Mayu is a beautiful 28 year old light blue wolf with dark blue hair that ends to her lower back and ice blue eyes. She is mostly seen in a white long sleeved button shirt with long black pants with matching shoes. Her casual clothes are a reguar white shirt with a dark blue knee long skirt with flats.


Mayu is a kind, soft spoken and optimistic young woman with a very strong character. She has a very strong sence of justice, like her brother, and she belives in standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves. That trait of her personality alows her to accept people with a troubled past or those who have strange powers like her brother.

Mayu is also a very protective with her younger brother and she constantly worries about him when he keeps problems to himself. She was very happy when Kaiko joined the Kamihime Jiyuu no Faita and that he finaly made friends. It is also shown that she has a playful side, especialy when she is with her brother Kaiko. She is also a very skilled cook and she gets along with Mioko and Vanilla very well.


Mayu grew up in a very unstable home. Her father left her and her mother when she was nine years old and her mother turned to prostitution to raise money but ended up picking up drinking and ended up abandening her responsibilities of raising Mayu. Mayu practecaly had to raise herself and she also spend most of the time in friends houses to be able to eat properly.

When Mayu turned 14 is when her younger brother Kaiko was born, but his father is unknown. Mayu took up the responsibility of taking care of Kaiko because their mother would drink to the point that she would get violent to him when he would cry. Mayu discribed her as a moster who would silence a baby's cry by beating them.

When Kaiko turned 3 and when she turned 17 she left their house early in the morning with Kaiko. At first they spend some time at one of her friends house then she bought a small house in Kami no Hana city. She works as a waiter in a local resturant and from there on out she raised Kaiko. At one point when she was asalted by a group of thugs but she was saved when Kaiko awoken his powers. She accepted him and his powers and she continued to raise him.


Mayu doesn't have any special powers but she is very spiritual aware. She has a sixth sence that alows her to sence spiritual energies at very long distances, sometimes even when they are hidden. Also cause of this she can also sence when a person is emotionaly hurt, or is under a lot of pressure.


Kaiko the Wolf (younger brother)

Mioko the Raccoon dog (good friend, older sister figure)

Vanilla the Rabbit (good friend, mother figure)

Sonic the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Yuffi the Hedgehog

Rin the Wolf

Asami the Fox

Aya the Fox

Ichiro the Fox

Isao the Hedgehog

Junichi the Hedgehog

Chikane the Dog

Amy Rose

Knuckles the Echidna


Bunny Rabot

Sally Acorn


"Don't worry about me, I'll be okay"

"Kai-chan, I'm home"

"I've never seen Kai-chan this happy before"

"You know I never knew what it was like to actualy be cared by a mother before"

"I was 14 when Kaiko was born, I loved him more like a son than a brother. I felt like he was my own"

"Take care now!"

Voice actors

Her Japanese voice actor is Fumiko Orikasa

Her English voice actor is Debi Mae West (Imagen Hisana Kuchiki from Bleach)

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