Maxwell the Wolverine is a tactician from the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, a wolverine that signed a pact with one of the "Void Angels" that claim to serve as Nihlus's agents. Because of this monstrous influence, Maxwell has aged very slowly; while his skill is nothing to scoff at.

Maxwell the Wolverine

Biographical Information
AgeAt least 100; actual age uncertain
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Greying brown, with tanned skin
  • Eyes: Honey brown
  • Black robes, marked with Nihlic Clan emblems & "Void Angel" runes in silver.
  • Black leather wrist bracers
  • Black leather boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsNihlic Clan of Nihlus
  • Extended lifespan
  • Enhanced strength
  • Skilled in hand to hand combat
  • Experienced tactical thought
  • Gifted with Nihlic power
  • Skilled with naturakinesis
  • Experienced with psychic might
  • Possesses a semi-controllable transformation
Other Information
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Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


An aged wolverine, Maxwell looks to be in his mid sixties rather than well over a hundred years old. His brown fur is slowly greying in places; creating a rather unusual mottled look around his gnarled exposed tanned skin. Surprisingly muscular for a Mobian of his age and combat role; he has rather viciously sharpened claws atop his fingers, while his honey brown eyes hold intelligence, cunning, as well as a barely restrained fury.


Oddly for a member of the Nihlic Clan; Maxwell tends to shy away from wearing the armor designs that are commonly found among the general militant populace. Instead, he prefers to dress in a style much older; a set of black robes in a style very similar to the ones worn by Null during the founding of the clan; a hybrid of monk and martial artist gear with the Nihlic Clan emblem embroidered with a silver crest over the heart, and a second one on the back. These are normally joined by a set of black leather bracers and greaves; leaving his hands free. However, Maxwell has modified his robes with a number of silver runes believed to be from the Void Angels.



During his youth, Maxwell signed a pact with one of the Void Angels while deathly ill; though why one of the entities identified as Nihlus's heralds paid him any attention was unknown. A moderately skilled Nihlic power wielder at the time, Maxwell had the normal wolverine traits of proportionally increased strength and highly volatile mood swings. Before he made the blood pact; the wolverine maintained a heavy distance from the front line to ensure he could retain control. Afterwards, however, he moved his tactical position forward, and now functions in a role similar to a battle mage while providing tactical suggestions and orders to his fellow Nihlic clan members. Maxwell has decades of experience in strategy, primarily against the Elemental Clans and other elemental factions as prompted by the void angels and Nihlus. It is noted that the blood pact slowed his aging among other effects.

Maxwell's primary combat skill is his Nihlic command; where he is incredibly skilled thanks to his decades of experience. His ability to transition the erasing mists between offensive and defensive uses is a fluid thing that belies his preference to keep a distance on the battlefield. However, his power has recently begun to noticeably diminish with his age.

Subsidiary to his Nihlic power is Maxwell's command over Nature; where the wolverine has focused primarily upon utility and debilitating effects rather than direct combat might. To this end, it is quite common for him to release spores or pollen bursts for a variety of different uses ranging from hypnotics and paralytics to insidious poisons. As a tactician, Maxwell will set these powers up early on in a fight, while his allies are unlikely to be afflicted by his releases. Similarly to his Nihlic power; the size of these particulate bursts is diminishing with age, but the potency remains.

The two areas of power where Maxwell has not begin to falter is in his hand-to-hand combat and his psychic might, both areas that he has experience in but preferred not to employ as often. As a wolverine with the body of a vastly younger individual; Maxwell retains the species-famed prodigious strength, often rivaling or besting Mobian echidnas head-on. While highly experienced, Maxwell's actual skill is not as great as a fighter that has dedicated themselves to that area of combat thanks to his reluctance and fear of losing control from his youth. Similarly, his psychic power is primarily unleashed in telekinetic force, directly aiming to strike with that force rather than throwing things. This power is somewhat temperamental and fluctuates due to Maxwell's failures to maintain control on his emotional state, while Chaos-wielders are simply capable of muscling through his strikes with the superiority Chaos has over psionic powers.

As far as the wolverine is concerned, while he retains his close-quarters power, his preference for fighting at a range and offering tactical advice puts him on the back foot with his lack of weapon and diminishing power, both in control and in strength. In addition, his method of utilizing Nature in combat is even more vulnerable to Fire and Wind than normal; as powders and spores burn almost explosively fast and can be blown to effect his teammates.

Reaping Form

When Maxwell loses full control over his temper, the other major attribute of his blood pact is made clear - in a manner similar to the troll Reaper's "Unleashed" state, Maxwell loses command over his elemental and Nihlic powers to instead enhance his physical strength to even greater levels. This has been described by his allies as his "Reaping" form. When transformed, Maxwell's fur mostly darkens to a deep grey-brown, while the fur on his face becomes a stark bone white. His claws grow longer and sharper, with a similar bone white shade to his fur. Most dramatically; his eye color changes to blue and glows.

While in this state, Maxwell is a true wolverine berserker unable to rein himself in. With his increased physical strength, this can be devastating if unleashed on an unsuspecting opponent who is unable to match his potential. However, to some degree this form is also easier to deal with, as it makes Maxwell vulnerable to being restrained or overpowered with elemental might or afflicted by status in a manner far easier than normal. Similarly, he is unable to tell friend from foe; forcing his allies to fall back or abandon him when he loses complete control like this.








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