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Maxie Flippercorn

Maxie Flippercorn
Maxie Flippercorn 4
Made on Paint Tool SAI
Red Cat (Big the Cat), That Nebelung Cat (Knuckles, Blaze)
Nebelung Cat
Light Red fur

Gray Eyes Black Nose

Mildly Tan Muzzle
Cyan and Maize striped t-shirt,

Byzantine purple jean skirt Razzleberry and Byzantium shoes

white gloves and socks
Mary (mother)

Mac (father) Max (younger brother) Moe (older brother) Maggie (aunt)

Starrie (cousin)
Romantic Interest
Shawn (one sided on Shawn's side), Cliff McMuffin (boyfriend)
cooking, gags, puns, rock-climbing, loud noises, shopping, Big the Cat
Chris McLean, burnt food, being emberassed in public, items that go off sale, missing an attack, a plan going wrong
Lvl 5- Drop, Toon-up, and Trap Gags,

All Lvl Throw, Sound, and Squirt Gags Cat Scratch Martial Arts

Extreme Flexability and Agility
Sadie, Tammy, Cream, Big, Sonic, Sharky, Cliff, Kou
Shawn (TAE), Eggman, Chris

Maxie Flippercorn is an original fan character made by Pumpituppartyzone. She is a light red female Nebelung Cat. She has appeared in a Youtube show called Total Sonic Island on the Froggy Spinball Ice Cream Cones She is 96 cm tall, and keeps her weight a secret. Her best friend is Sadie the Dog, who she's known her since preschool, and her boyfriend and other best friend is Cliff McMuffin. She is the middle child in her family. She has two brothers named Max and Moe Flippercorn.


Design History

Maxie Flippercorn was created in 2003. She is somewhat based off of a Toontown Online

Maxie throughout the years

Maxie's designs

character design. This is where she got her clothes (not including her shoes),
Maxie Generations

Maxie's current vs 1st design

her color, name, and gloves. To the left is a picture of all of Maxie's previous designs to the current one. The first design was from 2003-2005. Her hair strongly resembled the Toontown cat look, as well as the shirt, and the skirt was right on. Her eyes were blue then and she wore green boots. The next design was slightly closer to the present one, and lasted a while. It was from 2005-2008. The hair is much more outrageous, and The outfit has been changed, and the eyes turned a darker blue. The shoes, however, stayed the same. The third design only lasted 3 months, but showed how much she loved to shop. She has the same shirt, though more detailed, and a different skirt. Her Hair is longer and her eyes were given pupils. Her shoes still remain the same. The final design is the most modern and lasted from 2009- the present. Her shoes finally altered, and she now has grey eyes. Her shirt is the same as the first, but more detailed. Her hair is more simple, however.


Maxie is a generally level-headed and responsible person. She usually keeps her cool and handles many situations with tact. For example, in Maxie Adventure when she realizes that Fifi is gone and Chaos is terrorizing the police, Maxie stays calm and helps the police get rid of their Chaos problem. Maxie is a nice person, usually being all for helping people who need it. She likes to plan things ahead of time, although she does love surprises on occasion/

Being a toon, Maxie also absolutely loves fun and joking. She isn't as much of a prankster as some other toons, but is very good at pulling pranks and gags on people, even without thinking. Maxie's absolute favourite person in Sonic's famous general group of friends is Big the Cat because he is so relaxing and uplifting. She is not necisarilly obsessed with Big, however, Big is the screensaver on her phone and computer. She also enjoys training her skills, including her gags, her claws, and her martial arts.

What Maxie loves most of all is shopping. She absolutely adores clothes, and even designes them on occasion. Maxie can be described to be a little diva-like when it comes to clothes, as she can tend to be high maintanence in this area. When competing against her arch rival, Freckles Jeeperchomp, Maxie can very well be quite hostile in any environment. However, she is especially diva-like when competing against Freckles with something that has to do with shopping, clothes, etc.


Due to the fact that she is originally from Toontown, most of Maxie's abilities and attacks are related to gags. One of her most powerful attacks is a giant foghorn, which she pulls from her pocket and blows a powerful noise from. If she hits somebody while she's making sound come from it, they are extremely damaged. The main skill that not only helps her with battle, but with everyday life as well, is her ability to make her pockets extremely deep without alterning her skirt's (those are the only bottoms she owns) appearance. This way, she pulls all of her gags, along with other useful items, out of her pockets so she has them immediately. One useful attack that she hides a laff meter in there is her laff meter, in which after she throws it at somebody, it explodes. Her laff meter also gaurds attacks on comand. Maxie is also extremely agile, as cats should be. She can jump to incredible heights with ease, and is remarkably limber.

Game Appearances

Baseball Party Zone

Maxie is one of the team captains in the game, Baseball Party Zone. Her team name is "Flippercorn Allstars", her special throw is the "Swoosh Ball", and her special hit is the "Maxi Swing". Her default stadium is "Maxie Mall", and her team consists of herself, Max, Moe, Ike, Sadie, Hazel, Kaiko, Maddie, and Scout.



Team Name

Special Ball


Pitching Stats

Fielding Stats

Batting Stats

Running Stats

Maxie Flippercorn

Flippercorn Allstars

Whoosh Ball








Max Flippercorn

Moe Flippercorn

Sadie the Dog

Ike the Numbat

Hazel the Hyrax

Maddie the Chao

Kaiko the Dog

Scout the Chao

Cliff McMuffin

Lily McFlip

Sam the Chao

Fifi the Bear

Jake the Wolf

Kou the Hedgehog


Shawn the Bandicoot

Freckles Jeeperchomp

Ned McMuffin

Bad Fairy

Mercy the Hedgehog

Sonic Fanon Party

In Sonic Fanon Party, Maxie is a playable character. Her color is light red, and she is a default character.


Sadie the Dog

Sadie and Maxie have been friends since they were very little. They do everything together. They occasionally get into arguments, most of them being pointless, but they eventually make up. Sadie tries her best to keep Shawn away from Maxie, but does not see what is wrong with him until episode 4 of Total Sonic Island, where Shawn insults Sadie because she is a dog. Maxie tried to stand up for her, bu was too shocked at what Shawn had said, and because Sadie was ready to pick a fight with Shawn. In the current adaption of TSI, however, the two have not interacted yet.

Shawn the Bandicoot

See Maxie-Shawn Conflict.

Amy Rose

Amy and Maxie have been friends since the beginning of Total Sonic Island, in which they formed an automatic alliance. It was originally to help Amy get farther in the game so that she could win for Sonic, but the alliance members grew on her. The other people in the alliance were Marine, who was elimintated, Maxie, Tammy, and Cream and Cheese.

However, during Take II of Total Sonic Island, Maxie and Amy had no interaction until the teams merged. After the challenge to find Chris, Maxie, along with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Sadie, hung out around the bonfire. After Knuckles pulled Sonic and Tails away, the girls decided to form their own group apart from the guys, causing a rivalry between the groups.

Max Flippercorn

Max is Maxie's little brother, and he is very, very curious. Max tends to annoy her sister by messing with her things a lot. For example, he climbed into Maxie's foghorn to see how it works and was stuck in there for 2 days. When he got out, he took some butter and jumped in again. However, Maxie loves her brother and they tend to be around eachother quite a bit because of Max insisting on being his sister's sidekick. They are very used to one another, but once in a while get on each other's nerves.

Moe Flippercorn

Moe is Maxie's older brother. The two understand each other quite a bit, and they share a lot of moments. They both feel the same about a lot of things, like their younger brother's sanity. They are almost always on the same page, though Maxie usually does not approve of Moe's sarcastic attitude. The two love each other and are very willing to sacrafice for one another, more that most relationships either of them have.


Cliff McMuffin (Very close friend, Boyfriend)

Sadie the Dog (Best friend, as close as sisters)

Jake the Wolf (Great Friend)

Fifi the Bear (Great Friends)

Desiree the Bandicoot (Great Friends)

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Tammy the Tiger

Phoebe the Wallaby

Jack the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Kou the Hedgehog

Ginger McMuffin

Razz the Bear


Freckles Jeeperchomp (Arch-Rvials)

Shawn the Bandicoot (To an extent)

Ned McMuffin

Crush the Bandicoot


Chris McLean

Lacey the Cat

Thrash the Hedeghog



  • She is the speed formation of Team Toon.
  • Maxie is pumpituppartyzone's most main character.
  • Maxie is originally designed from Toontown, but was born in a country on Mobious.
    • However, the country she was born in, Toonada, is based off of Toontown.
  • She is 14 years old.
  • She can drive, despite her age.
  • Her favorite color is orange.
  • Her favorite food is mac and cheese.
  • Maxie's birthday is on January 2nd, the same day her toon was created.
  • She is one of the 16 team captians of Baseball Party Zone.
  • She (second by Starrie) has had the most number of designs in all of Pumpituppartyzone's characters.
  • If she had a voice actress, it would be Janice Kawaye.
  • She was in a band called DARKSTORM AND WINGS OF DEATH. She was the 3rd guitarist.
  • Despite the fact that Maxie's laff is 107, her power is only fair.
    • However, she does a decent amount of stamina.
  • Maxie is currently on the Froggy Spinball Ice Cream Cones in Total Sonic Island.
    • She is an important member of the team, being the member to form their alliance with the Vulcan Lasers and Chaos Control. She is also a main mediator between the teams.

Memorable Quotes

"Any time's good for me!" - After Team Blast is achieved

"Ready to lose?" - Before Race/Battle 1

"I'm ready if you are!" - Before Race/Battle 2

"Time to have some fun!" - Before Race/Battle 3

"Hit me with your best shot!" - Before Race/Battle 4

"Oh yeah! I won!" - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"That was too easy!" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"That was so cool!" - S Rank

"Whoo! Yeah!" - A Rank

"That was fun!" - B Rank

"Whoo. Okay." - C Rank

"Well, that reeked." - D Rank

"That was close." - E Rank

"Well, at least I tried." - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"That's okay. There's always next time." - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"I'll remember this...." - After Being 'Killed'

"Yeeeeeaaaaaa!?!?!" - After Falling

"Oh, yeah! Awesome!" - After hitting a home run


  • The Flaxy Five
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