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Maxwell "Max" Veschell is a character who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave: Broken Worlds. He is a young Belgian Malinois who was driven from his home in Storm Cloud City alongside his Border Collie friend Bailey Swift, for knowing too much about Dr. Starline's plans. Because of the trouble with Starline, Max is now very timid and shy, especially around strangers that interact with him directly.


Max is a young, twelve-year-old Mobian Belgian Malinois. He has mostly light brown fur with a black face and ears, and brown eyes. Due to his imprisonment under Eggman, Max is rather thin. He is undersized and scrawny enough so that his ribs show through his pelt, but not horribly emaciated.


Max is typically very kind, friendly, and spunky. He refuses to take any nonsense from the school bully Rocco, and even stands up to Austin, who is easily twice his size. However, due to Starline's constant pursuit, and later his own imprisonment, Max is now very timid, nervous, and shy. If he meets a stranger, he will become closed off, and refuse to talk, often hiding behind someone nearby, specifically his Charizard companion Riza. If they interact with him directly, he will begin to panic. He is easily stressed, and suffers from frequent panic attacks and fainting spells. Max is also very claustrophobic, which almost always leads to panic attacks if he's trapped in an enclosed space.


Before the Series: Max was born to Murtagh Veschell and his unnamed wife in Storm Cloud City, but Max's mother passed away when he was only three, leaving his father a widower. Despite this, Max had a fairly normal childhood. He loved his father, stood up to the school bully Rocco, and became close friends with a Border Collie named Bailey Swift, whose parents were also friends with Murtagh, providing Max with a second family. But things were turned on their head when Starline arrived...

In The Legend of Fox the Brave:

On the Run: When Starline arrives in Storm Cloud City, Max is nervous of him, but is sent away by Murtagh before he can hear anything. Later, on a no-school day, Max is wandering the forest outside the city when he overhears Starline plotting with his lackeys, Rough, Tumble, and the undercover Austin Smith. Max was caught when he stepped on a twig, but he fled, leading to the doctor pursuing him. Max was eventually forced to flee the city entirely, with his friend Bailey accompanying him. While traveling to the Storming Base with Austin, Max was put through rigorous training by the old warrior, who wanted to toughen the boy up. This didn't stop Starline from catching up and capturing Max in the Lamarkie Forest, however. When Max was cruelly forced to bear witness to his father Murtagh being brainwashed, Austin shifted in such a way to discreetly allow Max to escape. However, after this escape, Max began to suffer from panic attacks, and fits of hyperventilation and fainting spells. Max would eventually make it to Ocean Point Village, where a villager contacted the warriors, who soon arrived to take him to the Storming Base. Max was apprenticed to Cody the Wolfdog, who helped the boy gain confidence, and grew close to him. After Starline paid the warriors a visit regarding Max, it was decided that the boy would be taken somewhere to hide for his own safety. Max was taken to Light Mobius along with Mr. Tinker, by Cody and Riza. However, they were sold out by Duke, and Starline found and kidnapped Max and Mr. Tinker. After this, Max was imprisoned by Dr. Starline, who proceeded to work to restore Mr. Tinker into Dr. Eggman.

A Grand Return: In the Prologue, Max is seen cowering in his cell by a mysterious spy, who he doesn't notice. During Max's imprisonment, Dr. Eggman views him as a possible lab assistant, which only adds to the boy's terror. During the Battle for Mystic Ruins, Eggman holds Max in his mysterious new mech in an attempt to use him as leverage against the warriors, though this quickly falls flat when Master X rescues him. After the Battle, Max suffers such extreme anxiety that he is taken away from the Mystic Ruins moor to calm down and destress. After the Battle, Max took up residence in Storm Shelter Village with his father Murtagh.

City of Storms: After a visit from Breezie, Max became homesick, and after having a panic attack, Lucky decides to let him go. Max is accompanied by Storm the Buizel, and they ride on Riza to Storm Cloud City. When they arrive in the city, they meet up with Murtagh's coworker James "Thunderbolt" Mann(a Mobian Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a jagged stripe on his face), and settle in with the Swift family. When they do, Max is returned to school in an attempt to resume a regular routine. On a no-school day, the trio were captured by Eggman from his new Faceship using an electric net. Max and Storm were imprisoned in cells, while Riza was kept under the electric net. Later, during the Battle for Storm Cloud City, Max was rescued when Master X arrived on the Faceship with Austin. After the Battle, Max sticks close to Riza as Master Y confronts Dr. Eggman about his crimes and sentences both him and Dr. Starline to prison. Once everything is done and over with, Max and Murtagh move back into Storm Cloud City, with their new family protector Riza


Max has severe anxiety, to the point that he suffers regular panic attacks, fainting spells, and nightmares/night terrors. When he becomes panicked, he will often be unable to focus on anything. These panic attacks often last until he passes out, leaving him a sitting duck for villains. Max is extremely claustrophobic, panicking if he is ever trapped in an enclosed space.


Bailey Swift

Max and Bailey are very close friends, and it is mentioned that her family always welcomed Max, acting as a second family to him and taking him in whenever his father was busy.

Grayson "Gray" McDaniels

Gray is the complete opposite of Max, being brave and confident where Max is scared and anxious. Despite this, the SlugTerra-born cat is close friends with Max and Bailey. He loves hanging out with them, as they do as well, though he often gets Max in a bit of trouble while trying to help the young Malinois conquer his paralyzing fear.

Murtagh Veschell

Max loves his father dearly, and looks up to him as his role model. Max wants to become a police officer when he grows up, so he can be like his father.

Austin Smith

Austin is very close to and protective of the boy, reminded of his own terrible encounters with Finitevus. Austin has additionally become a mentor figure to Max, being one of the only people he truly trusts and looks up to outside of the city.

Cody the Wolfdog

Despite initially being hot-tempered and impatient with Max, Cody is a close friend and mentor figure of him. Even after Max's decision to remain in Storm Cloud City, he maintains a close friendship with the wolfdog, and looks up to him.

Dr. Eggman

  • Dr. Eggman: At first Eggman didn't think much of Max, until finding a use for him as extra help around the lab(putting the boy in a near-constant state of terror). Later, Eggman simply viewed him as leverage against the warriors, knowing they wouldn't try attacking, for fear of putting him at risk.
  • Mr. Tinker: Though never really shown, Mr. Tinker's kind heart and attitude helped Max cope with his trauma, and the two became good friends. He was also shown to be concerned for Max's safety, and the only way he was able to handle his imprisonment.

Dr. Starline

Because of Starline's belief that Max was a spy, and later his obsessive pursuit of the boy, Max is absolutely terrified of Starline. Max will often become uncomfortable and frightened whenever Starline is brought up, and stressed out and panicked whenever he encounters the doctor. Starline is well aware of this, but while he appears to enjoy seeing the young boy in such discomfort, does nothing to bother him even more.


Max and Riza
Max and his Charizard protector Riza
Max and Starline
With Starline


Max's last name, and his father's first name, are both references to the artists Murtagh and Veschell, who made the remix of the song Cool Friends from Silva Hounds, which is used in the 2018 game Just Shapes and Beats, for the PC and Nintendo Switch.

Because of Starline, Max has severe anxiety that leads to panic attacks

Max suffers from claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces, because of his imprisonment

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