Melody Cyndra
Melody The Echidna
May 24th
Chao, Music, art, toys.
Orphanages, Living alone, having no one to talk to or simply be with.
Favorite Food
Green Tea (Although not actually food.)

Melody is an echidna living by her lonesome in Techno Hill Zone in an old, rundown house that was nearly destroyed during a fire and a hurricane. She used to live in the Black Rose Orphanage for a few years. She is a character debuting in the fanfic: Memories of David The Echidna, being the latest character to be introduced into the series.

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Melody child Sprite

Melody as a child

Melody Sprite

Melody is a slightly pale blue echidna with waist-length hair, darkened skin, and emerald green eyes. Her hair curls slightly upward at the bottom, and has a noticeable cowlick at the top of her head. She doesn't have a big variety of clothing, but her most used outfit is a pale lavendar dress with a teal skirt and long blue pants. She wears deep blue slippers and white socks, but never wears gloves. She also wears a necklace with a yellow music-note.


Melody is a quiet, and timid girl. She speaks in a soft tone, never raising her voice. Living alone for years, she isn't used to being around people. Despite that, she tries hard to be friendly, but is very shy around new people. Because of her lack of friends, she is very lonely. In current times, however, she's made a few more friends and is generally happier than before, but still lives alone and far away from civilization out in Techno Hill, and thus is still very lonely. Though, she's more prone to having visitors now.

Strengths and Powers

Melody does not have any sort of powers or special abilities. She doesn't have any remarkably good talents, either. At the very least, she's decent at singing and making tea.

General Info

As a child, Melody lived with her parents and pet chao in an apartment in Greenflower City. Her parents, Trevor and Helen, specialized in making toys. For the time they lived in the apartment, they spent their time on a big project of creating their dream house--one designed to resemble a doll-house. They chose a spot deep in Techno Hill zone to settle down, and after 8 months of building, they were finally able to make it come true.

They celebrated by inviting friends over for a barbecue. That was when Melody made her first two friends; Smash and Pearl. She was shy at first, but after they opened up to her, she felt more comfortable around them and gave them a short tour of the house.
Unfortunately, they had to leave abruptly when their mother began to fall ill. They promised to return someday.

A few months later, Melody's parents were caught in a terrible bus accident in front of her school. Almost as soon as they were confirmed dead did people come to sweep her away to the Black Rose Orphanage. Traumatized from the whole ordeal, Melody sheltered herself away from the other kids, wanting nothing more than to simply go home.

About a year later, Melody ran away from the orphanage. She snuck out during the night and left the city in search of her home. It took several hours, almost a full day before she made it back home. And when she did, she reunited with the only family she had left; Her chao, 'Harmo
Melody the echidna by frost1992-d4em9qb-1-
ny'. She also made it back just in time to avoid being caught out in the sudden storm.
Melody attempted to cook dinner for two, but the storm started getting terribly bad. A loud bolt of lightning struck and startled her, followed by another which sent the lights out. Eventually the food began to burn, In her panicked attempts to regain control of the situation, she knocked something onto the hot stove which eventually caught fire. Her attempts to find water before it spread were foiled due to her lack of vision, and eventually she ran out into the living room with Harmony.

When both the fire and the storm seemed at their worst, a man burst into the house and took Melody away, leaving the chao inside. He managed to get her back to the orphanage, and told her to never run away again.

Years later, Melody eventually matured enough to be released from the orphanage. She immediately hurried back home, worried sick about Harmony. When she returned, she found that the house was devastated. It was a miracle that it was still standing. The wilderness had also overgrown all over the sides, as it hadn't been tended to for several years. Inside was even worse, as the place was a complete mess. She looked all over for her chao, but could not find her.
With nowhere else to go, she lived alone in the house, doing the best she could to at least make it somewhat liveable.


Melody Child

Melody as a child. (~LilynCookies)

Melody probably has the most intriguing history out of all the characters in the series. Her entire character was created seemingly right off the bat. She currently has the record of being the fastest character I've ever developed--with a high score of a single day.
She originated from a dream. In this dream, I found an old, torn up house, one night. In it was a girl around the same age as Melody. I soon discovered that the house was one that I had visited in another dream I had, around three years prior to then. The girl was also someone I had met in the same dream.
What made this even stranger was the fact that I remembered every last detail of the dream upon waking up, when I normally forget I even dreamed in the first place. Naturally, The dream stayed on my mind for a while, as tried to figure out what it meant. Eventually, I made the girl into an actual character, and decided to incorporate her story into Memories of David The Echidna.

Fitting her into the series at such a late point in the story was a little more than complicated...


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Memories of David The Echidna: Her debuting fanfic. She plays somewhat of a big role here, though she appears somewhat late in the story.

Relationships with Other Characters

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Both of her parents have passed away. It is unknown if she has any other family, but it is implied that she doesn't.


Smash The Echidna

Smash, along with Pearl, was her first friend. And for the longest time, they were her only friends. They met as children, though they soon parted ways for several years. Melody's shy demeanor lead Smash to look over her like a big brother.

Pearl The Echidna

Pearl, being her childhood friend, had a big impact on her being someone who she could relate with. Back then, Pearl was a bright and bubbly girl who kept a smile on her face; the opposite of her quiet and solitary nature.

Fun Facts

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  • Melody, being my most recent character, has her debut so late in the series. The end of Season 3, which had a high chance of being the series finale, if it weren't for RP's taking place after Memories of David The Echidna.
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