This is an article about Maya the Hedgehog, a character created by Frozen Keyblade Master on 09/9/2013.

"Don't worry, princess, me and my buds are gonna help ya get your kingdom back!"
—Maya to Nevaeh
Maya the Hedgehog is an OC of Frozen Keyblade Master.


Maya has brunette hair and blue eyes. In her hedgehog form, Maya has brown fur, her hair has gotten longer and wears a blue shirt and white pants. As a human, her usual outfit would be a long red shirt and pale yellow pants.


Maya is cheerful, rebellious, spunky, friendly, spoiled (at times), mischievous, sassy, and outspoken. Sometimes, she can be tough on someone when they mess up. At times when one is picked on, she stands up for them.



Shadow the Hedgehog

Maya had first met Shadow in Wreck-it Ralph 2 when she fell from the window into his arms. Their friendship is not revealed until the film's climax when they team up to save Ralph from the MCP's wrath.

Princess Nevaeh


Maya wields a keyblade, but has magic attacks, too.

Lightning Flash

Her hands spark as Mariya concentrates on the energy, then her eyes flash a green color, and finally, she holds her hands in front of her, causing a lightning bolt to fly out of her hands and strike the opponent.


Since birth, Mariya has ice powers like her older sister, Elsa. However, they aren't revealed until she is 14.

Frozen Eclipse

Mariya summons a white crescent moon-shaped ball of light, then throws it at her opponent.

Chaos Blizzard


  • "Come on, guys. We can beat Black Doom."
  • "Thank you, Shadow the Hedgehog..."

Wreck-it Ralph 2: The Video Game


  • "Need some help, old friend?"
    Assisting Ralph in fighting the Cy-Heartless

In Battle

  • "Yeah!"
  • "Bring it on!"
  • "Chaos Blizzard!"
  • "Shadow!"
    When healing Shadow
  • "You ready, Shadow?"
    When being Dual Summoned (Ultimate Celestial Blizzard)
  • "Ow!"
    When attacked
  • "No!"
    When defeated
  • "I'm so sorry..."
    2nd Defeated Quote

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Evolution

  • "Yeah!!"
  • "Ow..."
  • "Dang! I lost..."
  • "Oh gosh, did I win??"
  • "Thank you to all my beloved fans!!"



  • Maya is a fan of the musician Skrillex.
  • She has been an otaku since birth.
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