This is an article about Medius the Ookami Ninetails, a character created by Meme the fox.


He is a grey fox with a marking going down his left eye like a scar


In his normal form,he is silent and calculating,rarely speaking his own mind,he is the same in his angel form,but in his wicked form he acts similar to Lssj Broly


When he was 10,he left the tribe in order to stop eclipse from causing armageddon,shortly after he went back to find it was destroyed during his battle with eclipse,he set out to find a new home

He would later live at a Mechahog facility in the Unit 20 are


In his normal form he is slightly stronger than the average mobian,and can use an attack called "soul fist"which can do a good amount of damage,but if he does it 3 times without recharging he will go into lockdown mode,which means he cant use it for a small amount of time


he is very phsyicly weak,so he can be hit by most attacks and get alot of damage

SCIV The Supreme Sword 21

SCIV The Supreme Sword 21

Angel form theme


Dragon Ball Z - Full Budokai 3 Opening ( Lyrics )

Dragon Ball Z - Full Budokai 3 Opening ( Lyrics )

normal theme

Skillet - Monster (Video)

Skillet - Monster (Video)

Wicked form theme

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