Medea is a young raccoon who stands at below average height and seemingly below average weight for a young woman her age. Her figure is very daint and small, but she does seem to have muscles on her otherwise lean body tone. She is brown furred with a white muzzle and the insides of her ears are as well. Her eyes are a deep violet that match her dress, and has a light brown natural raccoon mask around her eyes. Her hair is very long but is often seen styled in two tight buns near the nape of her neck.


Madea is a sweet young lady who loves to be with her children, and became heartbroken when she had to leave them behind. She used to be described as one with a pure heart, and is unable to hold a grudge. She also has a strong sense of justice, and believes that anarchy isn't such a bad thing.



Madea was born on January first, and was born in the country of Scotland, in a small unamed town. She lived a very hard life, being born in a very large and very poor family, all of which ended up dying off in a plague that hit the town. So, she fled and hitched a ride on a boat that was headed to the port of Station Square.

Station Square (teens)

After she had found a ride in a fishing boat, she arrived in Station Square, unable to speak or read the native language very well. She eventually tried to get into a university at the Square, but was rejected due to her poor English. She eventually took lessons from an English soap opera, but she still wasn't able to speak the language very well.

Deciding to make a living to pay for her collage and learn English she sought out a job to pay for those expenses. She was unable to find one, though, and was once again rejected multiple times. It wasn't until a bartender felt pity for her did she finally get a job.

She eventually learned English, and tried out for the University once more, and was able to be accepted. She soon found out that she had a knack for sciences, and was able to get PhDs in the fields of chemistry and biology. After she had graduated, she decided to open up a pharmacy and private doctoring.

One day in late February, a young man was rushed into her office in critical condition. She attempts to help him and tries to tend to his wounds, but realizes that her more primitive ways with herbs can't save him, and tries to get him to a nearby hospital. They young man soon goes into Intensive Care, and Medea became worried about him.

A week later and the young mans reason of condition is revealed along with his identity; Aischylos was his name, and he had been stabbed multiple times after trying to stop a mugging and get the mugger and victim to stop arguing. Medea feels pity for him, and starts to develop a crush on him. Aischylos is released another week later, and Medea offers to take care of him, in which he gleefully agrees to. They both started to become closer and soon afterward became great friends, and a mutual love towards each other.

Love Life and Children

After admitting their feelings to each other, they begin to court each other, and eventually marry. Their wedding was sometime in March, to commemorate the season of Spring, and went very well.

A while later and they learn that Medea is pregnant with Tavor, and while they are rich in love, they lack greatly in actual money. Aischylos goes to work in a local science lab and persuaded Medea to go too. They realize later that the laboratory was funded and managed by GUN, and work under them. Tavor was eventually born, and soon after his brothers came.

Discovery and "Death"

After eight years of working at the lab, they discover something about GUN that makes them a prime target for the government and makes them become heavy anarchists. They try to run away from the agency and eventually decided to fake their death, staging a car accident, and abandon their young children.


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Being a government official and a famous scientist has let her acquire a few skills necessary for her to survive.


During her time in GUN, she was often sent to spy on threats, which allowed her to be able to gain stealth skills. She can camouflage herself in any environment, and can also hide in plain sight.

Chemistry and Biology

Medea is also a great scientist and chemistry often overlaps her work as a biology. She focuses mostly on the Mobian and Flicky body parts, and chemistry allows her to be able to get results. Like her husband, she also had PhDs in both fields, and she may have another in an unknown field.


Medea is a pacifist, and so she has not had much experience fighting others. Her style of fighting is very spuradic and lacks much raw power, and she isn't very nimble while attacking, as combat was not her use in her service time.


Medea wields a lightweight bamboo bow staff to which she Weiss expertly.


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