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Meriwether the Cat is a young member of the Scarlet Assassins; a band of mercenaries that were at one point a rebellion against the Acorn Kingdom. While he is still relatively new to the cause; Meriwether's array of elemental powers and his growing skills in his area of focus has eyes on him.


With maroon fur and bronzed skin; Meriwether carries himself with a self-assured confidence and a touch of arrogance tied to his raw power. His deep red hair is worn long and often carefully braided with crimson beads, even as he struts around with a cocky grin. That same smug confidence is shown through his orange eyes, which often seem to shimmer with the natural feline reflector alongside his elemental powers.

Often to the confusion of others, Meriwether seems to have a faintly sweet scent to him.


On and off the field; Meriwether dresses differently. While relaxing or training on base, Meriwether tends to wear a brown hooded jacket and a pair of stonewashed grey jeans; along with a comfortable pair of trainers. However, once he is deployed into the field or riding his motorcycle; Meriwether changes rapidly. His primary clothing is a crimson, black and silver full-body suit of reinforced leather and Kevlar; tailored in style to a professional motorcycle racer. Joining that is a custom painted open-faced helmet in the same colors; both marked with the emblem of the Scarlet Assassins. As an exception to this is the gloves; which appear to be fibrous and made of a substance closer to spider's silk.

Meriwether's motorcycle is painted very similarly to his uniform; a mixture of bright crimson, black and silver along the fairing and tail, though he has gone to the extra length of having crimson lines painted along the black rims, an extra little showy facet.



Despite his youth, Meriwether has never let up on the throttle since joining the Scarlet Assassins. While he grew up riding dirt bikes around old paddocks; his skill in the hot seat of the high-powered modified multi-terrain scout bike has often astonished his teammates even with the weight of the bike and extra power. In order to fight while aboard his motorcycle; Meriwether has a modified Slug & Pulse Model 20 Variable-Pulse Shotgun set into a special carrier on the fairing. With three different fire settings, the energy weapon switches between classic shotgun scattershots; focused slug-like bursts or rapid pulsed shots with the flick of a switch. The modifications that he had into the regenerative weapon comes primarily in the form of making it balanced for single-handed use; allowing him to ride and fire.

Off the bike; Meriwether possesses four different elemental powers and the unexplained insect-like capability of secreting his own silk; which in turn has fed his ego with his own talent. This has often resulted in muttering from others; primarily since Meriwether cannot or chooses not to use these powers while on his bike.

The power most people see Meriwether utilize is his electrokinesis; both through catching and deflecting incoming electrical attacks and exchanging positions with allies in combat through electrical bursts. In comparison; Meriwether's control over Earth, Water and Fire are all much less impressive; with only basic control over each. Despite this; the simple fact that he possesses four elements has added to Meriwether's confidence fairly drastically.

Similarly to his electrical powers; Meriwether's abilities with his naturally secreted silk are fairly well known among those he works with, with the spinneret source located just up his arm from his wrists. His standard thread is normally used to slow opponents down or relocate himself, with his armored gloves made from hardened thread. In emergencies; he seems to have a much stickier web that he can use to immobilize opponents.

Hand-to-hand appears to be Meriwether's greatest weakness. While he tends to try to focus on a boxing style; he lacks a lot of the training and discipline that would be expected of a boxer, often tending towards wild flailing or rapid punches before resorting to his elemental powers or silk to get the upper hand.








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