Maxine is a hybrid of a sheep and a rabbit. She's a cute, smart girl, but she tends to get excitable. Her best friend in the world is Sara the Tanuki, and they are commonly seen on detective-style missions. She is a parody of Max from the Sam and Max series.


Maxine is a somewhat crazy girl. Her father was a rabbit and her mother was a sheep, and it's somewhat implied that her personality mostly comes from her mother. Although somewhat crazy, she is still a great friend and ally.

When she was 11, she met Sara, a tanuki who loves solving mysteries. Together, they became the "Reckless Super Sleuths", and are centered on solving any mystery in the only way they know how: carelessly and without any professionalism.


Hyperactive but highly intelligent, Maxine is the life of the party. She's highly comedic, and loves getting a laugh out of her best buddy, Sara. She tends to be quite charming, yet deceptive, with her bunny-lamb cuteness.


Maxine, despite being a hybrid, mostly resembles a white rabbit. She has blue hair with a silver highlight. Her eyes are yellow. She is known for having large, somewhat sharp teeth. She wears a white shirt with black shorts; her shorts are held up with suspenders, and her suspenders have heart-shaped snaps. Her shoes are black Mary Janes with white socks. She wears fingerless pink gloves.



Maxine is voiced by Chika Sakamoto in Japanese and Colleen Clinkenbeard in English. Here are some things she would say.:

"Look at me! I'm a sheep AND a rabbit! I'M THE FRIGGIN' DEFINITION OF CUTE!"

"Don't mention the grey streak in my hair! It makes me feel old."

"What do you mean I look nothing like a sheep?"


"I never go ANYWHERE without my heart-shaped suspender snaps!"


  • Maxine's physical appearance, personality, and role are an homage to Max of the Sam and Max franchise.
    • Maxine is somewhat sensitive about her short height, which is a nod to Edward Elric of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime.
  • Despite being a sheep/rabbit hybrid, Maxine hardly resembles a sheep.
    • Despite looking like that of a human's, Maxine's hair is actually her wool.
  • Maxine commonly mentions the grey streak in her hair and her heart-shaped suspender snaps.
    • Ironically, she doesn't like when others mention the grey streak, as she claims it makes her feel old.
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