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Maurice the Seedfox is a student living within the United Elemental Republic. While an atypical hybrid, the young Mobian has a love for science with the intent to follow his partly plantoid physiology into a study of botany.


Standing slightly shorter than average for a Mobian; with some features tending towards a more plantlike appearance than typical; Maurice is a mostly fern fox, with faintly green-tinted cream skin on his muzzle. Often to the surprise of others; Maurice tends to spontaneously sprout thistle-colored flowers from behind his ears or around his neck, simply up through his fur. He also has surprisingly long, greasy straw hair, reaching to roughly the middle of his back. Again, the flowers are known to emerge even through this somewhat slick looking mop.

His eyes are Spanish blue, and often seem glazed over in a sign of boredom and overconfidence. Also of note is the presence of a rather large, seeping wound on his left hand; a marking he has had for many years without healing completely.


Typically; Maurice dresses fashionably, with a taste for the current trends and a preference for neutral colors; an attempt to blend in often mitigated by his striking plantlike fur. However, two facets of his clothing also serve as rather effective visual signs - his clothes are always dirty, typically caked with mud and dirt. Furthermore, he always wears a cream shawl; the only really clean part of his normal attire.



As a Seedrian hybrid; many are often uncertain about Maurice's biology; especially in conjunction with his gender. As male Seedrians tend to mutate into the darker, more violent Metarex, many have kept an eye on the young man. However, Maurice has shown no sign of forming natural armor or extreme strength; a possible impact from his mutation.

Maurice has also shown himself to possess a natural empathy and connection to all plantlife and the ecosystem around him. This often leads the young man to find issues and try to solve them to help the recovery of the natural environment. Similarly; as a hybrid of a Mobian fox and a plant-based alien lifeform with a presence on Mobius; the young man has shown the ability to photosynthesize and go without eating for extended periods, while a somewhat less helpful side being the occasional flower outbreaks.








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