Cquote1 This jetpack? I forgot where I got it.... Cquote2
Max Flippercorn

Max Flippercorn
Max Flippercorn 6
Nebelung Cat
9 (2003 - 2006) 12 (2006 - present)
Eye Color
Starry Blue
Light Yellow and Green t-shirt,

Gray shorts Dull Purple and Light Yellow Shoes

White socks and gloves
January 4
Family, taking risks, Sharky, Sharka, doing dares, inventing things, Kids TV
being bored, Loo, being made fun of
Ability Type

Max Flippercorn is an original fan character made by pumpituppartyzone. He is a royal red male Nebelung Cat. He is not on any shows at the moment, but is Maxie Flippercorn's little brother. He is 91 cm tall and doesn't like to weigh himself. He has a crush on Amy Rose, but has not told her, due to the fact that she is in love with Sonic the Hedgehog. His best friend is Sharky the Hedgefish.


Max before and after
Max Flippercorn was created in 2003, three days after Maxie was. He is somewhat based off of a Toontown Online character design. His current clothes are based off of the Toontown character, though his previous clothes were not. He used to wear a Cinnamon colored shirt and Antique fuschia jacket. He also had Colbat shoes. He is now dressed with a Citrine and Green t-shirt, 75% gray shorts, and citrine and Antique fuschia shoes. As you can see, Max kept some of the colors from his previous look to now.


Max may be pretty smart, but he is also curious to the point of doing stupid things to find answers. Sometimes he does that thing twice without noticing. He also has a bad memory, but not completley horrible. For instance, he once climbed into a foghorn because he wanted to see how it worked. Instead of finding out, he ended up stuck in there for 2 days. After getting out, he took a stick of butter and crawled back into the head of the same foghorn. An example of his bad memory is of when Sadie asked him where he got his jetpack from. Although he made it, he did not remember making it and replied "This jetpack? I forgot where I got it...". He is also very competitive. When he found out his sister was a blue belt, he went to their rival martial arts school and is now a Green Belt.


Max has some abilities that give him advantages over others. He has a jetpack that never runs out of fuel tha he uses all the time. He built it, but forgot. He also has giant punching bags that he uses in battles, and he cannot wait to use them. Max, along with Maxie and Sadie, has a special laff meter. But his is different than both of his teammates', because his explode on command and he has an infinate amout. He is also good at dodging things without effort, and is very quick, about the speed of Tikal the Echidna. He also has a jelly about the size of Amy's Piko Piko hammer.

Baseball Party Zone

Max is one of the 16 team captains in this game, but he is a secondary captain. His team name is the "Flipper Rockets", his special pitch is the "Rocket Ball", and his special swing is the "Rocket Swing". His default team is the "Flippercorn All-stars".



Team Name

Special Ball


Pitching Stats

Fielding Stats

Batting Stats

Running Stats

Max Flippercorn

Flipper Rockets

Rocket Ball








Maxie Flippercorn

Moe Flippercorn

Sadie the Dog

Sharky the Hedgefish

Starrie Night

Fifi the Bear

Squeaky Mouse

D.W. the Rabbit

Big Buela the Gorilla

Jake the Wolf


Freckles the Rabbit

Ned McMuffin

Bad Fairy


Maxie Flippercorn

Maxie is Max's older sister. She is sometimes cruel and mean to him, but M<ax is always nice to her. This may be because he knows that She can beat him up. Max and Maxie are usually very close.

Sadie the Dog

Max and Sadie are very good friends, mostly because they are on the same team. Sadie often tolerates Max when he is being silly, and sometimes thinks it's somewhat humerous. Sadie and Max are somewhat close, but they do not hang out much.

Sharky the Hedgefish

Max and Sharky have been best friends for a very long time. They have been as close as brothers. They usually hang out alot, despite the fact that they are on two different teams. Sharky always stands up for Max, like Mighty does to Ray.

Amy Rose

Max is in love with Amy Rose, but has not told her yet. He does not stalk her, but does act as a friend to her. Amy may know however, because sometimes she talks to Max in a flirty voice, which makes him nervous. When she sees that he's nervous, she tells him it was just a joke, which reassures him.

Moe Flippercorn

Moe is Max's older brother. Whenever Sharky is busy, Max always drags Moe wherever he goes. Max likes to home-make items for Moe to use, even though they usually end up injuring Moe. Max made Moe a paint-powered jetpack for his birthday so he would get the ability to glide.


Sharky the Hedgefish (Best Friends, close as brothers)

Amy Rose (love intrest, Good Friends)

Sadie the Dog (Great Friends)

Starrie Night (Good Friends)

Cliff McMuffin (Good Friends)

Fifi the Bear (Good Friends)

Razz the Bear

Midnight Dayz

Sunny Dayz

Sharka the Hedgefish


Rouge the Bat


Loo the Mole (to an extent)

Mercy the Bat

Turahk Darkstorm



  • Max and Maxie are Pumpituppartyzone's main fan characters.
  • Max is the flighy formation of Team Toon.
  • Max's favorite color is yellow.
  • Max's birthday is two days after his sister's (January 2nd), along with his creation date.
  • Max was going to be in a show on Youtube called "Sonic and the Vacation of the Chaos Emeralds" as a member of the main cast, but it got canceled when the show's creator lost the ability to use his computer.
    • He and Sharky the Hedgefish are the only fan characters (along with a possible appearance of Sunny) to be in the show.
  • Max, and 15 others, is a team captian of Baseball Party Zone.
  • If Max had a voice actor, it would be either Nancy Cartwright, Elizabeth Daily, Tara Strong, or Peter Oldring.
  • Despite his good luck, Max was put in a coma. Fortunatley, Hazel got him out soon after.

Memorable Quotes

"Always ready!" - After achieving Team Blast

"Don't worry; This won't take long." - Before Race/Battle 1

"Let's get this over with." - Before Race/Battle 2

"Do you really wanna lose again?" - Before Race/Battle 3

"Okay! Let's do this!" - Before Race/Battle 4

"Woo-hoo! I won!" - After Winning Race/Battle 1

"That's right! I rock!" - After Winning Race/Battle 2

"Whoo hoo! I'm the best!" - S Rank

"Yeah! I rock!" - A Rank

"That was great!" - B Rank

"Whoo! Nice!" - C Rank

"Hmmph. That was tough." - D Rank

"Ugh. That was horrible." - E Rank

"Well, I was just trying to boost your confidence." - After Losing Race/Battle 1

"Oh man! I lost!" - After Losing Race/Battle 2

"No...." - After Being 'Killed'

"Whooooaaaaa!?!?!" - After Falling

"Yippie-kayae-kayae! Awesome!" - After hitting a home run

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