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Maxwell Blizzard is one of the children dwelling in the catacombs under Mobius as a child absorbed into the militant apocalyptic cult known as The Fallen. Due to his youth, it's hard to identify how much of the doctrines of his faction he believes; but his natural charisma and strength have eyes on him as a future leader.

Maxwell Blizzard

Biographical Information
Age 10
Relatives pending
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Brumalion
Gender Male
  • Fur: White, with pale skin
  • Hair: Wispy gray
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Black trousers
  • Black boots
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Fallen
Weaponry & Equipment
  • Innate command of the element of Ice
  • Highly resistant to the cold
  • Eyes resistant to being frost-blind, slightly heightened night vision
  • Slightly above average strength
  • Basic childhood hand-to-hand combat
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s) Pending...
Appearances None so far
Original Creator
  • Flashfire212


A fairly typical brumalion youth; Maxwell is big for his age with the faintest hints of a gray mane showing through his white fur. His skin is pale from his mostly subterranean existence; while his body is already beginning to tend towards the sheer physical power many lions are famed for.

Maxwell has a tendency to attempt to be stealthy; only to be given away by his glittering silver eyes; the key part of his low-light vision.


As a youth within the Fallen, Maxwell typically wears the standard black pants and boots normally worn by members of the sect. However, he typically refuses to wear the other dark clothes; instead remaining shirtless in order to reduce the heat he has coming in.



As a brumalion, Maxwell has an instinctual tie to the element of Ice. Even without much exposure to the colder environments that his subrace normally live in; he has demonstrated the ability to create snow and ice with very little effort. Similarly; he has a heightened resistance to the cold and an aversion to heat; as well as eyes that not only offer enhanced night vision; but also a resistance to freezing in blizzards to become "cold-blind". Other attributes are there; common to his race.

While he possesses heightened strength for his age thanks to his genetics, Maxwell also appears to have charisma and intelligence many would regard as unusual. He has stood out as a leader of the other children of the Fallen and often impresses adults with his manners and knowledge. However, should he be pushed, he has been known to mutter incantations under his breath, often calling out future targeted cold-snaps against the adults and other children that really push him. His personal hand-to-hand fighting style is the untrained wild flailing of a child; often rolling into opponents like he's trying to Spin Dash or ramming into them before unleashing a prison of ice around both of them.

As far as weaknesses are concerned, Maxwell has a few observed through training with the Fallen. His temperature resistance backfires as the temperature rises; meaning that the boy struggles more than normal against opponents wielding Fire. In addition; due in part to being raised in underground cities; Maxwell is unable to swim. Indeed, if thrown into water, the young brumalion immediately forms a cocoon of ice around himself and floats like an iceberg, refusing to even learn.








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