Home Life

Melonn Spinelli is 17-year-old cat who is actively a member of Team Neckboobs. She was born in an Italian community and can fluently speak both Italian and English. She lived with her parents until the age of 14 when she and her brother decided to go off and live on their own. Her brother was captured when she was 15, forcing her to hide and flee from the foreign government slowly taking over her town. It was on the streets when she met up with Cherrie Turner and Peach McBeal, and the three decided to form Team Neckboobs. They all currently live in apartment, formulating plans which no one knows about.


Melonn Spinelli in her signature attire


Melonn is a Chartreuse coloured cat with lemon yellow spots on her ears and tail. She has bright orange hair which reaches just below her bottom. Her bangs are usually straightened but she likes having the rest of her hair naturally wavy. Melonn has two different coloured eyes: a purple and a slate blue colour. Doctors have tried to explain that she is blind in one eye, but Melonn can see fine in both. She also has perfect vision. She has three piercings, one in each ear and one below her lip. All were done during her 'rebellious' stage. She has quite the wild fashion sense and tends to wear colours that can clash. She mainly wears her striped yellow tank top and magenta, pinstripe skirt. She also enjoys to wear her orange high tops along with long socks.


Melonn is very outgoing and isn't afraid to be herself. She is wild and can become extremely hyper, but forgetful at times. She isn't the one to show her true feelings and tends to either hide them or blow them off. She is the optimist and fun-lover, never going anywhere without a smile. Melonn isn't much of a fighter and would rather not fight if given the choice. Due to her pacifistic nature, she discourages any sort of conflict and gets upset whenever she is around one.


Melonn was born intersex. Her parents didn't have the money to surgically remove anything so nothing was ever done to attempt and 'correct' her gender. They also decided that it was best for Melonn to decide what she wanted since it was her body. Melonn has insecurities due to this and tries as much as she can to ignore it and lead a normal life. All of her personal records and she herself state that she is female. Very few outside her family know about her being intersex, however she eventually reveals it to Cherrie and Peach.

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