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  • I saw some of your pages have traced art on them and I get sad when characters made by inactive users are left without images as a result of those being deleted, so I like to make replacement art for such characters when I see them. However, I noticed you popped up after years of inactivity last time someone dropped you a message, and your profile picture seems to indicate you're still regularly active on the same account on other wikis, so I feel like I should ask first.

    Are there any particular characters that you already plan to make your own replacement art for?

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    • 1. Just put the {{Delete}} template on there and someone will delete the page eventually

      2. Bases are allowed, but it's possible that the base was traced from something--I've seen that before, I was accused of tracing for unknowingly using a base like that once. You can ask for pages to be undeleted here:

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    • Oh, okay. And thank you for letting me know about the restore thing, as far as I know the base was hand-drawn by the user who uploaded it so I'll check that out.

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  • Hello, I want to ask if I can use your character, Nimi the hedgehog in a planned story called Fantasia/Carnival. It's a alternated reality where characters across the Multiverse come together to compete in tournaments and games, while there other characters from other Multiverses (Marval, DC, Dragonball, etc). I am wondering if you want to have Nimi in it as well, and join the FUN! Also, Type-Moon Fate characters will be in it as well :3

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