aka Dingotron 9000

  • I live in in a box full of potatoes, tunrips, and beets
  • I was born on January 1
  • My occupation is the conductor of the poop train
  • I am a mailman
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  • Good morrow! Saul The Bobcat has won Featured Article! :D

    Where would you like the interview to take place? Can be done either on Skype or the wiki chat's PM.

    Gamer, Writer, Roleplayer: TheDarkMantis15 19:36, July 2, 2016 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Yo dude! You've won the Featured User poll! Grats! :D

    Now, where do you want your interview to take place? It can be off-site, in chat PM, or on Skype. Your call bud.

    Gamer, Writer, Roleplayer: TheDarkMantis15 17:41, November 1, 2015 (UTC)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey! I signed my character up, but never got approved yet!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So Helga is big, doesn't mean she is invincible. That is just lazy to assume that just because she is giant that she is goddmodding.

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    Monk the Cat
    Monk the Cat closed this thread because:
    Pointless thread that's going nowhere.
    02:36, August 18, 2015
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    • The Black Dragon of Orihara wrote:

      Jaredthefox92 wrote:

      TheDarkMantis15 wrote:
      It'd help if you didn't accuse Dingo of things that he's not. 

      Anyway, like he said, this argument is going nowhere. It's his roleplay, he can do what he wants. End of discussion.

      I love it how you guys gang up on me when Dingo cannot win an argument himself. Shows the social clique mentality of the admins on this wikia.

      Or it's an admin's job to interject to arguments. .w.

      Ah, so it's there job to gang up on one person instead of finding a peaceful solution to satisfy both parties? I see.

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    • Go ahead, say they're ganging up on you as per usual, not helping your case if you accuse them of such instead of letting them do their job. :V

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  • Yo, guess what? Phalanx won Featured Article! Grats, man!

    Where do you want the interview to take place? It has to be off-site, btw. Any other wiki will do.

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  • Part 3 has begun! get ready to join the fun! I also want to add that this chapter will focus on your villain.

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