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Mayhew the Cat is a sailor within the Egg Army Oceanic Division; where he operates as the navigator aboard an Egg Walrus transport ship.

Mayhew the Cat

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Independence & white
  • Eyes: teal
  • Black uniform jacket with white detailing
  • Bulky battleship grey gauntlets
  • Black uniform pants with white detailing
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Heightened hearing & vision
  • Incredible night vision
  • Skilled swimmer
  • Capable of spitting ink-like fluid
  • Highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter
  • Unnaturally strong bite force from cybernetic jaw
  • Unnaturally strong grip force with gauntlets
  • Trained shooter
  • Some basic mechanical training
  • Skilled navigator
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

A cat of fairly average build and height; Mayhew has a sharp; chiseled muzzle with a triangular nose, large ears and a long, slender tail. Of note is the battleship grey cybernetic plating replacing his lower jaw and covering the front portions of his throat; these pieces have small lights set within that glow with a fluorescent blue light.

His shaggy fur is mostly Independence in color, with a white muzzle, chest, belly & tail tip. While only a single color; quite often his fur is caked in salt on the tops of his ears; creating faint crystalline white structures atop his ears. His eyes are teal in color.


Fairly standard for a crew member of a naval vessel run by the Eggman Empire, Mayhew wears a black jacket and pants; each with white detailing. Typically; Mayhew has his sleeves rolled back up past his elbows in order to display a pair of large battleship grey gauntlets; each clearly mechanically enhanced and studded with small fluorescent blue lights.



As a cat, Mayhew has highly sensitive hearing and keen vision; including then heightened night vision that makes a big difference aboard the transport ship for night operations. This is combined with the natural acrobatic grace of a feline, allowing Mayhew to make incredibly complicated tumbles and jumps yet still land on his feet. While he greatly dislikes spending too much time submerged, he is a highly competent swimmer; as expected from a being with a naval posting.

Mayhew's highly intimidating cybernetic lower jaw and neck function as both a weapon and a visible threat. With both his organic teeth and the metal replacements being incredibly sharp; his bite force is strong enough to crack guns. Due to the replacement of his saliva glands in his neck as part of the legionization, his spit is pitch black and functions somewhat like octopus ink; which he has been known to trigger gouts of this fluid and spit it out to blind hostiles before biting or grasping.

While his jaw is powerful, Mayhew has a preference for his mechanical gauntlets, with each of these constructions made of the same hard metal as his cybernetic jaw and throat. These gauntlets have hydraulic compression cylinders mounted along the backs, allowing him to grip objects before crushing them, with each gauntlet having been observed to impart enough force to snap an Egg Pawn's arm in two. Similarly; they serve like iron boxing gloves, making his punches a lot harder hitting. Because these gauntlets are heavy and slow down his ability to parry or block hits, Mayhew has been trained to harden his muscles

Finally; in the off-chance that he gets called upon to fight targets on other vessels; Mayhew carries a Chromatic Pulse Rifle with a conventional Green Chaos Drive mounted within. While no means a bad shot, Mayhew tends not to carry his CPR on board and leaves it in the armory; only running to grab it when required. Part of this is due to his gauntlets being too large to fit through the trigger guard.

Mayhew has no real elemental affinity or weaknesses, though he tends to be a little slower than average when in combat.


While most of the Eggman Empire's supplies are carried on specialist transports in the Egg Fleet; the areas where it is too dangerous to fly into need naval supplies. This could be caused by hostile air forces, but typically this is regions where the environment itself is too dangerous - frequent blizzards and dangerous winds being the two big non-combat reasons for the loss of Egg Army supplies. To combat this; a number of Egg Walruses have been built, of which Mayhew serves as the navigator upon EGW-016.

As with many of Eggman's airships; the Egg Walrus naval vessel is shaped vaguely like the creature it is based upon. In this case, it is bulky with a pair of forward "tusk" cannons mounted to the front, and a not very streamlined hull. While it sails well and fairly quickly; it is not a small vessel; requiring a minimum crew of 40 to operate. It is also not particularly fast or heavily armed in comparison to Eggman's larger airships or specialist warships. However, it is fairly well armored, and nimble enough for general use. Aside for the two large energy cannons serving as tusks at the front of the ship; the Egg Walrus have eight smaller Chromatic Pulse Guns for anti-air and anti-infantry use. These machine gun variations of the traditional CPR are somewhat fiddly and prone to malfunction due to the rate of fire overheating the cores.


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