Mel the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
  • Physical: 10
  • Chronological: Less than a year
Romantic Interests Fantasm the Psychic
Profession(s), Occupation(s)G.U.N. Trainee
BirthplaceG.U.N Base
Physical Description
SpeciesArtificial Lifeform/Hedgehog
  • Fur:
  • Eyes:
  • Black Gloves with mustard brown cuffs
  • Light blue scarf
  • Mustard yellow hyper friction-resistant shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • G.U.N
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
  • Statyx
  • Ryushu
  • Playing
  • Having fun
  • Watching battles
  • Copying techniques
  • Fou (to an extent)
  • Being bored
  • Scary stuff
Original CreatorKagimizu

Mel the Hedgehog is a young, artificially created hedgehog. Unlike other artificially created being, Mel wasn't created to be simply a living weapon, but as a warrior, to learn and grow through personal experiences.




Despite being very young, Mel can potentially become extremely powerful. He is able to perfectly copy absolutely any techniques after observing it even just once. Mel's copying abilities are virtually limitless, because of his unique genetic makeup. Mel's molecules are extremely malleable and flexible, allowing him to stretch limbs, change them into different materials (such as rock or metal), change their size and appearance, and even change them into fully robotic limbs and weapons. Because of this, Mel's copying abilities are literally limitless.

For a list of the abilities Mel uses in roleplays, look here.


Mel is a young, innocent, and shy character. He is usually very quiet around strangers, and will latch on to anyone he knows when in a strange and new location. However, when around people he knows, Mel is a typical young child, who enjoys playing and having fun. He is very polite to everyone (except to people he dislikes), never saying an intentional cross word to anyone. Mel can also be very curious, and won't hesitate to ask questions. Because of his copying abilities, Mel also enjoys watching battles, which gives him a prime oppertunity to copy techniques.


Mel is a small, young hedgehog. The majority of his body is a mustard yellow color, with a peach muzzle tipped by a small and round black nose. His round eyes have blue irises and white sclera. Mel's quills are rather unusual; the two lower ones on his head elongate and slack much like those of Silver the Hedgehog, while the top one is normal in terms of size and angle. The lower half of the two quills are orange, while the top one is entirely orange. On his chest, Mel has three peach spots in the shape of a triangle. The young hedgehog wears a pair of brown gloves with orange cuffs. His metallic shoes are the same color as his body, with orange cuffs and soles. Around his neck Mel wears a long, sky-blue scarf that drapes over his back and extends to his knees.


Roleplay:The Newest Ultimate

Roleplay:Project Apocalypse


  • Mel's abilities and appearance are based off of Emerl.

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