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Jake the Wolf
Maxie Adventure
Sonic Team Pumpituppartyzone

Yuji Naka Takashi Iizuka

Kazuyuki Hoshino
Release dates
JP January 5, 2013

NA January 6, 2013 EU April 20, 2013

AUS February 15, 2013
Single Player, semi-multiplayer
ESRB: Everyone

OFLC: G8+ ELSPA: 3+ (Dreamcast version)

PEGI: 3+ (GameCube and PC versions)
Gamecube, Wii, XBox 360, PC

Maxie Adventure (マキシーアドベンチャー) is a video game created by Sonic Team and released on March 13, 2013 in Japan by Sega for the Xbox 360, PC, Gamecube, and Wii. It is also the first game appearance of Dillard the Dunnart.


Maxie's Story

In Station Square, Maxie is waiting for Fifi the Bear to come out of the changing room at the mall, stating that they were apparently late for preforming at a child's birthday party. She finally opens the door, seeing a gaping hole in the wall. When she walks through it to explore, she witnesses a stand-off between human police forces (possibly G.U.N.) and Chaos, a water monster. Maxie battles and defeats Chaos, though he escapes through the drain before she could question him.

The next day, Max Flippercorn crashes what he claims to be "a jetpack that you can ride on the inside of," which is powered by a Chaos Emerald. She finds him and helps him to Miles "Tails" Prower' workshop, where the player unlocks Max as a playable character. Once there, Eggman shows up in the Egg Hornet. After they battle, he steals the Chaos Emerald and reveals Chaos, the monster Maxie fought earlier. He explains that every time he gives Chaos one of the Chaos Emeralds, its power will be absorbed by Chaos.

Maxie and Max counter this plan by attempting to find all of the Chaos Emeralds that they can. They collect two (from Windy Valley and Casinopolis), but one is taken by Eggman, so they collect another from the Ice Cap in the Mystic Ruins. However, they run into Jake the Wolf, who requests a friendly fight to help keep his cardio up. As the two fight, Eggman seizes his opportunity. He takes Maxie's two remaining Chaos Emeralds and feeds them to Chaos. After this, Jake is a unlocked as a playable character. Maxie and Max attempt to chase Eggman on a plane Max stole from Tails. However, the plane is destroyed in the process, and the two land in different locations.

Maxie lands in Station Square, where he runs into Fifi, who assures that she is okay and asks to go to hang out with Maxie at Twinkle Park. However, Fifi is kidnapped by a hypnotized Isaiah and taken to the Egg Carrier. When Maxie notices her absense, she looks for her in Twinkle Park and Circuit. This is when Fifi is unlocked as a playable character. She then notices the Egg Carrier, and tries to run on foot to the location. While at Red Mountain, Max shows up with remastered jet, powered by a Chaos Emerald. Both of them go together through the Egg Carrier's transformed state, Sky Deck, looking for Dr. Robotnik. They find him, but he leaves after he has taken a Chaos Emerald from Fifi. Fifi prevents Maxie from giving Razz a total knockout, and Maxie tells her brother to take Fifi to safety.

She finds Eggman. Eggman had given Chaos two more emeralds, reaching a total of six. She almost defeats him, but Eggman leaves before the job is dones, so Maxie chases him through the jungles of Mystic Ruins. She follows Eggman into his main base, Final Egg, and they have one last fight. After defeating him, Maxie and Max take another break.

Max's Story

Max Flippercorn is flying a new jet that he built, though he thinks of it as an "inside jetpack." Unfortunately, it suddenly crashes by the beach in Station Square. After Maxie rescues him, he reveals that the plane was powered by a Chaos Emerald and the two plan to meet in Tails' workshop in the Mystic Ruins to design a new jet with that Chaos Emerald. Here, they are met by Eggman in the Egg Hornet. After it is destroyed, Eggman steals the Chaos Emerald and feeds it to Chaos, who just arrives.

Max and Maxie head to the Windy Valley and Casinopolis to collect 2 Emeralds; one of them is taken by Eggman. They start towards the Mystic Ruins. Upon the exit of Ice Cap, they run into Jake, who requests a friendly fight with Max to keep his cardio up. Eggman, taking advantage of the situation, snatches away the Emeralds, giving them to Chaos. After a battle with Chaos 4, Eggman escapes in his Egg Carrier. Max steals one of Tails' planes and chases him with Maxie in it, but it gets shot down in the process. Max lands in Mystic Ruins, only to find out that Maxie is missing and the train workers are on strike (cutting off access to Station Square). Max decides to do without her and ventures into the jungle in search for a Chaos Emerald to rebuild his jet. Here, Max runs into Dillard the Dunnart's friend, Ty, and chases him into Sand Hill. After catching up to him, Ty smells something and gets spooked. He runs off, and Dillard sees and follows him, obviously annoyed by this. After this event, Dillard is unlocked as a playable character.

Next, Max remasters his jet. During a test flight, he runs into Maxie at Red Mountain and gives chase to the Egg Carrier. Despite stormy weather, the two managed to evade much of the Egg Carrier's attacks. Upon landing, Eggman immediately activates the transformed state that deactivates the monorails. Thus, Maxie and Max go through the Sky Deck. They find Eggman, Fifi, and Razz, which is where Razz is unlocked as a playable character. Maxie tells Max to take Fifi to safety while she goes after Eggman. Next, the Egg Carrier collapses, and Max and Fifi make it safely to Station Square via jetpack. Fifi bids goodbye to Max, soon after Eggman (having been defeated by Maxie) crashes nearby the train station. Eggman launches a missile as a last ditch attempt but it turns out to be a dud. Angered, Eggman blasts the doors of a skyscraper and threatens to detonate the missile. Max, realizing that the fate of the city is in his hands, gives chase. After a long endurance race through the night, Max reaches the missile first and deactivates it. Frustrated at his failure, Eggman unleashes an Egg Mobile - the Egg Walker, and prepares to annihilate Station Square. All of the citizens run for shelter, leaving Max - without Maxie's help, to fight with Eggman. In the end, Max wins and the citizens cheer. While heading back to the workshop in Mystic Ruins, Max meets up with Maxie and they have a little R & R!

Jake's Story

As Jake the Wolf is rests guarding his dresser, which contains a very important item called the Secret Thing, he wakes to Chaos with the Secret thing absorbed inside of him. Unaware that this is Eggman's doing, Jake assumes that Chaos is behind the shattering of the Emerald and goes on to attack it. However, the beast blindsides him and escapes. Jake arrives in Station Square to find Chaos, and notices in Speed Highway that Chaos has been dropping bullets around where he has been. He also finds some in Casinopolis but then spots Eggman heading into an elevator in the hotel. He starts to wonder if Eggman is behind the stealing of the Secret Thing, so he follows him. Jake then gets into a fight with Chaos 2, and after winning the battle, Eggman mumbles about running into Maxie. Jake realizes that Maxie may know something about the situation, and heads into the jungle (where a power-up is found) looking for her. Jake finds her a few minutes later, but forgets why he was looking for her. He hoped that having a friendly fight with her would jog his memory. But it was all a trick from Eggman so he could nab the two emeralds they had. He gives them to Chaos, causing him to transform into Chaos 4. Jake does eventually defeat him; Maxie and Max go after Eggman, and Jake goes solo to find the rest of the pieces.

After finding more bullets, he finds a piece of paper, apparently a page of Eggman's diary. It reveals to Jake that the Secret Thing was somewhere on the Egg Carrier. Because he doesn't know where the fortress is, he walks across the bridge, where he spots Razz heading to the jungle. He decided to pull a prank on him, following him until he found he was going to the fortress. He lit up and ran into the fortress, which took off. He spots Eggman and Chaos and rushes towards them. Eggman retreats, with Maxie on his heels. This leaves Chaos, who has devoured 6 of the Chaos Emeralds, at Jake's merciless spines. After a long battle, Chaos relinquishes the Chaos Emeralds and retreats, with Knuckles saying "What now, you liquidated freak!!" The Egg Carrier loses its balance and self-destructs, but Jake rips off some rock from the base and flies it to the Mystic Ruins to keep himself from burning.

Back at his house, the Secret Thing is safe again, and he finds a new hiding spot for it near the entrance to Red Mountain. Jake is once again relaxed and at peace.

Fifi's Story

Fifi is laughing to herself about ditching Maxie at the mall (She obviously didn't notice the shooting or Chaos when she left through the hole in the wall.) All of a sudden, the city is shadowed by the Egg Carrier and a Chaos Emerald falls from the sky. She catches it, planning to trade it in for money, when she runs into Maxie. She assures Maxie that she is okay and nothing bad has happened to her, and suggests that they visit Twinkle Park. Maxie tells Fifi that she'll be right up, so Fifi goes in by herself. While inside, she notices that Isaiah is stalking her, so she starts running and he chases her. She manages to make it out without capture, but when she exits, she notices that Maxie is nowhere to be found. During the time she spends looking around, she is captures by him.

Fifi is taken to a cell aboard the Egg Carrier where she is guarded by Razz the Bear. He demans she hand over the Chaos Emerald, but she refuses, as she won't give up the chance at new shoes. It isn't until now that she recognizes Razz, and asks him why he is working on the Egg Carrier. Razz claims that he has all of his life and that she has no right to question him. Fifi jogs Razz's memory with a nickname she used to call him. He started going off on her, but she interrupted by saying "You're welcome, ingrate." Razz realizes what she meant and apologizes. He lets her out of the cell. He tells them it is dangerous and that they'll be at the Mystic Ruins base soon. She comes to a room and plays through a game where she gets the Warrior's Feather. While venturing through Hot Shelter, she has another run-in with Isaiah. She makes it to the deck and is cornered by Eggman. Fortunately, Maxie and Max also make it to the deck. Eggman grabs Fifi and takes the Chaos Emerald around its neck. He calls out Razz who is ordered to destroy them. After fighting Razz, Maxie tries to deliver the final blow, but Fifi defends the robot, telling Maxie he helped her. She then takes off Razz's helmet so that they recognize him. The Egg Carrier begins to lose altitude and Fifi tells Razz to be free. Razz smiles at her, then walks off. She then leaves with Max as the Egg Carrier crashes.

She returns to Station Square and bids farewell to Max and goes to Mystic Ruins to see if there was another Chaos Emerald for her to find. After searching through the jungle she finds the bridge leading to Eggman's base. She goes through Final Egg and once again meets with Isaiah, but escapes. She goes back to the now sunken Egg Carrier, as she recalled that her first emerald came from there. She, again, runs into Isaiah, but decides to stop running. After battling Isaiah, she knocks the mind control chip out of his ear, which brings him back to normal. Isaiah apologizes to her and gives her a Chaos Emerald he was planning to give Dr. Eggman when he was mind controlled. Fifi claps with glee and hugs the emerald, happy to finally find an emerald again.

Dillard's Story

Dillard walks into Sation Square from a canoe with his best friend, Ty beside him. He's very excited to be starting something new, as he looks around amazed at the sights he sees. He poins out that they had nothing like this in Dust Hill Zone. He is bombarded by salespeople trying to sell him things, but when he tells them about his lack of money, they become uninterested and leave.

Ty licks up something in the drain of the sewer, and consumed part of Chaos. Driven insane by the consumsion of Chaos, he eats a Chaos Emerald that was next to the sewer drain and runs off. A previously distracted Dillard asks Ty what the matter is of all the people cowering from them, but when he heard no answer, he immediately began to panic. He ran around searching for Ty, and found an Egg Walker next to the entrance of Twinkle Park, which he entered to find him. He manages to find Ty, but he retreats. Dillard finds a key to Ice Cap, along with the Life Belt. He then heads for Ice Cap, but after he finds Ty there, he retreats again.

He then finds Ty again in Emerald Coast, and jumps on him so that he cannot get away. As he hugs Ty and promises not to let anything bad happen to him, only to have Ty stolen right from under him by Razz. Razz heads back to the Egg Carrier, with a confused and worried Dillard folllowing. Dillard loses sight of Razz and can't pick up either of their sents, so he looks for them in Hot Shelter. He realizes that to get Ty out, He must activate the switch. After doing this and finding Ty again, he leaves the the Attendance room and heads out. However, he spots Chaos is frozen in horror at the sight of the beast. Eggman arrives and gives Chaos the emeralds, causing him to enlarge again. Ty gets eaten by Chaos, and he carefully shoots Ty out of Chaos' body and escapes under Maxie's orders. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is about to lose altitude, but Dillard spots Max's jet and flies to the jungle moments after the flying fortress self-destructs and crashes into the Great Sea.

Dillard and Ty are now back in Station Square, happy to be in the new town. Ty is back to normal, and the two have fun in Twinkle Park.

Razz's Story

Dr. Eggman awakens Razz, along with Raven, Squeaky, Phoebe, Isaiah, and Moe, all wearing welders' masks Eggman explained to them that they are now and always have been his loyal servants, to do whatever he says without question. His training involves Razz seeking and searing the Sonic doll in Final Egg. After that, Eggman put Razz and Moe up against eachother in a small duel. Razz wins, and Moe boards the Egg Carrier to train to be a better fighter. The fortress flies off into the skies.

A moment later, Eggman announces to Razz and the other victums to find and capture Ty, who's been driven insane by slurping up part of Chaos and has eaten a Chaos Emerald. Razz heads to the Emerald Coast and steals Ty right from under Dillard.

After that, Razz and the victums argue over whose animal is the one, but stop when Eggman walks in. Irritated, Eggman tells them that the animal he wants is a verocious tiger and even ate a chaos emerald... but settles when he spots Ty next to Razz hands. He proudly congratulates Razz for his capture and dismisses Raven, Squeaky, and Phoebe for their idiotic failure. He then tells Razz to find Fifi, then departs. He quickly gets to the dungeon where he encounters Fifi, and attempts to persuade her to give him the Chaos Emerald. Fifi refuses, but recognizes Razz through the helment. She jogs his memory by calling him Captain Uptight, after which he starts to yell at Fifi. She interrupts by telling him he is welcome, and he apologizes and opens her cell. He then heads to the attendance room, where Eggman orders him to get the jet booster from the ammunition room. After that, Razz heads to the main bridge of the Egg Carrier and engages Maxie in battle. Just as he is about to sear her to ash, Fifi interferes. She tells him to remember her and says that he should ditch Eggman, much to Maxie's surprise. Suddenly, the Egg Carrier is about to lose altitude. Maxie races off after Eggman, while Fifi says that she and Razz be friends again. He asks why she's helping him, and she replies that friends always help one another. Razz, Max, and Fifi escape as the Egg Carrier self-destructs and crashes into the Great Sea.

Strolling through the Mystic Ruins, Razz decides to go 'rogue', beginning his own quest to find and save his brothers. He finds a switch to Windy Valley, explores it completely, spots Raven knocks the chip from her ear. Following this, he heads to Red Mountain, goes in the magma chamber of one volcano, finds Squeak and does the same. After that, he realizes Phoebe and Moe are on the Egg Carrier and heads towards it via canoe. Razz enters the Attendance Room and opens the doors to the Hot Shelter lair, where he goes through its tunnels and spots Phoebe. She is covered in metal armour and seems to be completley enraged. He does manage to save her, but she passed out in the process. He gives her a kiss goodbye and goes after Moe. He gets out of the Attendance room and spots Moe marching towards a field. He heads to it and engages him in battle.

After a long battle, Moe crashes to the ground. Razz walks over to him and takes the chip out of his ear. He then sits down next to Moe, then lays down on the ground. He is finally relaxed now that all of his fellow victums are saved, he can be at ease.


It is revealed that Chaos has survived. Eggman mutters about his hatred of Maxie, knowing that she cannot spoil his master plan. He stops and spots Chaos, who mauls him.

Jake is sitting on his bed, not knowing what to do with the emeralds he has. He decides to take the Chaos Emeralds to Maxie for advice, but spots Eggman lying on the ground. Eggman's mutter of pain is "This is terrible!! C-Chaos is..." Jake asks "Is what?", but is interrupted when Chaos appears and attacks them both, stealing the Chaos Emeralds.

Maxie is relaxing in a hammock when Max runs up to her, saying that he heard something over in the Mystic Ruins. When they get to Jake's house, which is where Max said the noise came from, they spot Jake and Eggman in serious pain and are exhausted. Jake tells Maxie and Max that Chaos has survived and has stolen his Chaos Emeralds. Eggman heads off on his mobile and searches the jungle for a replacement fortress. Jake tells Maxie about Chaos' ferocity and states that if he gets the last Chaos Emerald, death will come.

Max says that they have to get the last emerald before Chaos does. They head over to a zigguraut and spot Max's jet. They are about to get the emerald, but Chaos devours it and goes on a rampage in Station Square, flooding the city. The three realize how vicious Chaos really is, spots the Egg Carrier 2 from the corner of his left eye and knows that Eggman's after the renegade. Eggman attempts to engage in combat, but Chaos sears the fortress to ash with a massive beam of fire. They gather on top of a very tall building and Max suggests fleeing the city. Maxie tells them that they may be able to defeat Chaos if they try hard enough. When Jake submits this as a rediculous notion, Fifi, Dillard (and Ty), and Razz appear climbing up to the top of the building where they are, each  with two chaos emeralds. Maxie has one sitting in front of her. When she asks what good they would do, Razz tells her that Chaos only absorbed the negative energy. Fifi explains that there is still positive energy left for them to absorb. Jake agreed, saying "Chaos Emeralds can give off positive energy to anybody with a good heart. And we can all take one an absorb its energy. We can use that energy together to defeat Chaos and the negative energy he has in him." They put the seven emeralds in a pile and each person put their hand in, Ty putting his paw in. They absorb the energy from the Chaos Emeralds and the citizens of Station Square to prepare for the battle with Perfect Chaos.

Two phases later, Chaos is reverted to his normal form, shape and size, and his rage faded. He slowly walks towards the Mystic Ruins to be absorbed in the Master Emerald. Everybody knows this, and no one goes after him. They all cheer and celebrate for their victory until Dr. Eggman flies over them. Maxie chases after.




Playable Characters

Maxie Flippercorn

Main article: Maxie Flippercorn

The main hero of the game. Maxie's story revolves around Dr. Eggman releasing Chaos from the Master Emerald. Maxie battles Eggman and Chaos in an effort to save Earth, as well as finding the Chaos Emeralds before they do. Maxie has the most stages of any character (the only stage Maxie does not go to is Hot Shelter), and his levels involve high speed gameplay.

Max Flippercorn

Main article: Max Flippercorn

After Maxie rescues Max from Emerald Coast after a "inside jet" prototype experiment goes wrong (and crashes), the latter sets out to help Maxie collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Chaos. Most of his levels are abridged versions of Maxie's, which require him to reach the end of the level before Maxie (or Eggman in the last action stage) can.

Jake the Wolf

Main article: Jake the Wolf

Jake is the guardian of the Secret Thing and one of the main protagonists after Maxie and Max. The Secret Thing is stolen when Eggman frees Chaos's spirit, breaks into his house, and snatches it. Jake's goal is to locate bullets that Chaos dropped, thereby locating him. His stages are enclosed areas where Jake must find bullets. He can glide through the air on rock and scale most walls.

Fifi the Bear

Main article: Fifi the Bear

Fifi is walking through Station Square one day when a Chaos Emerald falls from the sky and lands on her head. She must escape Isaiah, one of Eggman's mind-controlled minions. Her primary weapon, the Jelly Hammer, is given to her by Max. Fifi is considered to have the shortest story since she has fewer levels than the other characters, despite their length being even longer than Maxie's. Fifi's levels involve a few puzzles, while going though lanes and paths. Usually Isaiah comes in the most surprising ways, to try and capture Fifi. The usual goal is to find the yellow balloons at the end of the levels.

Dillard the Dunnart

Main article: Dillard the Dunnart

Dillard is a newcomer to the Maxie series. Dillard's best friend is a tiger named Ty, who became possessed by part of Chaos, and swallows a Chaos Emerald, which causes him to mutate. The tiger then runs off, and Dillard's story begins. Dillard's levels are shooting levels in which the player races against the clock to get to the end. Players gain time depending on how many enemies they shoot in a row/chain by using the lock on feature that Dillard has.

Razz the Bear

Main article: Razz the Bear

Razz is brainwashed by Eggman to take orders without question. After an encounter with Fifi, he regains his memory and realizes his "fellow minions" are in danger. He then turns his aim to saving brainwashed minions from Eggman's control. His levels are all puzzles that he solves with his electrokenesis.

Non-playable characters

Dr. Eggman

Main article: Doctor Eggman

Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman because of his round body shape, has formulated a new plan to conquer the planet, this time not relying on his robots alone, but employing a strange liquid creature known only as Chaos (who ends up betraying him).


Main article: Chaos

Chaos is the guardian of the Chao, and is actually a mutated Chao himself. He is apparently made of water or a plasma-like material and continually changes form after consuming a Chaos Emerald. After consuming all seven Chaos Emeralds, it turns into Perfect Chaos and starts destroying the city, until the main characters defeat him.


Main article: Isaiah The Red Wolf

Isaiah is one of Eggman's mind control victims sent to find Fifi's friend Birdie. He follows Fifi wherever she goes hoping to capture her. At one point, he succeeds, but Fifi  is rescued by Razz. Eventually, Isaiah is knocked from his mind control chip and brought back to normal on the Egg Carrier.

Story structure

The story is told through the perspective of the character you choose to play as and as a result the stories tend to diverge at certain points based on the character arc. It is interesting to note that the story takes on a certain Rashomon type structure in terms of dialogue and certain events when more than one of the playable characters is present in a scene. For example, each character has their viewpoint of a certain scene, so the dialogue between versions tends to be different. This perspective also justifies the different outcomes of certain encounters, for example, when Maxie faces Razz on the Egg Carrier, through Maxie's perspective Maxie is about to TKO Razz, through Max' perspective Max is about to TKO Razz and through Razz's perspective, Razz is about to TKO Maxie.

Voice Actors

Role English Voice Actor
Maxie Flippercorn Janice Kawaye
Max Flippercorn Peter Oldring
Jake the Wolf Sean Schemmel
Fifi the Bear Zendaya
Dillard the Dunnart Michael Sinterniklaas
Razz the Bear Yuri Lowenthal
Dr. Eggmam Deem Bristow
Additional Voices Lani Manella


  • This game is loosely based off of Sonic Adventure.
    • All of the characters correspond to a character in Sonic Adventure:
      • Maxie-Sonic
      • Max-Tails
      • Jake-Knuckles
      • Fifi-Amy
      • Dillard-Big
      • Razz-Gamma
        • Dillard and Razz are the only characters whose gameplay does not correspond with the character they correspond to.
  • This is the first game appearance, or any kind of appearance, that Dillard has.
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