This is an article about Megahog, a character created by Zapor888 on 10/4/2013.



Age 15 (permanently
Species Hedgehog-machine
family members






Stone (real name)


type speed


A green hedgehog with gray goggles, a gray long sleeved coat, red and white pants, and blue shoes.


Typically Megahog is Naive and doesn't want to fight other people. You can sort of say he is a pacifist. He will fight if you are either a villan, or you force him to.


He was created by Dr. Gloom to be his son, and to save all of humanity from getting killed by giant robots. When he first came out, he didn't know what any thing was, so the Dr. made a montage of it all to keep everything short and simple. Dr. Badyear then turned his back on everyone and kidnapped Dr. Gloom and made Protohog attack eveyone. After beating Dr. Badyear, Megahog found a green chao with a Nights hat on. he called the chao Munch since when he brought it to the lab, he ate almost all the food.and when Munch bites you, he isn't letting go for a while unless he sees something better

Special Abilities

Since he is part robot, he can hack into systems.


He can poof a board out of air and also speak many languages. And he can get copy abilities to use aganst people. He also has the Ultra buster which can shoot out beams. (in case you are wondering, yes he is Megaman from another dimension


He is easily tricked into doing things since he is so naive. He also will give up important items to protect Munch.

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