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There are alot of animals here. Hedgehog Dude was the first to set foot and/or be born on this planet. He was born to his parents. There are also alot of flowers here. There are alot of people here, all living on the planet. Most are hedgehogs. This also has lots of food. Hedgehog Dude's family is poor.


Usually, the tempature is an average of 54 degrees. Summer lasts for 3 months. Winter lasts 5 months. Spring lasts 3 months. Fall lasts one month. The tempature keeps the people going. Some like fall alot more than the other seasons. Most like summer and spring. A few like winter.


This planet was formed over 33,000,000,000 years ago by unknown circumstances. The planet is blue but has alot grass. But you see no green on the planet. It had a few populations back then. The populations began to grow, grow, and grow.  Hedgehog Dude is also the oldest on the planet. Hedgehog Dude made the planet possibly.

Significant Populations

This planet has more than 11 billion people. With Hedgehog Dude being still the first born. Lightning Dude is 2nd oldest teenager one of the planet, being chronologically 226.

Notable Areas



Birthday parties and more...


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