Max the Seedrian is a 14 year-old seedrian from Fern Hill Zone. His best friend is Singe the Hedgehog.
Max the Seedrian
light blue shirt decorated with rubies and black and green pants
light jade skin, one crystal blue right eye, an eye patch over the left eye, robotic right arm
Alignment; Affiliations
Good; Team Treasure
unknown parents (deceased),unknown grandparents (deceased), Penny the Wolf (wife), Apple the Seedwolf (daughter), Yuki the Fox (son-in-law)
Romantic Interests
Penny the Wolf
Super Max
American V.A.
User: Tailsrocks14



Max was born to unknown parents in a quaint house in Fern Hill Zone. Soon after, Fern Hill Zone was invaded by robots. His parents told him to run off, and he quietly left the area, never to see them again. He was taken in by Singe and his parents after they found him lost. Singe happily welcomed him in.


One day, Singe and Max decided to explore a nearby cave. At first, the cave appeared completely harmless. Then, all of a sudden, Singe was carried off by a bear. Not knowing what to do, Max ran the way the bear travelled with his friend. Once in the bear's den, Max discovered a new power. He literally drained the life out of the bear just by touching it. Singe was speechless. He stared at Max for a long time before coming to his senses.


Max meets Singe's friends and bonds with them, particularly Penny the Wolf. He starts to realize his full power at this stage, and is able to defeat Dan the Seedrian singlehandedly.


Max starts to develop a crush on Penny, and admits it to her on her birthday. Penny is suprised, and hugs Max. He too, is suprised by his actions.


Unlike Dan, his counterpart, Max is strong-willed and selfless. He will save anyone in danger unless he feels suspicious.

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