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Matthias the Crystal Dreamer

Mathias the crystal dreamer

matt's new look

Biographical Information




Solarestro the Cosmic-older brother

Destiney the Hedgehog-younger sister

Darangel the Litemon-older sister

Mordrid the Dark Sun-twin brother

Cor-blood brother

The Shining Family

Alias Project Shining Darkness- was called this by Zel and Darkrai
Romantic Interests Kuru the Succucat
Physical Description
Species Soul Hedgehog/Crystal Being
Gender Male

Fur Color: Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Attire Varies
Political Alignment and Abilities



Team DNA


Weaponry Dual swords Hopeless
Abilities See abilities section
Super Forms Crystal Armor( see super forms section)
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
Epic Violin Techno Remix

Epic Violin Techno Remix

Matt's New Theme

Appearances N/A
Original Creator User:Makuta294


Matthias is very cheerful at most times. He makes friends easily and cheers them up when they are sad. He looks up to his big bro Memphis for all his great deeds and wishes he could do those deeds. Sometimes he is annoying when he is cheerful but that's what everyone likes about him. When he sees someone who is in need of help he helps them without a fuss even if it is too much for Matthias to handle. When he gets very angry, which isn't often, he will sometime turn into Mordrid the Dark Sun and destroy everything in sight.

So far nothing can turn him back to normal except when he exerts himself too much, then he turns back into an unconscious Matthias. After the death of Memphis, Matthias has been in a depression and has sealed his mind out of sadness. Not even Mordrid can talk to him since they share the same body. Now after he was cured from his depression, he has become more energetic but not as much as he was before his depression. Some time later, Matt was freed of Obyxx and after his fight with Darangel, he has become more serious but also has become emotional at times.



Matthias was born thanks to Darkrai through the DNA of Mephiles the Dark and Memphis the Light. He meets his older brother Memphis the Light during an exchange which previosly was held before he was created. With Memphis was a girl hedgehog named Destiney the Hedgehog, which Matthias soon learns that she is his sister as well as Memphis. Shortly after they arrive at the light dimension they encountered Mephiles the Dark, who was Matthias and Memphis older brother and who was after Destiney for something silly. Matthias and Memphis fought against Mephiles, which Mephiles later retreated. Matthias, Memphis, and Destiney soon arrived at Club Rave. During a battle between Mephilmes the Corrupted and some evil creatures, Matthias was knocked into a wall. Darkrai's creation of Matthias had two reasons for being made. 1.He was bored. and 2. He wanted Mephiles dead. So he created Matthias dark side which would appear when Mephiles is around though it is unknown why Matthias didn't turn into Mordrid the Dark Sun when he fought Mephiles the first time. Matthias then finds himself in a bathroom eating Genix's cookies after the battle between Mordrid and Mephilmes. He discovers that he has a dark side when Memphis, who has transformed after the battle, tells Matthias what happened to him during the battle.

Phazon Saga

During a battle with Zel, Matthias and his friend Phaaze the Hedgecat fought Zel. During the battle Phaaze used one of his Phazon Spears against Zel, which Zel dodged and the attack hit Matthias. Matthias then became Phaaze Matthias and started gathering sacrifices for his new master, The Corrupted One. After The Corrupted One arrived, Phaaze Matthias encountered Kuru the Succucat who kissed Phaaze Matthias to drained him of his phazon whiched turned him back into Matthias. Kuru then told Matthias that he is now her Chosen One and they left the area, without knowing that the leftover phazon that was drained out became a new entity known as Uruk the Phazon Being. After the Corrupted One was defeated and after Memphis the Shining Demonhog died, Matthias now lives with Kuru. Recently Matthias has been having severe headaches that cause him to collapse to the ground and barely able to breath. These headaches started to appear after Mordrid told him what happen to him as Phaaze Matthias.

Death and Rebirth

Shortly afterwards Matthias and Mordrid were seperated into two seperated people. Matthias then was feeling the effects of Phazon poisoning and had to be looked after by Phaaze the Hedgecat, who became a doctor. After Darkrai used Matthias' eyes to tell the The Shining Family that he is going to destroy them with his new creation, Matrix the Endless Void; Matthias was cured from his phazon poisoning, but he still has the phazon inside of him. Now he is able to turn himself into Phaaze Matthias with the method of Phazon Trigger. As Phaaze Matthias, he is still Matthias and has no loyalty to TCO. Recently Matthias has been kidnapped by Matrix the Endless void, and was killed to bring out the dorment Cor. All that was left of him were three soul fragments which were inbedded into Azure Matthias, Mordrid the Dark Sun, and Cor. Weeks later, all three soul fragments were found, two by Mordrid himself and one by Darangel the Litemon, which she aquired after her fight with Cor. Zel, who arrived to see Dar after her fight, warped her to Aura the Twilight Dawn's location, which was where Mordrid was as well. With the help of Aura, with her healing powers, Mordrid, Darangel and Annamaria, who was also with Aura, they manage to bring Matthias back. But this Matthias was different. His outside appearence was blue instead of yellow, but he was still the same as he was before he died. But during the rebirth something dark manage to get inside of him.

Obsidian and Freedom

Shortly after Matt was reborn, he spent some time with his sister Destiney. As they talked, a hooded figure appeared and made Matt pass out. Matt's fur started to change color and his eyes as well when the dark being that was inside Matt since his rebirth took control of Matt's body. Thus Matthias the Obsidian Nightmare was unvailed. During the whole time that the Obsidian had control of Matt's body, Matt himself never gain concousness, even in the mind, till much later. When he gained concousness, he learned everything that Nightmare knew and expeirence, including his true name. When Nightmare was about to attack Destiney for the upteenth time, Matt had enough and forcefully took out the Obsidian out of his body and regain control of it. Matt's fur colo and eye color returned to normal except they were darker and his eyes were more serious. Matt turned to Destiney, drew out his twin blades, which are now called Hopeless instead of Hope, and attack Destiney. Destiney was severly injured during the fight while Matt was ranting why she didn't try to save him while attacking her. Suddenly a bright light appeared and Destiney had turned into Darangel. Matt stopped fighting for the moment and questioned why Darangel didn't save him and Dar answered that there was no way she could've saved him without killing him. So Matt resumed attacking Dar. But unlike Destiney, Darangel couldn't be harmed by family and Matt's body was almost impervious and withstand any attack and energy, except for obsidian(weapons, powers, ect.) and heavy things, so the fight would've gone on forever. During the conflict, Matt started having an emotional breakdown, saying he couldn't harm his sister and Darangel hugged and comforted him.


GX Gene Ability

  • Matt's GX Gene has changed since he turned into a crystal being so this ability is unknown.

Crystaline Powers

  • Matt has the power to control and create crystals. He can use them as a shield, make pillers of crystals, shoot shards of crystals out of his arms, just about anything concerning crystals.

Dual Sword Mastery

  • Even though Matt does not know Crystal Beings and their weapons mastery, he is skilled in dual swords and can just about use any dual swords with relative ease, without even training. His own dual swords are Hopeless
    1. Crystal Dual Swords Hopeless: Was originally called Hope, these swords changed when Matt was freed of Nightmare's influence. Hopeless is made of crystals and are stronger and sharper than Hope, and can cut just about anything except for impervious and near-impervious things.

High Endurance

  • Due to being a Crystal Being, is skin is nearly impervious. His only known weaknesses so far that can hurt him are Obsidian weapons and powers/abilities as well as Phazon.

Time Immunity

  • Due to being a Crystal Being, Matt is unaffected by time abilities/powers. He also can't age behind the age of 20, by than he will have stopped aging physically.

Super Forms

Crystal Armor: It's not really a super form but more like just an added armor that improves his endurance and power but slows him down as well.



  • I think I subconcously made this character and Mordrid based off of the spilt personality of Daisuke and Dark from DNAngel.
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