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  • What is your obsession with stars?

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  • The Trickster is facing Josh, get on the chat whenever. .w.

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  • There are a few problems here:

    1.Arnzarel's citadel is located in comparibly one of the coldest regions of the Ural mountains. (Meaning the Jkirk forces would get hit by an unmerciful winter and maybe even have to resort to cannibalism to survive.)

    2. They would have trouble with their supply lines whereas the AOTD wouldn't.

    3.They would be facing a supernatural army, that could bring back Jkirk's own forces back to life and turn them against them possibly.

    If you wish them to walk right into a bloodbath be my guest, but know Arnzy's stronghold and forces have the home-field advantage.

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    • Joshua the Hedgehog wrote:
      You going to reply to me?

      I'm not challenging the Army of the Damned, i'm challenging the Anti Moebian Army. 

      I agree with monk here, but we still make up some rules where we both can agree on.

      The Anti Mobian Army has been discontinued and isn't canon anymore The Army of the

      Damned are now with my latest reboot, Flawed Deities.Fine, but I insist we keep some of my rules.

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    • Lets go to here to discuss the rules, then we can go to that thread, or whatever. 

      Jkirk Federations Database: Chatroom

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    • A FANDOM user
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