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Aside from pets, no animals reside in Mellow Dee.

There is also a very small amount of greenery here. Because the entire state is almost completely covered in gravel and concrete, there is not much room for plants to grow here. For this reason, most of the food and such here is imported from other places. The only plants that grow here are Harmony Trees, which look like deciduous trees. However, the trunks are a maroon colour and the leaves seem to resemble layers of musical staffs with quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes seeming to be the fruit of the tree. These "notes" can be used as weapons, alongside being able to be consumed, as they are very sweet and widely enjoyed.


Mellow Dee has a dry continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. As the fronts between the air masses shift north and south across Mellow Dee, the temperature can change rapidly. Cold air masses in the winter produce extreme minimum temperatures varying from −54 °C (−65 °F) in northern Alberta to −46 °C (−51 °F) in southern Mellow Dee. In the summer, continental air masses produce maximum temperatures from 32 °C (90 °F) in the mountains to 40 °C (104 °F) in southern Mellow Dee.


Mellow Dee was the fourth of the six original states to join Toonada in 1614. It is believed that for a very long time, Mellow Dee was visited from all around for musical preformances and to raise their moods. This state has been famous for having some of the most creative people reside in it, and it used to be described as the most fun of all the states.

When the attack of the Sprocket Baddies hit Toonada in 2003, Mellow Dee was not his brutally. Though the cog levels are the same as Docks and Daisitoba, there are many more buildings found in Mellow Dee. Five months after it started, the Sprocket Baddies stole Melodyland's Merry-Go-Round and burnt it. Toons training to be heroes come here as a 4th area, making an important stop here to upgrade their fighting skills, specifically their aim.

Notable Areas

Melodyland - Capital of Mellow Dee. Previous home of the Merry-Go-Round. Where Match Minnie Dance Academy is. Only city with no Sprocket Baddies in Mellow Dee.

Alto - City with weakest Sprocket Baddies in the state. Most populous city in Mellow Dee.

Baritone City - Coldest city in Mellow Dee.

Tenor Town - Largest and most dangerous city in Mellow Dee. Only way to get to Dreamland Bay besides boat.


Piano Step Revolution - Most popular party game in the country. Basically Dance Dance Revolution with piano keys and a large screen, largely multiplayer. The first and largest is located in Melodyland.


  • This is the third least populated state. The first two are Acornica, then New Spway.
    • Most people do not like staying here for long because they claim that the un-natural colours that the state is famous for eventually hurts their eyes.
  • Before the Merry-Go-Round was stolen and burnt, Mellow Dee used to be much more populous than it is now.
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