Throughout the course of her life, Melissa has made plenty of friendships and acquaintances along the way.


Elizabeth the Hedgehog

Elizabeth the Hedgehog is Melissa's mother. Unlike most teenagers who usually do not want to be seen near their parents, Melissa doesn't mind her own parents too much, especially her mother. Melissa reminds Elizabeth of her old days, due to them being rather similar in charismatic nature. Elizabeth loves Melissa greatly and is always supportive of her. Likewise, Melissa trusts her mother dearly and would periodically make sure that her mother is doing okay. 

Elizabeth doesn't have to worry about her child doing stupid decisions, placing a lot of trust into Melissa.

Nikolas the Hedgehog

Nikolas the Hedgehog is Melissa's father. Despite knowing about his past and his past criminal involvements, Melissa still loves her father as he has been on the road to recovery and is living his life as a better person. As Melissa is his only daughter and child, Nikolas looks out for her a lot, much to her annoyance. Nikolas just brushes it off as "teenager things" but knows that his daughter loves him unconventionally.

It was him that got her interested in reading (he would often bring her into his work office and let her read while he worked) and he taught her to never be complicit to authority simply because they were authority.

Due to her umbra-electrokinesis, Nikolas still can't help but worry over her about that, that power reminding him too much of his old self. He does teach her techniques and skills every so often, but he can only teach so much due to his older age.


Galaxi the Rabbit

Tasha the Ferret

Sugar the Cat

Roxien the Arctic Fox



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