Mackenzie Peterson Irvaron is a human from Earth who was sent to this Sonic's world due to a wacky experiment by Eggman, and has lived there for about three years now. He first met a version of Vendeta when they were trying to protect Mobius from one of Eggman's destructive weapons, and now, he joins the battle!


Difficulty: Low-Med

Health: 1300, 1500 during Throttle 1 and 1400 during Throttle 2

Playstyle: Light rushdown, Jack of all trades

Due to being a human, Max stands taller than the rest of the cast, giving him a slight range advantage but also giving him a moderately larger hitbox than normal, forcing you to be a bit more defensive than usual when playing as him. Max is a character with quite a few tools, having ranged attacks and close-up attacks, but to really deal some damage, it's best to get all up in the opponent's face. This means that you'll need to really wail on the opponent, which can be made easier with his quick attacks. This is further empathized with Try Me! where he gets a 1.4x attack boost for five seconds but also gets a 0.5x defense decrease. Though he has a large arsenal, Max has some moves that require Strike Meter, forcing you to be smart.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Chaos Crash DC Up+DC 1 button Command Normal Max fires a blast into the air, off the screen. Two seconds later, it comes back falling down. You can press the Light Attack button up to four more times to fire four more blasts, but each blast uses a sixteenth of the Strike Meter.
Try Me! DC 1 button+DC 2 button Command Normal Max gets a 1.4x attack boost and a 0.5x defense decrease for five seconds. After being used, there's a cooldown time of fifteen seconds.
Chaos Arrow IMG 0408+DC 1 button Special Fires a green Chaos Spear that floats in place before firing off at the enemy. Keep pressing the button up to two times to fire two more of them. OK in air.
Disco Dome IMG 0408+DC 2 button Special Max throws a yellow orb in the air that shoots three types or lasers in all directions - red, fast one that don't make anyone flinch, blue lasers that do moderate damage, and slower silver ones that do pretty good damage. However, the red and blue ones can hit Max. OK in air.
Chaos Lance IMG 0408+DC 3 button Special On the ground, Max will either swing it (if you press the Heavy Attack button once) or throw it (if you press it twice). If he throws it and it hits the opponent, it hits twice before exploding. In the air, Max will either stab forward (if pressed once) or throw it downwards (if pressed twice). If close to the opponent on the ground or in air, press once to do the slash, and press again to throw it afterwards.
Chaos Control IMG 0408+DC 4 button+ Directional Input Special Max warps a small distance backwards, forwards, up or down (or any diagonal direction) depending on where you point the joystick. However, this moves uses up an eighth of the Strike Meter.
Chaos Flare DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button Super Max makes a large orange and red ball of Chaos Energy and blasts it at the opponent, and hits multiple times before exploding. Press the Light and Medium attack buttons again to fire another one, dealing more damage. In air, he shoots them diagonally downwards.
Chaos Wave DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Max glows a yellow aura before charging a red sphere between his hands, and there's a small cinematic of rocks flying up from where he's charging it before he fires it forward.
Chaos Climax DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Max dashes into the opponent's hitbox. Once he gets in, he kicks them in the stomach and uppercuts them into the air. Then he teleports to where they where in the air and backhands them. Finally, he teleports to the sliding enemy before he surrounds himself with red Chaos Energy and releases it, disintegrating the opponent.
Super Slam DC QCB+DC 2 button Special when Throttle 1/2 is in use. Super Max dashes forward, hitting the opponent twice before doing a hook that knocks them down. OK in air.
Super Chaos Storm DC HCF+DC 2 button+DC 4 button Super (replaces Chaos Flare) when Throttle 1/2 is in use. Super Max flies up and glows yellow before lightning emits from his aura, running through the stage. If it hits, Max throws a large amount of Chaos Spears are launched at the opponent. Then, Mac fuses two of them together, creating a yellow Chaos Buster, and places his hand out before firing it at the opponent, causing an explosion. This move does more damage than usual, but it uses half of the strike meter.


Throttle 1: Max turns into Super Max, giving him a 1.7x power boost to all stats for as long as the Throttle lasts.

Throttle 2: Same as Throttle 1, but it's a 1.4x boost to all stats, but after the Throttle time ends, he gets an additional eight seconds.



"I'm part of an elite organization! Don't take me lightly!"

"I'm not going easy on you! Get ready!"

"Are you even worth the effort? Meh, we'll find out soon enough."

"Oh, hey, Ven! Long time no see! You ready to lose?" (Vs. Vendeta)

"So you're Vendeta's brother, huh? You shouldn't disappoint, then." (Vs. Glass)

"For a space-time traveler, Ven sure does have a lotta family..." (Vs. Natalie)

"Your energy signatures and dashing appearance is exactly like me... who are you?" (Vs. Max, first)

"In Infinite's voice. A human body... this is more interesting than the others." (Vs. Max, second)


"Haha, want a bandage for that one?"

"Say, when you wanna get your butt kicked again, give me a call."

"That'll show you what happens when you mess with the Preteen Punisher!"

"C'mon, Ven, you got more than that! ...right?" (Vs. Vendeta)

"You can't be a family member of Ven with terrible skills like that!" (Vs. Natalie or Glass)


"You're not gonna beat me that easily. Come again when you actually have a chance."

"Yawn. Oh my god, that fight was so boring I practically fell asleep!"

"D-Don't expect that to ever happen again! I'm gonna kick your ass next time, you hear me?!" (When match was won with >/=25% of health)

"You've gotten pretty rusty, Ven. Maybe we should train more often to keep you on your toes." (Vs. Vendeta)

"You look like you need a drink... how about we go to a restaurant, on me!" (Vs. Glass)

"Thinkin' you can get into my head? Nice try, little girl." (Vs. Natalie)


"My turn!" (Escaping a combo)

"Don't get cocky!" (Activating Overclock)

"It's over for you now!" (Activating Overclock)

"What?! How?!" (defeated)

"What did you expect?" (going a rank up in online)

"This just means I have to work harder!" (going a rank down in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Max fights Sam Stag as the last boss.

"GUN sent me on a mission to check out this place called the Disaster Club. The name by itself got me interested, so I was excited to check it out. Turns out everyone who goes there is grade-A crazy, which made it all the more fun to battle against all of them! Considering they were a glorified fight club, they put up a good fight... especially that Sam guy! Whew, it took a lotta hits to get him down, but I was able to turn 'im in. Man, I love being an agent!"

Bad Ending

Max fights Shadow as the last boss.

"I don't understand GUN at all. Like, I just showed up to work one day, and they were all giving me the cold shoulder, like they didn't know me at all! Once I got further to my station, I was actually asked to leave. I told them who I was, and even showed them by ID, but they said it was forged and I needed to get out immediately. I thought they were joking, but then the agents started attacking me! I knocked a few out before I ran away, but then a bunch of people wanted my head - GUN probably set out some news. After beating them, I still had to defeat Omega, Rouge, and Shadow. I don't know what's up. It's like I was teleported to a different universe or something! ...oh no."


Beating each character in Vendeta's family tree once gets you an alternate outfit for Max where he wears a black cloak with yellow lining.


Scraper Sky High

Gogeta Blue Dokkan Theme (when Super)

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