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MegaScience the Mecha Wolf is a young legionized wolf that chose to take on a new name after escaping from his Dark Egg Legion chapter to join a bandit force; with his real name currently unknown.

MegaScience the Mecha Wolf

Biographical Information
Age 14
Relatives pending
Alias birth name uncertain
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Wolf - legionized
Gender Male
  • Fur: White, tending towards grey near his cybernetics
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes:
  • Natural eye: Deep blue
  • Cybernetic eye: orange with a black backing
  • Left eye
  • Right arm - fitted with flame projector
  • Right shoulder - fitted with an Egg Defender Autogun
  • Both legs - equipped with wheels as well as feet
  • Tattered Dark Egg Legion robes, details with tribal-style patterns
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Dark Egg Legion (formerly)
  • Bandits
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Mild toxikinesis
  • High strength in legionized arm
  • Numerous attachments to his legionized body parts
  • Standard DEL training
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Flashfire212


The legionized wolf known now as MegaScience is average in size for a 14-year-old of his race, though his body tends towards being bulky due to his cybernetic enhancements. While his white fur is fairly thick in most places, it both thins and tends towards a grey tint near his legionized body parts. This includes a gray patch around his cybernetic left eye. He has brown hair that is normally long and ragged, his current position not prioritizing personal grooming. His eyes hold a striking difference - his natural right eye is a deep blue, though it tends to be faintly bloodshot. By comparison, the legionized left eye is a deep, glowing orange often compared to a vein of magma in color; this is emphasized by the black sclera with similar red lines to his bloodshot organic eye.

MegaScience is slightly hunched over and this is due to a small automatic cannon mounted to his right shoulder, while his entire right arm is plated in silver metal. This includes a small flamethrower mounted to the base of his right arm, though this weapon has never worked properly and is rarely lit. To compare, his left arm is covered in white fur, with long sharp fingernails on that hand.

Below his waist, MegaScience is completely robotic. Both legs are completely mechanically plated, though the only really outstanding part of this modification is the wheels mounted to his ankles. Should he choose, he can easily switch between walking and rolling.


While hardly as impressive as his normal mechanized body, MegaScience normally hides his legionized body in the tatters of his old Dark Egg Legion robes, which his fellow bandits have decorated with tribal-style patterns in a multitude of colors.



It is known that MegaScience has some level of natural skill in Poison-manipulation, which he typically employs with his sharpened fingernails on his organic hand, as well as the sharpened claws on his cybernetic one. However, transferring the poisons onto the more reliable blades takes time, as he does not seem able to channel his poison powers through his inorganic components.

While the young wolf possesses a flamethrower mounted to his right arm, this weapon has never worked properly. However, after leaving the Dark Egg Legion, the weapon has only deteriorated to now simply blowing streams of burning embers. It is uncertain as to why the weapon isn't working, but the bandit group lacks the tools and knowledge to actually repair it. However, the arm itself is still strong enough to lift weights greater than his size implies.

To contrast with his flamethrower, MegaScience also has an Egg Defender Autogun mounted to his right shoulder. This gun has a vaguely 270-degree firing range, with the only area blocked being to his left where his head blocks its rotation. While slow in tracking and firing, the sheer threat attached to a young wolf with a moderately large weapon augmented into his body is clear.

As far as mobility is concerned, MegaScience is able to reposition himself quickly by switching from walking to "skating" on inbuilt wheels. These are attached to his ankles and extend downwards, typically while he is already running. By switching between running and rolling rapidly, MegaScience is capable of high speeds, though hardly in the territory of the hedgehog.

Obviously, there are failings. MegaScience can only poison organic targets, and he can only reliably poison them with a slow poison transfer to his cybernetic hand. His "flamethrower" is more of an ember blower, which means it lacks the heat to burn through mechanical opponents. While strong, his legionized arm is only really capable of fighting in close, and his inbuilt autogun has a low fire rate so it can be outmaneuvered.

Fire Abilities

Poison Abilities

Elementless Abilities






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