Mavenland is a huge country, almost large enough to be its own continent. It spreads out large enough to have various sectors with their own ecological growth.


Hordaiquan is mostly made of city terrain, however it does have some of the most beautiful plants across the upper-class areas. Most of these plants were imported, and really the country's most notable plant lays rest in the bazaar section of the city. This plant is known as the Dragon Fly Vitra, it's known for its beautiful appearance and alluring scent.

Keaton Vill

Keaton doesn't have any notable plantlife, at all. This is because Keaton is a wasteland; a poluted and rejected waste left by the Hordaiquain people. It does have some grass roots and cacti, but most of them are dead due to the rough conditioning around the area.


Speuder is full of plantlife. It has many bamboo forests surrounding the outter layers of the city. It also has a notable plant known as the Blazing Vitra. This is due to the plants fire-y accents.

Outter Areas

The outter areas are covered in forestation. Pretty much everything outside of Speuder and Keaton is a huge forest. Lush and beautiful as well, though covered by a polluted skyline.


The climate in Mavenland is decently cold. It is at a constant weathering through out the entire country. Areas like Hordaiquan and Speuder can some times reach the 70s; but a place like Keaton reaches its 80s depending on how bad the pollution hits that area. It is so cold because it is at the northern belt of Mobius, often times it snows, even well into spring-time.


Mavenland is an old country with a decently rich history.

It was originally founded by a family of royalty known as the Lordi. They began to shape the country in the way they wanted. While not listed in the country's history books, the Lordi were a huge and greedy party. They took out other native countries and added them to the size of Mavenland. No one dared to rebel either, they ruled with an iron fist.

This did not last long for them, a rival family known as the Praxis took the favor of the people and started a rebellion against the Lordi kings. They eventually won. The Praxis got into power by promising the people that things would be different and they would not rule in the tyranny that the Lordi ruled in. This turned out to have been false information in the end of it.

The Praxis owned the entirety of Mavenland. However, just like the Lordi; they didn't rule with out interruptions. A small rogue group known as the Codex have made many attempts to liberate specific areas across Mavenland. They succeeded with annoying the king. This lead to him ignoring and down right dropping some of the more useless lands of Mavenland.

This lead to territories like Keaton Vill to become a putrid wasteland of loss, while Speuder became its own independent city with a decent economical prosper. Outter territories remained untouched.

Significant Populations

Oddly, this Mobian heavy civilization does in fact have humans living in it. Though a very small population of the country is human, there are indeed enough to count in as a portion of those who live in Mavenland.

Most of the Mobians appear to be a variety of mammals. Depending on the sector and city, some are birds of prey.

Significant Locations


See More:Hordaiquan

Hordaiquan is basically this country's capital. It has six whole sectors. It is the hugest mass of land with the largest population. The Praxis empire also takes homage in this area.

Keaton Vill

This area is densely covered in pollution. From its mud flowing rivers, the dead grasslife, and the polluted skyline. It is almost entranced with a red skyline of smog, the sunlight is barely visible, as well as the moon's appearance. The population is small and dangerous, everyone is armed with a weapon. There is no such thing as authority there either, it is a huge land of periless chaos. That's how it's got the name of the "Boot of Mavenland".


Speuder is an advanced city that does not forget its rural roots. It's mostly filled with vegetation with some urban environmenting to suit it. This area is a top contender for most beautiful part of Mavenland, it competes with Hordaiquan's Princeton. Just like Hordaiquan, it has a lot of technological prowess. Though this territory is of its own, Praxis doesn't have much control in Speuder and doesn't plan to enforce anything any time soon there.

Key Landmarks

Sector 1: Princeton

Princeton is the beauty and the most important sector in Hordaiquan. This specific location draws eyes from every where. From its beautiful vegetation, to its seamless ravines, it combines everything to make a city appear gorgeous. It is incredibly busy due to its prestigious upper class businesses and the tourests that constantly inhabit this area. It also holds the empire of King Praxis the 14th.

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