Hey guys, Sky here. This is just a short fanfiction for Christmas. I hope you enjoy it.

The Story

I floated there, watching the dark blue sword that had given me so much trouble for my entire life. It had consumed my friends, my family, my purpose. The Chronosabre stood in the centre of the room, held in mid air by anti-grav. The rest of the blue was light blue with nothing but a blank door and a control panel on the wall to change the features. This is what most rooms in Kryte looked least, the one's I'd rebuilt.

This is what I spent my time doing when I wasn't traveling the universe:looking at this god damn sword. The energy shields around Kryte can only be on for so long before they needed to go down and recharge. I fixed them as much as I could after I sent Tel-Eth to the future, but i'm not a mechanic and I have to be ready to return to Kryte when the shields fail. So I have to float here, keeping my oath as Guardian of the Chronosabre, and watch it.

This time, though, something was different.

The door faded to be transparent and my brother Glass walked in. I knew he was a galactic bounty hunter with a reputation for walking both sides of the law, but I couldn't bring myself to go and fight him. He was my brother. How could I?

He was currently wearing the tradition uniform of the Assassin's Guild:black, form fitting elasticloth with light silver plate armour over the top. The only place the armour wasn't covering was his right arm, which was a silver mechanic arm with a glowing blue symbol on the back of his palm which i'd never been able to decipher. He had a brown cape draped over his left arm and a grey belt round his waste carrying his pistol and his hip flask. His facial features were similar to mine, being my brother, but he lacked the V shaped tuft on his forehead. He smiled at me as the door became opaque and closed.

"Hey, Ven!" He said, in his mockingly jolly tone that he usually had when meeting me "How's life?"

"I recalibrated the defence systems" I replied in my usual emotionless tone "How did you get in this time?"

"We both know you didn't do that." He said, taking a swig from his hip flask. Although i'd never known how he'd come to obtain it, or how it worked, Glass' hip flask never ran out and allowed you to change whatever drink was inside it so long as at least 10 mil of the drink had been poured in some time before. However, being his eccentric self, Glass had filled it with basically every kind of alcohol in the universe.

"Good spirit, this" He said, now standing just bellow where I was floating. "Got it from a place in the Arkavian outback. Arkavian Whitejuice, they call it. You want a taste?"

"I don't drink." I replied.

"C'mon, you know you want too."

I floated down to the ground, purely so I could look Glass in the eye.

"Glass, you know full well Tel-Eth is back. I can't let down my guard now. And if you've come here to get me to drink that stuff, you've wasted your time."

Glass sighed. "Fine, whatever you say. I'm not here for drinking, though."

"Why? Is Earth under attack again?"

"Nope, but it is too do with Earth."

I thought for a moment, and then I realised.

"Glass, is today Christmas?"

"Now you've got it. I guessed you don't celebrate much on Kryte."

"This place is a goddamn graveyard. Why would I celebrate?"

"Well, seeing you don't celebrate, maybe you should. Here"

Glass' prosthetic became liquid metal and peeled back. A single string of tinsel fell out of the arm and onto the floor before the arm returned to it's original form.

"I've been busy and haven't had much time" Glass said "but I hope this will do."

"What use would I have for it?" I replied, skeptical.

"It's all practical with you, isn't it? It looks nice, doesn't it?"

We were silent for a moment. Then Glass started talking, but not in his usual tone. It sounded less theatrical, like he was asking a question that genuinely troubled him.

"When did you last celebrate Christmas? As in properly celebrate it?" He asked.

"Before the Civil War" I replied. Although I hadn't consciously done it, emotion started to seep into my voice. "What about you? How long has it been?"

"5 years ago. Second to last time I was on Earth. I traveled all the way across the galaxy, turned down a massive kill contract...just to see those pretty lights and green trees."

"If I didn't have to stay here, I'd stop being protector of the universe for a day just to see them too."

Glass smiled a genuine smile "Do you remember when we were in the orphanage, we were about 8, and that old hawk Doris was trying to get us to eat our sprouts at Christmas dinner?"

For the first time in what must have been years, I smiled.

"Yeah, just" I replied "They were the only thing left on my plate. She had to shove them into my mouth to even try and get me to eat them"

Glass chuckled.

"You should have seen your face. You looked like you were being poisoned"

I chuckled too "God, it felt like it. I ranted about Krytian meat when I first came here, but it was like the universe's best meat compared to sprouts."

"And then I..."

"Slingshotted a sprout into the back of her head. You always had that slingshot with you. Then I..."

"Started laughing, and she told me to go too my room..."

"Which you didn't, so I..."

"Threw a sprout at the back of her head too, and then..."

"Everyone joined in." I finished

We looked at each other for a second, smirking. Then we burst out laughing. Damn, it felt good to laugh about something again. We were going for at least a minute, and it was the best thing that had happened to me in months.

"That orphanage was awful" Glass said, wiping away the tears of laughter that had formed in his eyes. "But you made it bearable. Hell, you made it the best thing ever."

"Same too you. I never realised it before, but when you were just became so dull. I wish I could have been there forever. With you."

"But then things changed." He replied

The atmosphere changed, less happy and more of it was before. A million unsaid things floated between us:people we'd lost, unspeakable acts, the cost of the life we lead. Then we looked each other in the eye again.

"Merry Christmas, bro." Glass said.

"Merry Christmas" I replied.

For the first time in years, we hugged each other. Then Glass pulled away, took another swig of his flask and walked out of the room. I looked on the floor:the tinsel he'd dropped was still there. I smiled and picked it up with my psychokinesis, floating it up and wrapping it around the Chronosabre's hilt.

"Merry Christmas, one and all" I repeated to no one, still smiling.



  • Due to the dialogue referencing Sonic Forces: Kingdom Come meaning this would take place the Christmas after and therefore after certain spoiler events that change Vendeta's outlook and Glass saying he hasn't been to Earth in around 5 years despite Disaster Club clearly showing otherwise, this is no longer canon. The whole thing about throwing sprouts still stands, though.

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