The Meme Teme is the group of the 4 main characters of Sonic Fanuverse Internetica. The Meme Teme was made to stop all bad users in the Sonic Fanon City.


Randomicalz ze Hedgehog

Randomicalz is the leader of the Meme Teme. He was inspired to create it when he was tired of seeing spammers and vandals in the city. He named the team after his liking of Dank Memes.

Edgy the Edgehog


Edgy is a member of the Meme Teme, being the edgy member that is. He accepted the request to join the team after remembering that spammers and vandals killed his family.

Noobly the Rat


Noobly is the smarts of the Meme Teme. Being a new citizen of the city, he was scared when he saw spammers and vandals. He attempted to leave, but Randomicalz convinced him to join his alliance to stop them once and for all.

Lawcia the Porcupine

Lawcia the Porcupine
Lawcia is the police cop of the Meme Teme. She is an addict of being a police officer, being an addict so much she decided to wear a police officer uniform she got online and pretended to be a pro police officer. She accepted Randomicalz request when he said that she can be the cop of the team.

Anais the Hedgehog

Anais the Hedgehog Sonic Fanuverse OMeme

Anais if the latest member of the Meme Teme, being the musical and adventurous one. She is the school's DJ and singer who sets up the music played in school for special events. She has some knowledge of Martial Arts and uses CDs as a shurikens. She got her rainbow eyes from listening to too much music. She joined the Meme Teme in order to help keep the school she studies in safe, and to make more friends.


  • The name "Meme Teme" was inspired by a video from AlpharadTV named "The Meme Teme – SQUID STUFF #7" in which you can watch here.
  • Anais is the first member that joined in a later time, not during the spammer and vandal raid which created the Meme Teme. She joined when the Meme Teme started high school.
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