Mei MaJikku
Mei MaJikku
Grimoire Tsukumogami
Appears Female
Able to summon any page within her, can use magic
Mia MaJikku


Mei appears to be a little girl around the age of 8, however she is over 1000 years old, and other then that is she is really a book, a grimoire to be exact. Every starter magician is given a grimoire that connects to their soul, these special grimoires are called Soul Grimoires, or Book Heart. This grimoire girl belonged to Mia. Even though Mei was just some magic book, it was Mia's best friend, and was always carried around like a doll. But when Mia turned immortal Mei was looked away into a secret room. It was because the older the magician, the more bigger and powerful the book becomes. Even though most Soul Grimoires become lost in time, because Mia became immortal so did Mei and she managed to live on, growing more powerful and gaining more stronger spells. Eventually Mei contained spells so powerful it can summon almighty gods from the heavens! After around 1000 years have gone past though, Mia managed to find the stored away book. But when she came into contact with the lock, the book went haiwire and teleported itself somewhere else. After reciting a spell by itself, Mei was born. Mei later became to be Mia's servant, however is treated more like a daughter.

However Mia protects Mei very heavily, because Mei's power and spells might make her the most powerful thing in Hayashi...


Mei has the power to summon a page from herself when ever it is desired. So even if she's in humanoid form she still contains the spells as she was a book. It was also revealed that she has great memory of the spells, it could be because she has them written inside her.

Mei can also chant spells herself, but because of this she has her own mana signature which makes Mia uneasy so Mei usually leaves the spell casting to Mia.


Her clothes are heavily based on the design of a book.

Such as her skirt looks like a partially opened book

And the same with her vest

Her shawl also contains words in the Magic Language, which looks like scribbles to non-magic users

Her bow happens to be made of paper


Mei does everything she is told and rarely to never asks anything for herself. But Mia works hard to make her open up and act like a human, which is one of the few desires Mei wants. Mei tends to have a poker face on most of the time rarely showing any emotion of the sort. Her true personality is very hard to understand. Mei even though openly admits that she is "Mia's Slave" she is treated with kindness by Mia in truth. And instead of Master, Mei calls Mia, "Owner".

Fun Facts

  • Mei and Mia are one, and therefore Mei is also immortal
  • Mei has secretly been watching Mia while she was locked away, this is possible because of their soul connection
  • Mei does not need to eat, but has taken a fondness to cake and other pasteries.
  • Mei can revert to her book form to decive others when Mia takes her with her
  • Mei's name was given to her by Mia, however it was declared by Kori
  • Se'ree, Mia's aprentice and assistant, tends to get jealous of Mei
  • It is unknown why Mei take on the appearance of a little girl
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