aka Kagi, Mizu, Kags, Kaggles, etc etc etc.

  • I live in Portland, Oregon
  • I was born on June 20
  • My occupation is Future college student, present bum.
  • I am Male Mammalian
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  • Want to give that Static vs. Statyx battle thing another go? Or maybe even do a roleplay with the two of them?

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    • I just think Statyx is a pretty cool character. Of all the articles I've seen on this wiki, his is one of the most detailed, most thought out, most well descriptive I've seen. In fact, the format and layout of how you did his page had an influence on how I organize my articles, especially when I was just starting out on the wiki. Like a model of how pages should look, if you will. Though, granted, my pages are in sore need of being updated and finished.

      In way, you're a bit of a rolemodel to me. You're skills as a roleplayer, writer, and character creator were big influences on me when I first joined the wiki. I hope that doesn't sound weird or anything. .w.;

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    • Well, that's actually quite surprising.

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