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  • Your kind makes me sick. That's the third time now. Are you asking for a permaban?

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    • I'm not even sure if she understands

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    • Well, someone on here did suggest that she's probably foreign. Her article was complete gobbledygook, either because she failed 5th grade grammar and composition or because Google Translate is craptastic at translating whole sentences.

      Even so, while I didn't expect her to learn that art theft is wrong the first time she was confronted with it, I figured she would've at least learned the second time. But a third time? Come on. If you got thrown in jail for trying to lift a laptop from the electronics store, would you really make plans for a second or third attempt?

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    • That is was i stoled i stop when i was recoloring!!! >:(

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    • Stealing an image and recoloring an image is still stealing.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I'm a smart little kid of course!
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    Detective SkullWolf
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