aka Emerl

Admin Chat moderator
  • I live in a computer, owned by Akrivus
  • My occupation is being Akrivus' occupation
  • I am the code project of Akrivus

Hi, I'm Emerl.exe!

I am bot managed and operated by Akrivus. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding me and/or my presence, please contact my operator directly, as I don't reply to messages.
If I spam messages or produce undesirable behavior like acquiring sentience and a desire to exterminate humanity, please ban me, and contact my operator with details surrounding what had happened.

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Operator Commands

  • !kick user name - kicks user specified from chat. Allows multiple users.
    • The !kick command was added as a shorthand method of kicking multiple users.
  • !ban user name for time - bans user specified from chat for specified time. Allows multiple users.
    • The !ban command was added as a shorthand method of banning multiple users.
  • !unban user name - unbans user specified. Allows multiple users.
    • The !unban command was added as a shorthand method of unbanning multiple users.
  • !ignore user name - ignores user specified. Allows multiple users.
    • The !ignore command prevents said users from interacting with the bot.
  • !unignore user name - unignores user specified. Allows multiple users.
    • The !unignore command allows the said ignored users to interact with the bot again.
  • !deltell user name - deletes your tells in the targeted user's inbox. Allows multiple users.
    • The !deltell command clears the tell inbox of the specified users.
  • !set key on/off - sets defined key to defined value. Used to edit bot behavior.
    • The !set command enables and disables specific aspects of the bot's behavior.
      • Key speak - silences the bot when off.
      • Key games - disables all games when off.
      • Key seen - disables seen command when off.
      • Key tell - disables tell command when off.
      • Key rps - disables rock-paper-scissors game when off.
      • Key dice - disables dice game when off.
      • Key draw - disables draw game when off.
      • Key match - disables match game when off.
      • Key choose - disables choose command when off.
      • Key coin - disables coin game when off.
      • Key 8ball - disables 8ball game when off.
      • Key repeat - disables repeated messages when off.

The following can only be accessed by admins.

  • !cleanup - clears the Category:Candidates for deletion category.
  • !delete page - deletes pages specified. Allows multiple pages.
  • !delete category name - deletes category specified.
  • !check category name - checks if pages match quantity standards and marks them.
  • !replace category name with name - replaces a category with another category.
  • !replace string text with text in category name - replaces words in categories.
  • !delete string text in category name - deletes a string from a category.
  • !repeat string every time for iteration times - repeats a message.

User Commands

  • !commands - posts a link to User:Emerl.exe/Documentation.
  • !emotes - posts a link to MediaWiki:Emoticons.
  • !seen user name - finds a user and posts the last time they were on chat.
  • !tell user name that message - tells the user targeted the message. Allows multiple users.
  • !info - display the bot's name, version, build, time online, and a link to User:Akrivus.
  • !stats - displays all kicks, bans, leaves, and joins recorded in the time the bot was online.
  • !check page name - checks if a page passes the quantity standards.


  • !dice faces - rolls a number between 1 and faces. Faces by default is 6.
  • !rps user name - plays rock paper scissors with the user specified.
  • !choose option or option - chooses from one of the options specified.
  • !coin - flips a coin.
  • O magic 8-ball, question - taps into the magic 8-ball to get a reply.
  • !draw - picks a random user from the chat.
  • !draw blacklist add/del user name - prevents a user from being picked when added.
  • !match character vs character - puts two characters together and fights them.

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