section, you could then remove the deletion template (optionally linking to this discussion in your edit summary) and thus keep your article safe from deletion. However, if you're not sure about this, you could try asking Hikaruyami-having fun*—the admin who added the template—for help, either before or after making the requisite changes.

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  • Remember, if there's anything you want me to tone down a bit or change on my fanfic character profiles, just let me know and I'll correct it 

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  • Thanks for your edit to the KnuxLois page. Sonic Fanon Wiki is the wiki for Sonic the Hedgehog-related fanfiction! Please, enjoy our wiki!

    Now for the not so fun part... Rules. Yes we know a lot of people don't like a lot of rules, so we went ahead and summed up the important parts of our wiki's Main Policy for you. The most important rules are as follows:

    • Be nice. Don't be rude to people. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    • Profanity is not allowed.
    • Nothing erotic or pornographic is allowed. Period.
    • Don't argue with the moderators and administrators when it comes to their jobs. Debating is fine, but their decisions are final.
    • If you have an issue, please contact an administrator for help.
    • Unless the offense is very serious, or the account was created solely to spam, all users will receive warnings before being banned.
    • If you post a recolored picture, it must be identified as a recolor, and the source image must be referenced.

    Don't know where to go from here? After reading and understanding the policies, there's a lot you can do to take part in and assist the wiki!

    • Have something new you want to put up? Head on over to create a New Page!
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    • Want to talk to some other users? Come visit our chat room!
    • Usually, any user who has been here for a while will be able to help you with specific questions or issues you may have.
    • If you have any issues, questions, or problems, please feel free to use our Report an Issue feature to let someone know.

    Again, welcome to SFW!

    This message is fully automated, meaning that replies will not be replied to unless found by another user.

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    • Thank! I've been a fan of the Sonic the Hedgehof fanchis for years and have quite a collection of videogames

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