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Melvin is a character created by [[User:LuckysixFroggy|LuckysixFroggy] He is a crazy villainous fan character who using Rings to attack. He's arch Nemesis is Chase the Wolf.


Melvin's has red fur and spines which are messy. His eyes are bright red and his muzzle is peach he also has sharp teeth. His chest like sonic has an peach spot in the middle with an red symbol in it(an side ways line with 3 lines sporting up the middle and right lines make an V like shape). His arms and legs are all red well His gloves are white and clawed.

The palm of each hand has a black ring pattern on it which glows yellow when he does something like a ring blast. His shoes are red with a large white stripe down the middle and a black strap. he also has a big bushy red tail with a white end.


When Melvin is low on energy he is in a feral-like state only thinking about getting more energy. Being somewhat loopy in this state he will usually be silent then suddenly scream out "GIVE ME YOUR RINGS" then attack you. When he has a good amount of energy he is still crazy but it's a much different kind of crazy. He plans and plans well-making traps, doing research, either for more power and just to cause chaos.

In other words, Melvin only likes energy sources and making everyone have a really really bad day.


He and Chase the Wolf once learned the ability to use Ring Energy in a more advanced way from the same master. Learning this he also began learning how to use other forms of energy. being somewhat unstable already all of this power made him seek more and he ended up going crazy. Chase then started going after him to make sure he didn't hurt anyone starting there very long game of tag.

He was eventually locked up in a G.U.N prison for his crimes (without the help of Chase) but he escaped and ran wild in the Circus Park Zone. He was defeated by the Sonic Heroes and Team Dark and sent to a higher level prison but he escaped again and is currently on the most wanted list, for a large sum of rings. If you see him call G.U.N.

With the taste of chaos energy in the back of his mind, he set out more determined than ever to get more power. One day Melvin would be in the outskirts of Emerald Town, and he would spot Chase as well as Sonic and Tails. Hoping to defeat his foe and take an Emerald from the Sonic Heroes, he would attack the group. Sonic and Tails would easily overwhelm him, to make matters worse Chase had a mysterious new Ring which he used to become more powerful, Melvin would then withdraw from the fight.


  • Slash: Slashes foe with claws.
  • Electshock: Absorbs electricity in the air and makes a weak electric shock.
  • Ring Blast: Fires a beam of ring energy from his palm.
  • Duel Ring Blast: Puts hands together and fires a much stronger blast.
  • Electshot: Uses a lot of absorbed electricity to make a strong electric ball.
  • Flame Fist: His fist is covered with fire to add more power to his punches.
  • Ring Gold: He uses his foes Rings against them to freeze them in place but they can break out of which is easier the fewer rings you have.
  • mini storm: Makes a small storm around his foes.

With Chaos Emerald:

    • Chaos Card Magic:He makes a lot of small balls of chaos energy that he can control the movement of. (note he only needs an emerald for this is because is has only used an chaos emerald once so far.)
    • Hover: Using lots of energy to do this so he doesn't use it much.


Melvin's ability is to absorb energy such as electricity, ring energy and chaos energy to strength himself and attack


He is a fast learner being able to find out how to use new types of energy, enemy strategies among other things. He also knows some hand to hand combat.


Melvin's weakness is that rings are his main source of energy and attack. As He attacks with ring energy he weakens himself. Same can be accelerated by knocking the rings out of him and grabbing them. If Melvin can't get more rings he will most likely end up in his low energy state and be easily be K.Oed.

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