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Mayu is a blood chao owned by Rin the Red Panda.



Mayu has the appearance of a female blood chao in it's second evolution, standing at 1'4" and weighing 16 Ibs. Most of her fur is pink, but certain parts of her body, such as the end of her devil tail or chest, are splattered with blood red coloring. Her ears are shaped like bunny ears, and have stitches across them. Mayu's face is completely white with pink blush. Instead of having eyes, they are X's, and she's always smiling.


They say that for every time a blood chao evolves, a new one is born. Mayu was just another baby blood chao in the Bad-Blood Chao Gardens, hatched from an egg. She was curious, devious, and was needed an owner. Most blood chao didn't venture outside of Bad-Blood Chao Gardens due to the fact that they were safe there, and if you left and couldn't find an owner in time, you'd die. Finding an owner willing to murder was very rare, but Mayu took that chance of finding the perfect one, leaving her birthplace and heading out.

Things were difficult at first, just spotting out a rotten core that would accept her as a companion. She felt herself running out of energy, until one day she spotted the female yandere stalking her lover to school, and Mayu automatically had a feeling that she was the one. If this were true, the red panda would be the only one able to see her. Mayu followed the red panda around all day, getting evil vibes which made her life energy feel almost restored. Finally, at the end of the day, Mayu caught the attention of the red panda, requesting to be her companion in crime.

At first, Rin wasn't exactly sure how the devious chao would behave, but finally accepted her as a "pet". The two have been together ever since, Mayu now being a stage two blood chao and staying close by Rin's side all the time.


Like most blood chao, their personality can sometimes depend on their evolution. The more they evolve, the more they change. Mayu is currently in her second stage of evolution, so she is in a pretty dangerous state. She can be seen as a curious and deadly, always getting into trouble. Although she always smiles, that doesn't mean she's always happy. She loves being along side Rin and murdering people with her tomahawk, though she requires the presence of her owner in order to have the strength to do it.


  • Mayu says "Chao" a bit differently than most chao, taking a bit longer to say it, also saying it a bit more under her breath.
    • Mayu is also able to say her own name.
  • When Mayu uses her tomahawk, the size of it increases greatly as she lifts it and throws it back down.
  • Mayu keeps her tomahawk in hammerspace
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