This page contains the interview for the Featured Article of February 2020 Melanie Cambell the cat. AnnabelleRich was interviewed on February 19, 2020 by Juely.

The Interview

|1=# Q1: Is she a likeable “person” in general?

A) To some degree, yes. Like minded folk can find themselves getting very buddy buddy with Melanie, although being a more down to Earth and genuinely nice and caring might put her off in some ways.

# Q2: Where does her attitude stem from?

A) She's very competitive when it comes to her craft, being supported by her family that wants nothing more than for her to go for gold and nothing less, so you could say that it stems from the overwhelming support (and high expectations) from her friends and family.

# Q3: What kind of dances does she dance and which is her “specialty”?

A) She's most accustomed to anything modern or 'urban' if you will, and sort of mixed in sensual movements. Her styles can usually vary depending on the kind of music she's dancing to.

# Q4: What is her relationship wit the Poppies?

A) Melanie is a loyal friend to Annabelle, the Poppies leader, and has opened a door to the dancing world and the opportunities for popularity and positive reputations through a different means of performance, seeing as most Poppies are more focused on singing or acting. So she has a well established bond with the clique.

# Q5: Has she ever been humiliated in front of a crowd when performing?

A) More than likely. If I had to imagine a situation like that, it would have more than likely been during her earlier days when her competitive streak was at its worst, and perhaps she had tripped up and fallen flat on her face to her own shock and horror, or perhaps she was passed up for the winner of a competition and came in 3rd, or runner up, resulting in a no doubt tantrum.

# Q6: Who is she most jealous of and why?

A) As a headcanon, Melanie has sort of had a bubbling hatred for a group known as The Dancing Treasures group. They've crossed paths more than once, but Melanie would never make her annoyance and hatred towards them seem anything like jealousy.

# Q7: How did her parents realised she loved dancing and why did she pick up dance classes in the first place?

A) If I had to guess, it would more than likely be when Melanie was very young, attempting to copy people off of television and constantly asking for her parents to watch her tiny rendition of popular music videos. They figured that perhaps this would be a successful route, if their daughter stuck with it all the way through. That, and perhaps they wanted to gloat about their daughters skills and hobbies to their friends. Melanie never really had many other huge interests, as she was a relatively simple child, but it seemed like dancing was this entirely new form of self expression that slowly became a way of life for her over the years.

# Q8: Do you like dancing?

A) I do, but that doesnt mean I know how to, haha.

# Q9: Does she have any fans?

A) Social media wise and such, she has many loyal followers and people inspired by her, especially old school mates who joined the dance squad with her in her high school days.

# Q10: Is she more of an artist or a competitor?

A) A little of both. She plans on focusing all of her time on bettering her skills so that she may become a choreographer, but in her spare time usually competes to boost her ego and make her enthusiastic parents proud. That, and she just seems to thrive on competition.
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