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Mellinda the Cat
Also Known as
B**ch(Used once by Knuckles and Vector in Japanese version)

Hot chick(Used once by Storm)

Show off(Used once by Amy)

Lady(Used by Knuckles)

Girl(Used once by Sonic)

Jessie(Used by herself)

Baby(Used once by Lord)
Voiced by
Tabitha St Germain
Love Intrest
Sonic the Hedgehog
Lord Empire(Formally)

The Resistance


Mellinda is a cat with blonde fur and really light blue eyes.She has the attire of red shoes and jumper and blue jeans. Her

Notice her nose was taken off at this screenshot

hair is tied up in a ponytail very nicely.Her skin seems to be pure white,due to having a white mussle.She wears boots and,surprisingly,her eyelids are portrayed as hedgehog eyelids but it has been confirmed that Mellinda is a cat.


Mellinda is usually a typical high school student who doesn't care what people think about her,only herself. Although, she is very fussy on her appearence. She has also shown to be the smartest of her former resistance.She can also be a bit of a flirt in front of male characters but this rarely happens.


Mellinda was the best friend of Pritty Kitty and Lady the Kangeroo. They grew up at master School where she became a Rank A student.She and the girls had meat Lord,the new kid of the School.He made friends with them and hung out with them.Mellinda didn't trust him.Lord became a Rank S while she remained the same.

Eventually,as the years went by,she and the others graduated from Master School and went to live their lives.Once she recieved a call from Lord,they had to reunite.Even though she didn't want to,Mellinda couldn't find what to do with her life and decided to go on with this.

Little did she know,her group rained terror apon the land. After a battle with Jewell,which was unfinished(Even though it was possible Jewell had won),Jewell asks Mellinda if she was doing the right thing by working with Lord and his "dolls". Mellinda remembered Jewell's words to pick up the pieces and discover she was the villain of the situation.

After realising what they were doing was wrong,she betrayed her team and took a beating from Lord.She barely got away. She went into hiding but was found by Lord.He almost killed her once he vicously assulted her.She was saved by Jewell and Luna.

She was taken back to Master School where Terra,a fellow echidna friend of Jewell's,helped Mellinda recover.She left and went on to her new adventure.She began to use weapons more and put her rank to good use.Mellinda is now a thief but is still allies with Cyclone and her friends.

She meat Sonic after being caught by him when she was robbing a bank.He had recognised her with Crime,although. After a while,Sonic and the gang let her free.Sonic had also,just so happened,to have stolen her heart.


Much like,Vanessa and Lady,Mellinda uses a wide range of weapons which she carries on her:

  • Gun(Signiture weapon)
  • Grenades
  • Bombs
  • Shrink lasers
  • Laser gun
  • boomerang nets
  • Teleporting watch(Sometimes)
  • Boost Boots
  • Hand Gun(Rarely)

Special Abilities

Mellinda has a very similair move set with Rouge,they both have a screw kick and grenades.They also each have a move where they use their looks to their advantages.


Mellinda is very weak in the stomach as shown.She is also heavily affected by magic and earth as seen when she was easily defeated by Lord.

Theme song

Never let me go - Florence and The Machine (with Lyrics Traducción)-0

Never let me go - Florence and The Machine (with Lyrics Traducción)-0

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