Maxwell "Max" Veschell is a character set to appear in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. He is a young Belgian Malinois who was driven from his home in Storm Cloud City alongside his Border Collie friend Bailey Swift, for knowing too much about an invading villain's plans. There will be a running gag of him being constantly mistaken for a German Shepherd, due to looking similar to it(more specifically the brown-and-black coloring).


Max is a young Belgian Malinois. He has mostly light brown fur with a black face and ears, and brown eyes. He is also very similar in body frame to a German Shepherd. Currently, he is slightly, but noticeably smaller than Lucky Smith, and rather thin.


Max is friendly and kind, with a big heart. He has a love for police officers, since his father is one, and admires the fact that Daret Lyons' father Adam is the police chief of the NCPD(this is because Malinois are used alongside German Shepherds in K9 units). He is also shown to be very close to his good friend Bailey, constantly hanging out with her and even confiding in her when forced to flee the city.


Max was born in Storm Cloud City, and was raised by his single, widowed father, who was the police chief of the city. However, when Starline arrived looking for assistance in finding Dr. Eggman-who now resided at the Storming Base as the amnesiac Mr. Tinker-Max was forced to flee when he was caught spying on him, Rough, Tumble, and the undercover Austin Smith discussing his plans. Max tried to seek shelter in his home, but was forced to flee the city entirely, and his friend Bailey went with him when he told him his situation. Austin was sent to pursue them, but secretly aided them in getting to the Storming Base.

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Bailey Swift

Max and Bailey are very close friends, and it is mentioned that her family always welcomed Max, acting as a second family to him and taking him in whenever his father was busy.

Murtagh Veschell

Though Murtagh is a stern person, he still loves his son, to the point he held Starline and his lackeys off, threatening to arrest them, to let his son flee the city. Max is shown to also love and respect his father very much, saying he wanted to be a police officer just like him.


Max's last name, and his father's first name, are both references to the artists Mutagh and Veschell, who made the remix of the song Cool Friends, which is used in the 2018 game Just Shapes and Beats, for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

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