This is an article about Maxie the Rabbit, a character created by Frozen Scorpio on 03/23/2015.

If anyone says that you "must have been on drugs when making something," don't think of it as them insulting you for what you make. Instead, see it as them having such a lack of an imagination that they cannot think of any single form of independent thought that has not been done before, or are just afraid of different things in general.


Maxie, in all seriousness, has no true physical form. Despite that, it does have a form that it prefers the most, this being a ghostly purplish-black rabbit with a cartoonish style and no real body shape below the head and arms, instead just being a thick, wavy line that gets smaller the further down one goes. It's arms are long and noodly, ending in bulging fists with white gloves, both having random patches stitched on and massive collars attached. Maxie's head is a what you would expect for a cartoony rabbit, floopy ears and curved ends everywhere, as well as huge, somewhat disturbing eyes and an eerily massive smile, underneath this being a giant white collar and a dark-red bowtie with its emblem in the middle.


Calling Maxie "insane" is a huge understatement. Maxie has breached so far into madness that there isn't even a proper word to describe it, though the closest one could get is "wacky."  Maxie finds a way to be both way too stupid and way too smart for it's own good. By that, we mean that it is generally a very idiotic being, never really putting much thought into what it says or does, but tick it off even just a little, and you will have whimsical hell to pay. Maxie will search through every last nook and cranny just to find a way to get revenge, though will only accept the most cartoonishly over-the-top and flashy ways to do so.


Maxie started as what was supposed to be a cute mascot character in an age where those pretty much flooded the market. Maxie's illustrator, whose name shall be revoked for privacy purposes, was a huge manchild, never really mentally developing aside from just getting smarter. He was immensely jealous of how his character was overshadowed and quickly forgotten about in a torrent of cutesy toons, and had begun secretly murdering other cartoonists just to get their mascots out of the loop. This lasted a good while, with Maxie never getting any attention as an icon due to their being more characters produced by other cartoonists than the creator could kill off.

Eventually, the illustrator had been arrested and whatever few remnants of his supposed "masterpiece" were locked away and quickly forgotten about, even by those who had bought them, almost as if a mass memory-erasing had occurred. Maxie and everything about it would immediatly fall into the Void of Memory, where it would be absorbed into Sartorius Vhan. Sartorius had seen this character before through an Astral Projection, and had gained a huge, almost childish fondness for it. He quickly amassed all of the absorbed work into a seperate entity, pouring soul-energy into it as well as it's creator's brain and giving it life.

Maxie had quickly developed independent thought and self-awareness, and once properly processing all of it's creators memories, had become immediately enraged by the fickle people who had forgotten it in a heartbeat. Maxie then swore allegiance to the Void Ensemble and was added as a member, and it's job since then has been to aid in bringing the world into void, where nothing will ever be forgotten and all will be truly equal. However, Maxie has recently been working as a sort-of spy for Sartorius' wife Xahlia, listening in on private conversations between other Void Ensemble members and reporting to her about everything.


Maxie, being a cartoon, has a plethora of powers at it's disposal. From changing in size/shape to inflating it's hands(which effectively increases his punching strength because it functions on cartoon logic (that is to say, NO LOGIC)) to being able to pull weapons from blatant hammerspace, Maxie is well-rounded when it comes to powers. It DOES have a unique power, however, and that is the ability to basically scan a given object or person, then quickly regress behind some kind of cover or curtain, then emerge as a cartoony remake of that character with overly exaggerated features and copied powers.


Maxie, due to it's varied and diverse arsenal of powers, also has a huge amount of skills to coincide with that. It's shapeshifting powers allow Maxie to easily take on the form of other objects, allowing it to easily undergo a stealthy maneuver when given the time to transform, and can even become weapons for others to use. Maxie can also use this power to change the state of its body, easily being able to have enough density to bounce back high-speed bullets as if he were made of some kind of super-rubber, can melt into a liquid and surround an opponent, and can even solidify into an indestructible statue to block sharp weaponry. It can even use this power to change the shape of it's hands into a whole plethora of different weapons of varying size for it to use. When copying another person's form, Maxie can also create a pretty convincing copy of that person's voice as well. 


With all it's strengths, Maxie still has several exploitable weaknesses that keep it far from unbeatable. When changing it's physical state, Maxie develops specific flaws that, once memorized, make the whole thing kind of pointless. When rubbery, sharp objects such as swords and knives are not affected by it and instead just cut right through, and when perfectly solid, bullets and other high-speed projectiles are much more effective as they create gradual damage over time. Its copy form is not at all for disguise, as pretty much anyone with eyes can distinguish the original from Maxie's cheap copy.


  • Maxie was originally going to be a short cartoonish duck named Crackers who was the god of humor, but these were all changed as the combination just did not appeal to the writer of this page.
  • Maxie, in terms of personality as well as it's (eventual) design is based somewhat on that of Bubsy Bobcat, a notorious cutesy animal mascot known for being extremely annoying with mediocre games to boot, as well as Dick Dastardly from the Wacky Races.
  • Maxie's name is a shortened version of Maximillion, a reference to the cartoon-obsessed eccentric of a similar name from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.
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