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This is an article about Melissa the Hedgehog, a character created by Jake.
Cquote1.png The highest intelligence is empathy. Cquote2.png

Curious, spontaneous and boisterous, Melissa the Hedgehog is a 16 year old with a rather big heart and sees the good in a lot of things. Not to mention she also enjoys the littlest things in life. A carefree individual, she doesn't let anything get in her way and always ventures out to explore the world with her friends.

She is the daughter of Elizabeth the Hedgehog, a former member of the hero organization Salvage, and Nikolas the Hedgehog, a former villain turned hero who was Salvage's worst enemy. Because of this upbringing, Melissa can understand people at their darkest hours more clearly than most people.



Melissa is a female hedgehog that stands at 3'5" and weighs 75 pounds. Her fur is brown, her muzzle is peach, her arms are peach, her stomach is peach, and her inner ear color is peach. Melissa's eyes are as brown as her fur color. 

Like Amy, a tuft of hair can be seen on her forehead. Her tuft is more curly than Amy's, however, and covers one of her eyes. She has short and curly hair. However, it appears that way because most of her hair is held up in a high pony tail. Once her hair is let down, it reaches past her shoulders.


Melissa wears a black crop top with a red dripping heart on the shirt. She wears dark green gym shorts. She wears black ring bracelets with grey spikes on them. Her shoes are black and have red hearts on the side of them. The shoe laces are green just like her shorts.

She isn't the type that likes to dress up all the time, either. Melissa generally likes to stick with one outfit to keep it consistent.



Melissa is an only child, being the daughter of Elizabeth the Hedgehog, a former member of the organization Salvage, and Nikolas the Hedgehog, a renounced villain that runs a library instead. They all initially lived in the small, cozy town of Clade. It was not chaotic like the main city.

As a child, Melissa often wanted to feel a part of her community and always did her best to be part of said community. However, not everyone was on board of letting Melissa in; for one thing, they couldn't get over her own father being the villain that used to terrorize their town and also because she had just come out at being trans at a young age. As such, most of the kids steered clear from her out of fear.

For most of her little kid years, Melissa felt isolated from her peers due to how different she was from them and because of how the kids in her area treated her. Her parents took notice of this and also decided to take initiative to move, figuring it would be best for Melissa to be part of a supportive and alive community. They moved to another town that was "far, far away" from her birth town. Unlike most kids who dreaded moving, Melissa saw this as the perfect opportunity to move away from her past and start fresh and anew. 

They packed up all their bags and moved to the town Sileo, another quiet and cozy town like Clade but was more dignified. Because nobody was aware of the Auraven family and their upbringing, they were all welcomed with warm arms. Melissa was so glad to find a place to call home.

As the years progressed, Melissa was incredibly happy. She had always done well in school, made so many friends and also had gotten on the good side of so many of her teachers. Nikolas was treated with more respect than the previous town, and that made Melissa pretty happy as well to see her father being treated fairly.


As Melissa continued to grow up, so did her perception of the world. While she wasn't an incredibly happy maniac like her toddler self, she still viewed the world in a more optimistic manner. At the age of 13, Melissa could finally be on HRT and finally transition. She expected the kids in her area to ridicule her, but most of them actually congratulated her. This left Melissa in shock, but also joy.

Family life was pretty steady. Nikolas had picked up a job at the local library to support their family, while Elizabeth found ways to keep her busy, such as yoga or cooking, as Melissa was away in school. Nikolas often let Melissa come to his work whenever she had off of school and she often read books in the office as he worked. Despite Nikolas's upbringing, he turned out to be a good father towards Melissa, as he was always proud of her and never seemed to worry about her too much whenever she was with her friends.

When Melissa turned 14, Elizabeth figured it would be wise to train Melissa on how to use a weapon to defend herself since she was old enough to comprehend the reasoning. She explained to Melissa that while Sileo was like "paradise," the world wasn't and that Melissa had to face the world head on for a multitude of reasons. She trained Melissa on how to use a scythe, but also trained Melissa to never raise her scythe on an innocent person and to never hurt an innocent person. Melissa took all the advice to heart and still does.

Despite some parts of her life being rocky, Melissa continued to persevere. She had met many friends that she holds close to this day, and she hangs out with them whenever she can.

Currently, she is enjoying the best of her life as she is at a high right now. Along the way she discovered that remixing music was her thing and after giving it a go, she took a huge liking to it. She is learning how to compose her own music, focusing moreso on electronic music than anything. 

Discovering her umbra-electrokinetic powers

For some context, Nikolas the Hedgehog used to be a villain that specialized umbra-electrokinesis. It is a lot like electrokinesis, but the electricity is in a darker and more destructive state than regular electricity. And it is worth mentioning the color of the umbra-electricity is a darker color than the typical light yellow. Despite being reformed, Nikolas still possesses this ability.

Melissa discovered this ability on accident. On an average day, she was hanging out with some friends when she realized she was being followed by a fellow classmate not in her classes but in her year. She knew that he was up to no good and it was not long until he had caught up to her. He grabbed her arm and before he could do anything else, Melissa had unconsciously emitted electricity into the guy. Unfortunately, the electricity was a darker color than typical electricity, causing Melissa to slightly panic. The guy thankfully ran off, heavily stunned.

She ran home, and she had frantically explained the situation. Elizabeth and Nikolas almost had a heart attack from the news. Nikolas was especially surprised to hear that Melissa had inherited his rather destructive power, umbra-electrokinesis, and he immediately worried for her safety. Elizabeth worried as well. But, Melissa did not think too much of it, and she figured that she could receive training on her newfound ability. Nikolas hesitated, but eventually agreed when he got over his anxiety and realized that his daughter would really be in good hands.


Melissa had been changed probably the most out of all of her creator's characters to exist.

She was first created sometime in 2008 or 2009 and had existed first as an Amy Rose recolor, except her dress turned into a skirt and shirt for Melissa. She was also extremely powerful, but in the God-modding sense since Melissa had a lot of abilities because at the time of her creation, her creator was only a child who was still learning the ropes on designing and creating a character. Melissa even had a side kick at the time, a yellow Tails recolor named Jerry.

Melissa was also originally described as the cousin of Silver the Hedgehog (honestly at this point, I don't remember why I made her that). Not only that, but Melissa had a big crush on Shadow. She also had crushes on other characters such as Scourge and fan characters from other people. Eventually everyone else being Melissa's crush was scrapped, but she still liked Shadow for the longest time.

The first modification

She had stayed as an Amy recolor for quite a while. It wasn't until 2014 that her creator finally decided to amp up her appearance and stray her away from being an Amy recolor. While it wasn't the best redesign, it still shied her away from looking like Amy. Despite her appearance change, it took a long while for a big majority of her abilities to be revised.

While in the process of being revised, Melissa's designs every year were touched up so she would appear to be updated. Her design still stayed the same, but each year the art style was different. Melissa was still being worked on, having been changed from a "crazy girl with a crush on Shadow" to a rather "philosophical girl." During this process, she lost the interest of Shadow (thank god) and became more focused on herself.

It was not until 2018 and 2019 when Melissa would finally and properly be developed. In 2018, Melissa's design was altered yet again. Her fur became darker, and her hair became shorter but also more curly and she had her pony tail moved to be behind her. Her shirt became a crop top and her shorts were fixed to a rather more pleasing shade of green instead of neon green. Her boots were also fixed up a bit. She still retained her spike bracelets from her Amy Rose recolor days, but was also given a spike like scrunchie for her hair.

Her personality was fixed up more a bit too in this year, but in 2019 was when Melissa would be given a more cohesive, original backstory as well. Melissa was also given the chance to act more like a chaotic teenager than rather as an adult and also have currently living parents. She was also even given her unique power, umbra-electrokinesis, erasing her once notorious super speed ability. She retained her super strength power, but was given a new weapon as well. While she had gotten a katana to replace the recolored Piko Piko Hammer in 2014, it was then changed to a scythe in 2019.

Two things remained consistent throughout her constantly updating development. One, she is still 16 and two, she still has Type One Diabetes.

Personality and Traits

By Ryushu

Melissa is a carefree and a kind of chaotic teenager. She always seeks to have a good time hanging out with her friends, like what teenagers do. She is very boisterous and full of spunk, and she also happens to be gifted with sarcasm when the time is right. It is very easy to amuse her and she also happens to be impulsive, not putting much thought in the choices she makes because she enjoys the thrills more than the consequences.

She always loves to do new things, as she always yearns to try everything metaphorically. She has often joked about herself being born with the ability of curiosity. She sets challenges for herself, and she sets out to achieve them.  Even if she can't fully fulfill them, it was still nice to work hard towards a goal. Melissa often does live for the thrill, finding the adrenaline pretty riveting. Sometimes, life might get chaotic for Melissa and that is when she prefers to "slow down" (by spending as much time to herself).

Growing up with her parents and growing up with facing stigma in her town, Melissa was exposed to many different atmospheres. Her father used to be a villain, and as such she has more empathy and compassion towards him than most people do in the town. Her mother always told her to stay true to herself and always be kind to others, and it is quite clear that Melissa took that advice straight to heart. While she is an impulsive and boisterous teenager, she can display moments of maturity when the time is right.

As a child, Melissa often enjoyed to read the books her father had at the library that he worked out. This also contributed to her general curious state. While she may seem like a "dumb teenager" and do dumb things, Melissa is in no way unintelligent. She often scored above average grades in school and always worked hard on everything she did, proving her to be a wonderful pupil.


  • Dubstep, electronic music, or any types of music
  • Remixing music
  • Reading
  • Hanging out with her friends/groups
  • Doing dumb things
  • Rollerblading


  • Rushing things
  • Cold weather
  • When people yell at her when she simply asks for them to repeat something
  • People bringing up her father's past
  • Loud ringtones
  • Being made fun of/ostracized

Powers and Abilities

Above Average Strength

Melissa has above average strength, meaning she is physically and mentally stronger than the average civilian. She may not have super strength like Knuckles, however, she is physically stronger than the average civilian. She is able to defend for herself and to take down any intruder with almost all ease. She cannot punch through rock or anything strong; her strength is solely for self-defense. Her strength was inherited from her father, who happened to be a rather strong individual himself.


Melissa had inherited this ability from her own father as well, who happens to be an avid umbra-electrokinetic. While her power does not match the intensity of her father's, she is still figuring out the quirks of this power as she had just recently discovered this newfound ability. Since she was never experimented on like her father, her power is not as intense as his, but that comes with practice.


This is a set of moves she currently knows, or what she is able to do. There are more moves that she can do, but she has not learned to do them yet.

  • Electric Discharge: Melissa can emit electricity out of her body, shocking her opponent. She has yet to increase this power, as it can only leave a harsh sting at most.
  • Tiny Bullets: She can create tiny, electric bullets and aim them at the opponent at a high velocity.
  • Electro-Ball: Similar to Electric Discharge, except Melissa can manifest the electricity into a ball and direct it towards her opponent.
  • Lightning Bolts as Weapons: Melissa could manifest a lightning bolt or two and use it as a weapon, simliar to her scythe. 
In her Umbra-Zeo Form
  • Electric Discharge: Electric Boogaloo: Same as above, but the power and intensity is heavily increased.
  • Lightning Rain: Melissa could create an army of lightning bolts and have them rain down on her opponent.


Melissa posses typical hedgehog skills, such as jumping and a homing attack to name a few.

Wielding a Scythe

A unique trait about Melissa is that she is skilled on how to use scythes, trained by her own very mother how to use one. In fact, Melissa's own scythe used to be Elizabeth's, but Elizabeth handed it down to Melissa. While scythes are generally used for farming, Melissa utilizes her for more offense moves. Her agility and flexibility makes Melissa attack with grace and poise, and with some keen accuracy. 

Remixing/composing music

Melissa really enjoys music, and she is also really enjoys playing around with music. She knows how to take samples from songs or the whole song in general and remix it to her own liking. While she knows how to remix, she is also learning how to compose her own music. She works better with electronic music moreso.


She had just recently picked up on this, learning from her new friends Kieran, Roxy and her crush Lilith. She practices whenever she has free time, but she is picking up fast on it. She is also working on her grinding on rails skill as well.

Despite not being the best at it, she does find rollerblading relatively more convenient than running.


Quasi Explosive

This one is not a physical weakness. Due to bullying and ostracization from her peers, Melissa has issues staying composed completely and could snap. If you insult her family line, she will take great offense to that. She does not being reminded on how her own father was not a good person initially, and that is not exactly the conversation starter you want to impose on her.

Slight Deafness

Her hearing sometimes can be fuzzy but only in noisy situations. For instance, if the room was somewhat noisy and someone quietly is speaking, Melissa can't fully hear the person speaking. She often can't decipher how hard or soft some people make out their consonants; she often asks people to repeat what they have said.

Her own umbra-electrokinesis

Despite having this profound ability, it can still harm her if overused or mishandled. If Melissa were to overexert herself, her health could deteriorate and fatigue could easily sweep her, possibly kill her. Not to mention that Melissa still does not know the true extent of her power.



Melissa's primary weapon is her scythe, a maternal family heirloom handed down to her from her mother. The formal name for the scythe is The Scythe of Prosperity. It is a typical scythe, but with a rather longer and a bit thicker chine/blade and a heart on the top of the handle. Melissa had added some stickers on to it and also tied a green band around it, giving it a more personal touch (Elizabeth did not have anything on it when it was in her possession).

Even though she is the current owner of it, sometimes her mother might need to use it.


Umbra-Zeo Melissa/"Umbra Neophyte"

Umbra Zeo Melissa

Unlike using chaos emeralds to activate most super forms, this transformation is activated through intense emotions felt from the user (and not just typical negative emotions, greatly heightened negative emotions do the trick). It is also one of the few things Melissa had inherited from Nikolas, the transformation being one of them. Another name for this transformation is being referred to as the "Umbra Neophyte."

Melissa's Umbra-Zeo form can be achieved through heightened emotions, typically aggressive and/or depressive emotions. However, Melissa can activate this form through experiencing more positive emotions, showing that while Melissa has inherited much from her father, she is not a carbon copy of him.

In this form, Melissa's appearance is changed to where her fur becomes literally dark as night, the sclera of her eyes turns full white, and her hair looks similar to lightning bolts, referencing her umbra-electrokinesis. Her clothes blend into this form, and her body is shown to have green electrical currents running on her body, like circuits. If activated through intense positive emotions, her jaggedness appearance becomes more kempt. 

Melissa's umbra-electrokinesis's power is greatly enhanced, allowing her to have a larger range of attacks. Her strength is enhanced as well, equating to super strength. She can even most as fast as lightning, which means her speed gets amped up as well. 

While this form is rather powerful, it can be detrimental to Melissa's health if she stays in this form for too long. The green circuits on her body act like a battery too; if the color begins to deteriorate, it signifies that her energy and stamina is being used up. If the green turns to grey, Melissa could possibly die or pass out due to the lack of energy.


  • Stats are based from 1-10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Attack: 7 - Melissa is an average fighter; her attacks are sufficient enough to strike her opponent. Her umbra-electrokinesis is pretty tough, but still hasn't reached its full potential yet.

Defense: 8 - She has a high defense, thus allowing her to defend for herself with relative ease. She is pretty fast too, which helps contribute to her defense.

Speed: 8 - While she doesn't possess super speed, Melissa is inherently fast and agile for her age.

Magic: 0 - She does not possess any sort of magic ability.

Evasion: 8 - Her agility grants her the ability to avoid most attacks. 

Intelligence: 10 - Melissa is incredibly smart, like her mother. She often read her old man's books as a child, and she has always been a curious child, eager to learn.

Skills: 7 - Melissa is alright at what she can do, and there's always room for improvement.

Accuracy: 8 - Melissa's high speed contributes to her accuracy. 

Stamina: 7 - Melissa is a tough cookie and can last a while from being attacked at, but she's not totally strong since she doesn't have an extremely strong immune system.

Tolerance: 8 - Melissa tolerates pain very well. Of course, pain stills hurts her; just not as much and she tends to shrug it off in the midst of the pain being inflicted.

Overall: 71%

This character's fourstat code is 7666


For more detailed relationships, go here.


Romantic Interests

  • Lilith the Wolf



  • Ashleigh the Tenrec (nobody really likes her in the school anyway due to her personality)
  • Rocco the Fox (the lad that she shocked)


  • Showing off some pride!

    Melissa is the first fan character Jake ever made, being made way back in 2008 or 2009, give or take.
    • She is also the most heavily changed character of Jake's, all because she started off as a mary sue Amy Rose recolor that was Silver's cousin.
  • Her middle name is Elizabeth, which is derived from her mother's name.
  • She is right handed.
  • Melissa's birthday, November 25, makes her a Sagittarius.
    • She shares a birthday with me, Jake.
  • Despite not mentioning it too much, Melissa does have Type One Diabetes. She does take her medication frequently and routinely.