This is an article about Maya Semele Burden, a character created by Pyroslasher on 12/28/2013.

When looking on Fur Affinity, an image was found that inspired the creation of Maya. Maya was planned to have no backstory so I could try out forging backstories through RPing, but complaints about her lack of an origin forced a change in her character. She also used to be an earth manipulator, but I changed it to something else so that not all my characters would be elementals.


This large woman weighs about 170 pounds, though she is 3 foot 11 inches tall. Her fat tail is about 3 yards long, and her normal fur color is a dark brown, excluding her legs, belly, and the area around her mouth, which are completely beige. Her hair is black, wavy, and incredibly long, long enough to reach her elbows. Her nose is pink, and four 3 inch long hairs come off of her cheeks, near the nose. Her eyes are brown as well, though a much lighter brown than her fur. Her legs and hips are the largest parts on her, with her breasts at about D cups, and her belly blocking view of her feet. Surprisingly she does not have a double chin, though her face is chubby looking. Her ears are small compared to the rest of her head, and are hidden behind her hair.

Her dark blue Asian dress hugs her body quite a bit, though it's long enough to reach her knees. She does not wear gloves, and she wears dark blue tennis shoes. Her nails are long and dark blue.

It's surprising that she doesn't notice her health, being 21 years old and having such tight clothes, and since her stomach blocks her view of her own feet, the only reason she seems to not notice is that even though she is so massive for an otter, she is actually quite active and mobile. Her face normally shows content and comfort, when it's not her pouting at those surrounding her.


This young woman is very hyperactive. She has a lot of energy, and will rarely tire out despite her size. This hyperactivity is only rivaled by her wrath, easily angered and very corrosive and destructive. She walks the fence of good and evil, almost falling in the evil side of said fence. She is kind to those she can call a friend, and any who attack her loved ones will have to be ready for hell on Mobius. This is depending on what you consider kind, since she isn't rude, won't attack you physically or orally unless you do something wrong in her eyes, and is able to put up with your presence if she finds you to be a friend, but is still easily angered and with the possibility of exploding. And as you can tell, she is a bad influence for most people.

She believes she actually is healthy due to her high energy and physical ability. She has fooled herself into a trap set by life, not understanding the looks she gets as times, and why others are disgusted by her. In fact, she is foolishly vain, so prideful of her looks to put others down because they aren't more like her, though it would normally be the other way around. Because of this, she is normally wearing a frown, pouting, bothered by the imperfection around her. She is normally happy when looking in a mirror, or eating her favorite foods.

She falls in love too easily, and it's quite hard for her to fall out of love with someone, even if she meets someone else. She is constantly in a situation where she doesn't know who she loves more, and it doesn't matter the amount of guys she likes, because if she likes more than one guy, drama ensues. She is not a drama queen however. She is not bothered by anything considerably small. She may be easily angered, but by that I meant if there was something that could anger her like people who make fun of her looks, or people who steal from her, she would get absolutely pissed in a matter of seconds. It would be immediate chaos. This is not small stuff to her. Small stuff for her is dropping things, broken nails, getting dirty, ect. She could be considered a drunk, her descendants coming from the Mobian equivalent of Scotland. She does drink a lot, she is at the age that she can drink you know. She, however, has been trying to stop drinking so much, knowing it's dangerous. Just trust that she may be in a hangover in some RPs from time to time.

She loves beer, seafood, swimming, Winter, and herself. She hates anyone who will say anything bad about her or her loved ones, try and harm her or her loved ones, or choose someone else over her(once again, this is a big deal for her). She does care about the feelings of others from time to time, surprisingly, she just finds it hard to do since there is so much she dislikes about every other person that she does not know. She also cares about the condition of Mobius, though she doesn't worry about it so much that it's an obsession.


She was born on May 21, 1992 in Northern Westopolis. Her parents were rich, but her father was an abusive drunkard. As long as she got whatever she wanted, she actually didn't care. She grew up spoiled rotten, though at the age of 10 her mother died at the hands of her father, and her father turned to her. Maya was abused much like her mother, and in she was once hurt so badly that she was put in a hospital, in a coma, and her father was put in jail for his crimes. They knew she was still alive, but she stayed there for years, and the doctors began thinking of what to do if they are to keep her alive. When she was being abused, she was about 80 pounds, which was kind of chubby for an otter. However, no creature can go without food, and the doctors realized this.

While she was in a coma, she was being fed by a tube to help her stay alive. Sadly, people soon forgot about her, and decided that there was nothing they could do. The hospital closed down, and she was actually left there, still being fed by the tube. She woke up after 8 years, at the age of 18, and because of the amount she was fed she ballooned from 80 pounds to 170. She had actually forgotten a lot of what happened to her 8 years ago.

For 2 years she searched for information about herself, relearning some things about how the real world works. After waking up from the hospital she found a flail in a forest, just left there with seemingly no reason or purpose. She also found out she had the power to control her size, which is what she thought was the reason she was so large, and actually not the tube that fed her for 8 years. She worked hard to find out information about herself, learning only that she was once part of a rich family and that her name was Maya Semele Burden. She did not learn how the world actually felt about creatures in her condition somehow. She was not surprised at how energetic she was, and even went into sports like boxing and wrestling because she thought it was fun. Even at this time, it seemed like no one mentioned to her about the problems at her size, and she learned of her other powers when fighting. She left wrestling and boxing when she was 21, and now is just living a supposed normal life.


(Information will be added when available)


(Information will be added when available)


Weight Increase/Decrease

With her powers she is able to change her weight to whatever she wants for at most 5 posts. Max weight would be 275 pounds(almost bigger than Big the Cat), where she is almost immobile, and 75 pounds, where she is much thinner and with the ability to go much faster. However, she can change back whenever she wants, but if her weight was changed for at least 5 posts she will turn back to normal. She can use this ability to dodge attacks easier, or crush her enemies. Since it doesn't last all that long, it can not be used for anything that would last for longer than 5 posts.

Ground Pound

When in the air, she can launch herself to the ground so that any damage she would take from falling is decreased, and the force is strong, though it takes 1 post to start the ground pound, and another to finally land, making it somewhat slow and unreliable. With this she can survive falling from the height of the tallest building in the world, though she'll be in extreme pain, most likely unable to move, for about 3 or 5 posts when she lands. The least she can fall from and still get hurt from the fall is 4 yards high, and using the ground pound just before landing will make it so that she can walk away unharmed.

Super Strength

For 2 posts she doubles in strength. At normal strength she is able to crack a brick, but if she uses this she will able to bust a hole through a brick wall. After it wears off, it has a cooldown time of 2 posts before using the move again.

Chaos Blimp

Somewhat of a funny name, based on the amount of emeralds she has, it increases her weight like her Weight increase/Decrease ability, except to much greater extents. This makes her much larger, however she continues being mobile somehow, and she actually is able to survive the change. Her clothing stretches as she increases size, so no matter how big she gets with this power her clothing does not get ruined. With 1 Chaos Emerald, her weight doubles, with 2 Chaos Emeralds, it triples, 3 Chaos Emeralds it quadruples, 4 Chaos Emeralds it quintuples, and ect. At 6 Chaos Emeralds, her weight balloons to seven times her own weight. The bigger she gets, surprisingly, the faster she gets, and her body is more durable to attacks for each emerald she gets. With 1 Emerald, her speed doubles(30-40 MPH, Spin Dash goes at 80 MPH when fully charged) and she can take the force of being hit with a car. At 6 Emeralds, her speed increases to 7 times normal(105-140 MPH, Spin Dash goes at 280 MPH) and the force of being hit with an extremely fast race car that is the size of an eighteen-wheeler truck. Her strength does not actually increase, and no, despite her height and the fact that she is an otter, she does not implode from being too large when using Chaos Blimp.

Special Abilities

Spin Dash

A normal spin dash. Duck, and start rolling in place to build up speed, then release. Max speed for fully charged spin dash is 40 MPH.


Using her big tail, she can smack the ground causing it to shake a little bit, able to mess with people's balance. At 275 pounds, the weight of her tail is able to crack the ground within 3 yards of her, and the shaking can knock people over. At 75 pounds, this ability is taken away.

Theme Songs

Maya's theme song is "Good Girl" by Dasha and The Living Tombstone. A small problem occurred during RPs not on this site, where I expected no one to mention her weight. I was quite wrong to think that her weight would not be mentioned. She felt offended that something she didn't care about was being used against her, so a few things about this Wiki have been affected, though I won't edit it since there is no real need to.

Song - Good Girl - Dasha and The Living Tombstone

Song - Good Girl - Dasha and The Living Tombstone


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