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Hi I'm TomLBlaze and I am making another article on Sonic Fanon. This is the sequel to Bazel vs Demiveemon. Hope you enjoy it.


Flashback of Veemon

Y'know, I always felt guilty of Shockwave's death. Way back when this all started I liked that guy. I never really understood why anyone had to die. And if someone did, I wish it was me.

This whole incident started when Shockwave a cyborg, mobian hedgehog fell into my universe. Me and him were good buddies, and went on many adventures together. One of them, our last one together, involved his clone, NewShockwave, going berserk and trying to take over the Universe.

Me and him fused to together to stop his beast, with Shockwave shooting his own life force at it to kill it. This caused him to die also.

In the Lab of Dr. Eggman

Although many thought him dead from his accidental fusion of many universes, Dr. Eggman was very much alive.

"Shockwave, my first prototype of the Polyhog series, was faulty. I shall rebuild him! And put myself on my rightful throne of the Universe!"

Dr. Eggman greedily, looked upon the dead, soul-less body of Shockwave. Then he grabbed a machine that hung from the ceiling, and started drilling into Shockwave...


The Adventure Continues

Veemon finished tying his rope up to the tree, and put his head inside the loop.

"Maybe if I ate a Chrome Mushroom, I'll weigh more." he thought.

But he found out the hard way that he didn't have any. So he was just about to do it again, when suddenly, he heard a crash in the woods. nearby.

"It's probably just Dyna Blade teaching her chicks how to fly" he thought. But he looked anyway, and when he did, he fainted.

The green creature was wondering who he was, why he was where he was, where he was, what his purpose was, when he had arrived...

In essence, he didn't know anything.

He saw a little blue and white creature sprawled on the ground. He noticed that he was alive, but unconscious. he picked up the the blue and white creature, and carried him off.

Veemon woke up slowly, as if he had fallen asleep drunk. When he finally opened his eyes wide enough to see through them, he jumped back. That hedgehog looked exactly like Shockwave. The hedgehog moved closer and checked Veemon's vital points; his heart, his brain, his spine...

When he was through he looked him in the eyes as if trying to communicate something.

The green creature looked at the blue and white and recognized something about it. He didn't know what, but there was something about it that seemed familiar.

Veemon knew that this Shockwave mimic was trying to communicate something, but he didn't know what. So he said:

"Are you Hungry?"

The green creature immediately recognized the language as being English. That accent was familiar too, but he didn't know how.

Veemon gestured toward some nearby cherries and said: "Cherries"

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