Cquote1 I'm not asking for trouble, so I sugest you stay out of my way. Cquote2

Species Mobian/ Sylveon
Gender Female
Height 3'05"
Weight 51.8 lbs
Age 17½
Fur Light Pink
Hair Dark Pink
Eyes Light Blue
Birthplace N/A
Family *Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Romantic Interests None
Alignment Neutral Evil
  • Pokemon Ability: Cute Charm

Makiko "Maxie" Purima is an 18-year-old anthropomorphic Sylveon. She is a veteran Magical Girl who made a contract with Nuubey when she was fifteen years old. She often appears to be the hero, but she is much more ruthless, than she appears.




Maxie often acts very kind and humble, showing a strong sense of justice, and staying on the path of helping others and doesn't seem to mind getting little reward. However, she is actually very territorial and competitive. She often gets into fights with other magical girls over grief seeds, and the glory of being the hero. She is very greedy, she has occasionally been known to start her own conflicts just so she could claim the glory of saving the day.


Like most sylveon, she can manipulate the emotions of others by emiting waves of pathokinetic energy from her ribbon-like feelers. 

As a Magical Girl


As a Witch

Main Article: Maya If Maxie's soul gem were to become corrupted with grief, she would become the witch of greed, Maya.


As a fairy type pokemon, Maxie is weak to steel and poison type attacks. Being a magical girl, the more she uses her magic, the dimmer her soul gem becomes, so she must keep it purified or else she will turn into a witch. If her soul gem is separated from her body, the body will loose its pulse and become lifeless, as her body is merely a husk controlled by the soul gem, and if the gem is destroyed, she will die instantly.





  • Maxie is partialy based on the following characters from the Puella Magi series:
    • Mami Tomoe- Her personality, her sense of justice but with a dark side.


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