Melody "Grace" Mongoose is the only child and only daughter of Greg the Hedgidna and Ursula the Mongoose, granddaughter of Will the Echidna Maddy the Hedghog, Naomi Mongoose and Stave the Hedgehog, neice of Daniel and Ellie and Great-Granddaughter of Sonic the Hedghog, Amy Rose, Knuckles the Echidna, Julie-Su, Mina Mongoose and Ash Mongoose, she also the great neice of Ruby Mongoose, Lara-Su and Speedy the Fox and cousin of Tornado the Fox and Lien-Su the fox and the twins kids, Ellie's son, Even and Daniel's son Junior.

Physical Description

Melody has traits from each family like super speed from Mina, Sonic, her father and Maddy. but lack super strength, she has purple long sliky, glossy hair from her great-grandmother, her fur is red from her father and Knuckles, while her skin is cream and has blue-green eyes that look so innocent, when she turns super form, her hair is loose and turn platium, while her whole body goes gold and her eyes our sliver color, she wears a pink poofy shirt, a frilly white skirt and blue shoes with long socks and white long gloves.


Melody is say to be truly pure soul, a lovely young lady and a very beautiful girl and also positive, soft-spoken, very shy, smart, fashionble, very sensitive and peaceful, . Melody hates violence and detest lying that she will never do any of those, so she keeps out of them and never talk behide people back, she was raised better then that and treat people for who they are, just like her father taught her, she wish there was peace on earth, happiness and her friends to be safe, she relies on her friends to protect her from danger, especially on Rocket the Hedgefoxidna (her ex-boyfriend, years later her future husband) to help her. she has a very beautiful singing voice that animals and people love to here.


Early Years

Melody was born when the Heartless were deafeted and Greg and Ursula got married soon after that, Melody begin to have five powers that none in her family have, Solarakinetic, Crymancers, Aerokinetic, Hydromancer and Naturekinetic

Melody learn how to use them very fast without help, her father was surprised and pround that he cry about this, so did her mother. Ursula taught her daughter about singing, gardening, cooking, kitting and sewing and writing, that she became so good at them, Melody turn six years old and her grandmother, Maddy died on that day. This saded Melody and her grandfather Will.

Love and Misunderstandings

Melody is now a 16 year old girl and is very popular in school, her childhood freinds, Pinky and Rocket the Hedgefoxidnas, the triplets and Funky are in high school, Melody start to date Rocket and sleep with him, but both were unware that his cam was still on, Melody was hurt by this and think that Rocket left it on just to show it to his friends, later that day Rocket thinks that Melody was seeing somebody else after he saw her with a new boy, he and Melody broke up after that.

They return, The Heartless

Melody is now 18 years old and haven't heard from her ex-boyfriend for two years, She was engaged with Sulfur the Hedgehog. Melody was not happy with him (but pretand to be), even rafused to sleep with him as her heart was still belong so Rocket and wish to see him again to work things out. Sulfur pick a place in the middle of nowhere and Melody had a bad feeling about Sulfur and felt something was not right about him and his family and friends as she sense darkness from them. On the day of the wedding, Melody talk to her grandfather, Will the Echidna and her best friends, Pinky the Hedgefoxidna and the triplets, Goldie, Daisy and Cookie the Foxes about how much she miss Rocket and wish he was here and talk about the sense of darkness she been feeling lately, morn soon.

A Happy Future

Melody and Rocket are shown to have got back with each other and are married, it shown that Melody gave brith to twin girls name Harmony and Star. Rocket say to Melody they'll grow to be beautiful girls just like their mother someday, Melody tearfully held her babies closed to her, telling them to be strong. they then have there third child and name him Sonic Jr after her great grandfather cause he looks like her great-grandfather and Rocket combind.

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