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Cquote1 Now let me make one thing clear to you: I don't care about how you plan to rule the world or how you are finally gonna kill me. I have an everlasting flame of faith in myself, and I'm going to be an eternal fire of self-trust that never dims, even when it rains.... god, why did I have to make that sound so lame? Cquote2
Max, talking to White

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Max stands at 5'3, pretty tall for a Mobian but pretty short for a human his age. He usually crouches when speaking to one unless it's such a short conversation that it's unnecessary. He also weighs 96 lbs. which is heavily influenced by the workout he gets while fighting. This extra weight makes him a bit slower than people like Amy.

Max has light hazel-colored eyes that don't really have anything special about them... until Max either gets extremely mad or he puts his mind and Chaos into his body, when they become red. When this happens, a fire-like aura surrounds him, and his skin is a bit lighter.

Speaking of his skin color... it's just a normal Spanish tan. It lights up a bit when he goes into his forms, but stays the same color as normal if he isn't going 100% in his forms.

His ears are always a little perked up, but that doesn't matter, considering that his slick, bangless brown hair covers them up. When he goes Super, it points up, and it's so sharp, Sleeping Beauty could prick her finger on it. His eyebrows are kinda bushy, but not that much. His nose looks faint and not that special, and his mouth is smaller than the normal one is. His arms are average; not really jiggly, not really wavy. He's light on the thighs; other that that, he's got normal legs.

Max has a great body physique, thanks to his workout. His trademark outfit is a yellow, short-sleeve vest with his name on it and casual black pants. This is his outfit codenamed "Star."

Sometimes, he'll wear an leave an long-sleeve orange jacket that he leaves unzipped to show his short-sleeve black T-shirt that says "Winner" in big, white, all-cap letters. He codenamed this outfit "Badass Cocky."


You know all those video game characters? There's the Hero, the Hero's Best Friend, the Love Interest, the Loli, the Useless Fanservice Girl... Well, Max isn't like those tropes.

Max is compassionate and loyal, though he is very easy to tick off. Though if you aggravate him he's plenty aggressive, he'll try to be the best person he can be.

Max is not good at taking charge, at least, that's what he thinks. He prefers to let people he thinks are better than him do the important stuff while he does the minor jobs.

If Max knows something is not going to work, he will not try it. He believes that setting yourself up for failure is stupid, and that going through with that plan is downright moronic.

He does not take humiliation well, and can get really emotional. With his Path, when seriously mad, his eyes turn scarlet and he gains his full potential. Now, with all this, I think you'd think "Well, this guy looks like he has anger issues."

Not entirely incorrect, but Max is kind. Not a Hero, an Anti-Hero, or a Villain, just a guy who helps people he thinks need help.

Unless you did something to annoy him. Then he'll send you straight to hell.

The thing about Max is that he knows his limits. He knows his flaws, and tries to improve.

Truth is, he's kinda sad he doesn't get his Earth friends anymore. This feels even worse when all their memories of you are stripped away. Really, how Max acts depends on the people he's around.


In the Beginning

Max was born to two wealthy people named Christian Irvaron and Mia Olivia-Irvaron. While this isn't the strangest case of "multi-baby birth" ever, Max was born the middle child of three triplets. Growing up, they weren't famous, though the three always believed that rich = famous, but were instead being taught manners and being sent to boarding schools because their parents didn't want them to fall under the "spoiled brat" category of children. This is where Max learned compassion.

Now, besides that, their childhood was boringly average. Nothing super special to mention. Until this happened.


When they were all 10, Marlee, Max's younger triplet sister, was captured for ransom. By the time the police was called and they got the negotiation ready, the kidnapper had already cut off two of Marlee's arms.

While Camille, the older triplet sister, was filled with rage, this was a traumatizing experience for Max. He had seen his younger sister armless. If you were 10, wouldn't you be crying?

Yes, Marlee got cybernetic arms (and if you were wondering why Marlee gave Max those gloves, it was because she wouldn't need them and Camille didn't care), but even to this day, Max turns on anyone who dares to do something he would hate to him, because you never know if that person is just a kidnapper on a less deadly scale.

However, this experience also furthered his kindness. He is kind to people in need, because he doesn't want to see anyone suffer in the way Marlee did.

To Mobius

At 13 years old, Dr. Eggman accidentally brought Max to Mobius when using a Super Emerald (that he was going to use to summon a Sonic from another dimension). When he was done saying that he forcefully brought Max from another universe, Max punched him out and took the Super Emerald.

When Max left, he got to Central City and became a magician, getting money by preforming "tricks" by using the Super Emerald's power. However, being underage, he only lasted a few months there. Soon, word got out that Max had a Super Emerald, and he was hunted excessively for it. He only managed to survive because a spirit (that he didn't know existed) protected him.

After taking on GUN agents who were sent on a mission to take the Emerald, he then, he met Shadow, who was impressed by his skill with Chaos Energy. After introducing him to the Commander, Max became a G.U.N. agent. Well, he would become one.

And It Was Good

Max went through torturous training to join GUN. Spikes, lightsabers, fighting against grunts, and punching sandbags. He was average - but not good enough.

After seeing Shadow take on a mission, he begged Shadow to teach him how to use Chaos Powers. At first, Shadow coldly declined, but after lots and lots of pestering, he taught Max reluctantly. Max continued to harness these techniques, and with more training, he learned how to harness Chaos Energy and how to activate it within him. He still hadn't mastered it, but he was off to a good start - Good enough to get him a place in GUN.

Now, Max lives in Mobius (to be specific, Club Rouge) as a GUN agent, the cocky yet slightly lovable kid. He had a lot to learn, but with experience, he'd improve.


Avenger or Devastator?

One fateful day... another Black Arm hybrid appeared. And her name was Luna the Bunny. And she was out for a certain edgy hedgehog's head.

She set off on Earth to go kill her fellow hybrid, Shadow the Hedgehog. No one knew who she was, or why she was there; she just appeared. For a month after she arrived, nothing changed. Luna then decided Shadow was already dead and was going to leave...

When she found the downed Space Colony Ark. Using one of the techniques Black Doom taught her, she set it back up into the air and infiltrated it, finding out more about Project Shadow then she ever knew.

Well, enough about Luna. Cue to Max licking strawberry ice cream. GUN had given him a break for one month; how was he going to use that time?

At the time, Max would've said "Get cash!" He ended up saying "Save Shadow!"

Luna had finally discovered Shadow in Club Rouge. However, she was no idiot. Just attacking him out of nowhere would've been insane. So instead, she planned to try and kill Shadow in a stealthy manner. Max noticed and decided he would try to kill her in a stealthy manner.

Battle of the Assassins, everyone!

Luna tried to kill Shadow at one of his missions. Max tried to kill Luna when she was trying to kill Shadow at one of his missions. Luna tried to kill Shadow when he was walking freely. Max tried to kill Luna when she was trying to kill Shadow when- *deep breath* - he was walking freely. Luna tried to kill Shadow when he was at Eggman's base trying to stop the Doctor. Max tried to kill Luna when she was trying to kill Shadow when he was trying to stop the Doctor at his base.

As you should've guessed, the only one who was really successful was Shadow. In a raging fury, Luna completely obliterated the city, forcing Shadow to come-

Oh, wait, it was Sonic. She faced off against him, but Sonic had the upper hand the whole time. Until he showed her mercy and she completely fried his back, knocking him out. Then Shadow came-

Nope, it was Rouge. She was able to defeat her, though. More and more heroes came, but they all were defeated... until Max and Shadow arrived. With a team-up, you'd expect the OC and highly popular character to win, right?

Well, yeah. They did. But it was mostly Shadow. Shadow confronted Luna about what she was doing to the city, while Luna confronted Shadow about what she did to her family. Shadow was surprised about her true origins, but before he could finish her off, she left to go get some more Mobians to team up with her.

The Purge - Max's Final Moments

Max was living normally... until the Genesis Wave hit. It changed him into a known as Mackenzie Hartley, obliterated Skam, rewrote Alexia and Terra, and completely destroyed everything else that was unique as of then. One could say he died, but also was resurrected in a new form. Whatever you call it, Max Irvaron was no more...

Depths of Dimensions (Cosmic Slip)

...until this.

Secret Discord


Thanks to the Super Emerald, Max has the ability to manipulate Chaos Energy, like Shadow. He is very proficient with this ability, but it really drains him on mental and physical energy. Max takes Chaos Powers much more seriously than Shadow does; without them, he's a normal fighter. After harnessing the needed Chaos Energy, Max learned how to use all of his Chaos Powers (except Chaos Control and Chaos Climax) without an Emerald. Also, Max can channel his inner Chaos Energy and life force to go into his Super form, and to his Full Power state, too.

Max has resistance to time manipulation, due to Eggman flinging him through time and space from such distances. The entire time while Sonic Generations was going on, Max was sent to a dimension where time and space were wacky and weird. He was sent to start fighting his robot clone, Skam.


  • Max's reaction speed is crazy fast. He's nowhere near as fast as Sonic and Shadow, but his reactions are fast enough to respond to their attacks.


  • Max combined his love of rhythm with combat and he created his fighting style Maximum. It involves attack your opponent in a rhythmic fashion. However, this is mainly when he thinks his opponent is no threat, or when he just wants to berate them.
  • Max, though he isn’t renowned for it, also loves to tinker with stuff, but he usually lets the “smarter” people do it for him when it matters.
  • Max is fairly good at programming and coding, which helps him get into stuff that most kids would have to ask the school technician about.
  • Max also likes singing and dancing. He had a perfect pitch, and is very flexible. However, he hides this skill because he wishes not to embarrass himself.
  • Max is very fast; not fast enough to match Sonic, but fast enough to create moving afterimages of himself. However, running this quickly drains him of energy.


Chaos Control (the ability to stop time; not mcuh explaining needed, just note that base Max needs an Emerald to perform this move)

Chaos Rain (a rain of Chaos Spears; however, the Chaos Spears are weaker than normal)

Chaos Spear (a simple blast; this attack also has a Homing Spear variation)

Chaos Blast (a charged, powerful blast; might hit allies)

Chaos Arrow (a blast stronger than Chaos Spear but not Chaos Blast)

Chaos Climax (a stronger Chaos Blast that takes up a LOT of Max's energy)

Chaos Surge (Max charges at the enemy, Chaos Energy charged in him, and speed-blitzes them)

Chaos Wave (Kamehameha, Sonic-style!)

Chaos Lance (he creates a lance made of Chaos Energy and uses it as a melee weapon)

Chaos Shield (creates a shield made of Chaos Energy)

Chaos Blade (creates two blades out of his hands; inspired by Hunter x Hunter's Jajanken: Scissors)

Chaos Disc (Destructo Disc, Sonic style!)

Chaos Fist (fills his fist with Chaos Energy and punches the opponent)

Chaos Gatling (multiple Chaos Fists)


Max can get really emotional at times, and is not the best at dealing with traumatic experiences. He is very easy to aggravate, and not the easiest to trust. Sometimes, it's hard to tell if he's a friend or a foe, because he can go from rainbows to just rain in a second.

Another thing that you'll notice (especially if you're in a roleplay with him) is that though he can be professional, most of the time he's a cocky-ass jerk. I mean, he thinks that anyone annoying him is not worth his time. That doesn't yell COCKY or anything.

Max has a lot of secrets. He won't even tell his closest friends them, which sends an off vibe.

If you get Max really mad, he sends this "get the hell away from me" wave. He can be scary at times, which is not the most positive trait in the book.

Power-wise, Max's body isn't used to action and adventure unlike Sonic's, so even if he had the Master Emerald, Super Emeralds, AND the Chaos Emeralds, he would still only be able to go Super.



  • Shadow

Shadow and Max have a student-mentor relationship. While Shadow feels no special affections for Max, Max really appreciates what he does for him. Though Max just adores pushing Shadow's buttons, he respects Shadow and acknowledges his strength.

(Really wanted to put a headcanon about Shadow seeing Maria in Max, but I don't want Max to be a Gary Stu.)

  • Rouge

Rouge is like a mother to Max (since his real one is in a parallel universe). Rouge teaches Max how to be a master criminal (and Max almost worries about G.U.N. before Rouge says she doesn't do that anymore). Max looks up to Rouge, and she really helps him calm down whenever he's aggravated.

  • Omega

When Max meets Omega, he is the MOST impressed. A robot with missiles and all that stuff! Who couldn't love that?

Omega can be emotionless to Max, but that's just the way he is. Max sees Omega as a friend, and really Omega sees Max as more a rookie.

  • The Commander

The Commander feels neutral towards Max, though he thinks he has a lot of potential. Max recognizes the Commander's power and gives him a lot respect. The Commander believes that Max is a fairly strong agent, but he needs to be able to fend for himself and know that the world's harsher than he thinks. That's why he paired him up with Shadow, one of the coldest people he knew.

Canon/Foes and Rivals

  • Dr. Eggman

Give him the opportunity, and Max'll step on Eggman's face. Max feels this grudge towards Eggman for taking him away from his friends and family, so when he sees Eggman, you can bet on your life his eyes'll turn red.

Eggman, after seeing Max's training, has an obsession of using his power to defeat Sonic and his friends. He thinks that Max is like clay - a little bit of molding, and you get something beautiful.

  • Silver

Silver and Max... their relationship is complicated. Once, Silver came back to the past because there legitimately WAS a second Iblis Trigger. However... in this fanon universe, the multiverse theory exists, but Silver didn't know that, so he went back in time.

You see, in Silver's timeline, Max had discovered Sonic and his friends on his own, and pretty much wrecked their lives. But in the timeline Silver went to, Shadow had found Max, and the second Iblis Trigger thing was erased... in an alternate Silver's timeline!

Don't even get me started on the timelines where Max wasn't brought to Mobius at all.

Anyway, so Silver was told that the Iblis Trigger would have his eyes glow red when angry. When Silver came to the timeline and found Max, he was about to kill Max when...

Max told him about the multiverse theory.

Silver and Max have a rival-like relationship, with Max loving to tease Silver because, as Max stated, "he's a much easier target than Shadow."

  • Sonic

Sonic and Max's relationship... varies. A LOT.

When Max first finds Sonic, they have a neutral relationship towards each other. However, when he hangs out with Shadow more, Sonic seems like more and more of a nuisance (which, for me, was hard to write about 'cause I love Sonic lol).

Max and Sonic can be professional towards each other when they need to be, but otherwise, they're less than rivals, but more than friendly rivals. Semi-friendly rivals, I guess.

  • Amy

Amy hates Max because he teases Cream a ton (again, hard for me to write). While Max hugely dislikes Amy because of her fierce attitude, he doesn't go out of his way to upset her, 1/4 of the time.

"Hey, Amy, are you planning on being a creep to Sonic again?" -Max mocking her.

  • Tails

Max, at first, saw Tails as a prodigy, even asking Shadow why he wasn't in G.U.N.. He thinks that Tails "is the smartest non-G.U.N. member he knew." Otherwise, Max couldn't care less about Tails.

  • Knuckles

Max does not like Knuckles. His attitude, his personality... it puts Max off. Plus, he really wants the Master Emerald, but as long as Knuckles' around, he's not going to get it.

Knuckles thinks that Max is a brat, and a bratty one at that. They trade a lot of blows, and it usually ends up in Rouge stopping them.

  • Cream

At first, Max showed compassion towards Cream, like an older would. However, after the transformation I'll call the "Shadow Influence" (SI), he teased her... and not just mildly. He mocked Cheese and all Chao's, and would probably make Cream cry if Amy wasn't around when he mocks her. Cream doubts him a LOT; sometimes he's nice to her, sometimes he's a total jackass.


  • Alexia the Hedgehog

Alexia and Max have a good relationship. Max teases Alexia a lot, but after he saved her from Skam, he started to tease her a lot less. Max can be cold to Alexia; he thinks that she has to be able to fend for herself, or else things will happen to her that he won't be able to stop. Alexia notices Max's thinking, which is why she starts training with Amy.

Also, it's worth noting that while Alexia likes hanging out with the heroes, Max hangs out with the anti-heroes.


Fanon/Foes and Rivals

  • Terra the Ocelot

Max and Terra... don't exactly get along. Terra's savage leadership mindset versus Max's cocky laid-back mindset? Doesn't work out.

When Alexia introduced Max to Terra, the two collided... literally. Max fell into one of Terra's intruder traps and Terra attacked Max and Alexia tried to get them to stop and- you get the point.

Alexia and Max are rivals; though they can work together when they need to, them having a positive relationship is not very likely.

  • Skam

When Max first met Skam... it wasn't like the way Shadow and Sonic met. There was no way anyone could mistake Skam for Max, so at first, Max didn't care. But when Skam started to attack his friends while being controlled by Eggman, Max was pissed off and destroyed him.

...At least, he thought he did.

Skam somehow survived the mass destruction Max caused, but he was no longer being controlled by Eggman. After explaining Eggman and his relationship to him, Max trusted Skam a bit more. Now, the two are rivals, with Max always trying to outdo Skam, and Skam always trying to call Max an idiot.

  • Luna the Bunny



"If you love something, take care of it. If you hate something, step on it." -Max's "inspirational" quote

"So you're going to to take me into an agency where I face the risk of death daily. You want an underage child to go into parts where no child has gone before."

"I guess when you put it that way, it-"

"GREAT! Where do I sign?" -Conversation between the Commander and Max.

"You might be the fastest thing alive, Sonic, but you're a pretty slow thinker." -Max insults Sonic.

"7 items of power? Well, you guys aren't DB ripoffs-" Sonic goes Super. Max groans. "How original."

"Skam! No! Don't hurt [Rouge]! Hit me! HIT ME!" Skam punches Rouge, causing Max to go Super "I'm going to murder you!"

"Good? That isn't like me. But bad isn't like me either... whatever. I can think about that when I have wrinkles." -Max when asked by Amy if he's a good guy.

"Nobody beats up my friends, jerk. Then again... I could schedule you a room in Hell. What? Don't like that? Then leave and never come back until you want to meet the Devil." -Max threatening Luna after he beats her up.


"Can't keep up with these skills, loser robots!" Getting an S-Rank

"Top of the class, in smarts and sass!" Getting an A-Rank

"Guess I should've seen this one comin'." Getting a B-Rank

"*whistles* Ouch, I'll have to try harder." Getting a C-Rank

"Godammit, this is terrible!" Getting a D-Rank

"Who decides these stupid rankings, anyway?!" Getting an E-Rank


Hunter X Hunter - Departure (Main Theme)

Hunter X Hunter - Hunting For Your Dream (Main Theme II)

RWBY - I Burn (Battle Theme)

RWBY - Neon (Battle Theme II)


  • Max is my first human Sonic OC and my first OC I've put on the wiki!
  • I know the Anti-Hero and Chaos Powers might throw people off, but I've tried my best to not make Max human Shadow.
  • Max's Extreme Gear is a yellow Skate-type called Sol. It's ability is Chaos Charge, which is a non-offensive Chaos Surge that speeds Max up. He also has a red and orange Board-type Extreme Gear called Eryn, and it's ability is Chaos Bomb, an explosion stronger than Chaos Climax.
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