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Mecha Amy
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Robot Hedgehog
One of Dr. Robotnik's bases.
Shock (best friend), Storm (other best friend), Silvra, Metal Sonic (one-sided crush), and many others.
Freedom, flowers, nature, shopping, etc.
Oppression, shutdown controllers, rainstorms, Scorch, and Omega.
Theme Song

"My opinion on Robotnik? I can't STAND him! I'm SICK of him always pushing me around, and threatening me with that shutdown device if I don't follow his stupid orders! He makes me so angry, that I could just rip off that ugly mustache of his and strangle him with it! I'm tired of being his puppet! I want to be free from him, once and for all!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19a

Mecha Amy, also known as Metal Amy, is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is a creation of Dr. Robotnik's, modeled after Amy Rose's classic design.


In the past, Mecha Amy's personality differed from the original in many ways. She has proven herself to be quite deranged, often showing sheer delight and enjoyment out of the amount of destruction she caused. Due to her mindless penchant for destruction, Dr. Robotnik had no choice but to have her shut down, and was very hesitant about unleashing her again, due to the fact that he feared history would repeat itself. However, he still figured that she may be of use to him someday, so he decided to take that time to work on fixing her flawed programming.

After her programming was fixed, she was noticeably less destructive than she was in the past, but despite the adjustments that Robotnik made before releasing her again, Mecha Amy still didn't respond to his orders very well, and would only do so after being threatened with the emergency shut-down controller that was used to deactivate her the first time. Mecha Amy also has a slightly childish personality (as shown by her frequent usage of the word "meanie" as an insult), as well as a slight anger problem.

Aside from her rebellious nature and minor anger and immaturity issues, Mecha Amy has proven herself to be quite friendly and well-mannered, with a generally positive and optimistic outlook on life, and values freedom above all else (most likely because of the device that Robotnik used to control her). She also seems to have a general understanding of right and wrong, as shown in The Goddess of Destruction Part 19a, where she was visibly disgusted by what Robotnik did to Silvra, stating that he did "one of the worst possible things" by depriving the Multi-Elemental Goddess of her free will. Driven by this understanding of right and wrong, as well as her intense hatred for Robotnik, Mecha Amy eventually decided not to obey his orders anymore, no longer caring whether or not the doctor decides to shut her down again and/or have her scrapped.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to Metal Sonic, Mecha Amy is equipped with a jet booster, and can use it to hover or fly at rocket speed. In addition to being able to fire lasers from her fingers, she also wields a metallic mallet, which has the ability to open up and fire missiles. Unlike Metal Sonic and his counterpart, Metal Sonic Version 3.0, she is unable to copy data, but she does, however, have a small red, circular device on each of her hands for absorbing energy (much like Android 19, Android 20/Dr. Gero, and Super Android 17).


Mecha Amy shortcircuits upon contact with water.



Mecha Amy is an old creation of Dr. Robotnik's, which he made between the events of Sonic CD and Knuckles' Chaotix, based off of Classic Amy. Around that time, she was a mere prototype, and her electronic brain wasn't fully functioned. As a result, she immediately went haywire upon being switched on, and began destroying everything in her path, nearly wrecking the entire base. Since she was beyond the doctor's control, he had no choice but to have her shut down.

Years later, during the events of The Goddess of Destruction, Dr. Robotnik decided to reactivate Mecha Amy after making adjustments to her programming sometime ago.

Episode 3: the Goddess of Destruction

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Christmas Special

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Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

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Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

"Ooh…! I’ll get ahold of [that shutdown switch] someday, just you wait! When I do, I’ll break it, and that egg-shaped meanie won’t be able to control my life anymore!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 17

Throughout the course of the story, Mecha Amy has proven herself to be utterly resentful of her creator. According to herself, Mecha Amy's fondest dream (other than being with Metal Sonic) is freedom, and she despises Robotnik for holding her back from that goal, and only served him out of fear of getting shut down again. Mecha Amy has little to no love or respect for the doctor, and would betray him at any opportunity she's given, as shown in The Goddess of Destruction Part 17, where she tried to sneak the shutdown controller away from Robotnik while he wasn't looking.

Metal Sonic

"[Metal Sonic] and I have SUCH chemistry together."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 10

Mecha Amy and Metal Sonic's relationship is relatively the same as their organic counterparts. Despite the overwhelming amount of affection that Mecha Amy has displayed toward Metal Sonic, he does not feel the same way about her, and even went so far as to sarcastically say that he was "brimming with enthusiasm" after seeing her again for the first time in years, indicating that he doesn't like her very much. However, as Mecha Amy noted in the EoP Christmas Special, Metal Sonic, under normal circumstances, would never do anything to physically harm her. Due to their mutual hatred for Metal Sonic Version 3.0, Metal Sonic did eventually come to accept Mecha Amy as an ally after she assisted him in one of his battles against the former.

E-123 Omega

"This doesn't change anything between us, just so you know."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19d

The two of them first encountered one another towards the end of The Goddess of Destruction Part 9, when Robotnik unleashed Mecha Amy in order to deal with Shadow, Squash, Omega, and Metal Sonic, who, at the time, were intruding at the Mystic Ruins base in order to hinder progress on EG-005. After Metal Sonic informed Shadow and Squash that Mecha Amy has bio-energy absorbing capabilities, Omega volunteered to fight her, while everyone else moves on.

Mecha Amy and Omega fought a close, evenly-matched battle, with the latter eventually emerging victorious in the end, by drilling a large hole through her stomach, effectively leaving her in critical condition. From that point on, Mecha Amy has developed a grudge against Omega, and was not very thrilled to see him again in Part 19d, even to the point where she was prepared to fight him. Regardless of the animosity that she has toward him, Mecha Amy is still capable of (reluctantly) putting her differences with Omega aside if she truly has to.

Metal Sonic Version 3.0

"I haven't known him for that long, but I've always hated that guy. He's such a rude, egotistical jerk."
The Goddess of Destruction Part 20a

Upon first meeting him, Mecha Amy mistook Three-Point Zero for the original Metal Sonic, but then he got offended and corrected her, stating that they were both entirely different machines and that she shouldn't confuse him with a "weakling" like Metal Sonic. Due to the fact that Three-Point Zero was constantly making insulting remarks about Metal Sonic, as well as his general displays of arrogance, Mecha Amy has taken an immediate disliking to him.

Scorch, the Goddess of Fire

"Ugh, just look at the way she's always kissing up to him... It makes me sick! I almost threw up just now!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19a

Although the two of them haven't had much interaction with one another (minus a brief argument in the EoP Christmas Special, as well as Dimensional Chaos Part 5), Mecha Amy doesn't seem to like Scorch very much, and has a rather low opinion of her. On at least two occasions, she was seen growing irritated whenever Scorch gave compliments to Dr. Robotnik regarding his "sheer brilliance", and even went so far as to say that she was utterly sickened by them. Due to Mecha Amy's intense hatred for the doctor, she generally considers the Fire Goddess to be a fool for her loyalty to him. Likewise, Scorch doesn't seem to be very fond of Mecha Amy, either (due to their opposing opinions on Robotnik, as well as the latter's rebellious nature), and even made a suggestion to the doctor to have her shut down.

Shock, the Goddess of Lightning and Storm, the Goddess of Wind

"Thank you SO much! I… I could never ask for better friends than the two of you…!"
The Goddess of Destruction Part 19e

Even though Mecha Amy doesn't think very much of Scorch, she happens to like Shock and Storm a lot, and considers them to be the best friends she's ever had. At first, she mostly viewed the two Goddesses as allies in their rebellion against Dr. Robotnik, but as soon as they promised her that they wouldn't let anything happen to her (such as getting shut down or scrapped), that began to change. Six months later, during the EoP Christmas Special, they were shown to still be on good terms with one another, since Shock came to Mecha Amy's defense after Metal Sonic (while under mind control) attacked her.


  • Mecha Amy's hatred for her master due to having a desire for freedom was inspired by the InuYasha character, Kagura.
  • Some of Mecha Amy's abilities (namely being able to fire lasers from her index finger), as well her destructive rampage upon being brought to life, was (unintentionally) inspired by the robotic Sally Acorn clone that Robotnik created in a SatAM episode.
  • So far, Mecha Amy is the only robotic clone who does not hold a grudge against her original organic counterpart. However, in a past roleplay, this was not the case. Due to Metal Sonic's frequent kidnappings of Amy, Mecha Amy began to suspect that something was "going on" between the two of them, and she had a bitter rivalry with her because of it.
  • The idea for Mecha Amy's inclusion in the story came from a question regarding "love issues" in an "Ask Metal Sonic!" thread at a forum that SolarBlaze frequents.